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  1. i probably will if nothing comes up. Just trying to save a little, or get a little better motor for near the same price.
  2. Looking for a trolling motor to put on the front of my 13 ft gheenoe. Clamp style mount. Ive been looking on craigslist but people are asking new and above new prices for their trolling motors. Like $150 for an endura c2 which go for $86 brand new right now on walmart.com.
  3. Very simple little project you can do with some scrap Pvc laying around in about 20 mins. Just need a heat gun, pvc, something to cut the pvc with, and water. I've been using mine on the gheenoe for a little while now and love them. Holds the push pole perfectly and it won't slide around even in rough chop. Here's the link to the video I made on how to make them http://youtu.be/iWRFSsd5AdE
  4. Haha yeah I told her that in the video, she said she was too excited lol. I just put music over the audio.
  5. Poled her around in the gheenoe the other day around chassahowitzka. Saw this red making some swirls near an oyster bed and she got it to eat. She gets frustrated when fishing artificial lures because her cast isn't that great, but she finally got it down pretty good. Heres a short video of her catch http://youtu.be/YpP1GEyKPrQ?list=UUvL8oow_NZiaBBX7RDJ_SZw Sorry it's a little shaky. Im still getting used to filming with a gopro. Saving all the big reds we've been catching for a video soon. Got some awesome footage saved up already, just wish it was more stable lol.
  6. http://youtu.be/J5l8_KC4Qi0?list=UUvL8oow_NZiaBBX7RDJ_SZw Made a youtube of it if anyone is interested.
  7. Would you feel comfortable marking a couple mile track on a nice calm low tide day, then completely relying on that track in the future under chop where you wouldn't be able to see rocks? Man today was so nice on my way to my spot, clear water and dead calm and low so I saw every rock sticking out. Then on the way back it was chop and I couldn't see crap. It was high tide and I just went for it but I hate doing that.
  8. does anyone have any experience with navionics on iPhone used as a chart plotter? I fish a lot of rock/oyster bar areas and figure it may be a good investment. How accurate is the track?
  9. Fishing north of Bayport. I strip out almost all of my fly line before casting since I was getting almost all of it out. I have my drag set where I can strip line out quickly without back lash, but if you land a fish you can just adjust it to match the fishs fight. I reeled that red in by hand stripping it in. I attempted to let it bring me back to the reel, but then it darted for the boat and I didn't want to lose tension on it so I stripped it in. And I basically used my hand for drag giving it line when it made a run but keeping tension always. It's addicting man. This is only my first catch but I've been dying to get back out there.
  10. cool thanks for the tips. Now I really want to get into fly tying. If i can get a good cast down even in wind, I can see myself making fishing trips with only my fly rod. When i landed the red i was slowly letting line out with tension to try to get all the line out, then it just darts to the boat haha. And it literally darted almost all the way to the boat before making another run. So then i stripped it all the way in. I only had like a few more feet to let out too but i didn't want to lose tension on it and lose my first red on fly.
  11. Thanks! its one that Ron on here tied up. Looks like a green back (green back, white body). I just don't get how you guys get super long casts. When i get so much line out the fly will hit water on forward and back cast then mess up. And thats with hauling. My loops look pretty tight at least on the forward cast. Ive never looked backwards to see my back cast.
  12. So this morning was cold as crap (for a fl native anyway), and pretty choppy for my gheenoe. Hit some creeks figuring the Reds would be warming up on the mud bottom. When it was still real cold nothing was happening. But later on when it warmed up the bite was on. Got 4 reds: 3 slot reds were on jig head, and 1 short on fly. My first fish on fly ever. It was pretty windy, and my cast was horrible when I got any distance. I positioned the gheenoe where I could forward cast down wind. Worked out well. I wish my cast was better I could have caught a lot more. But I ended up coming back to make sure I can watch the noles beat the gators. For you other fly beginners like me, make sure your boat/kayak/whatever is nice and clean. If there is anything in near you, your fly line will find it. I fought with the cooler, rods, and tackle box all day trying to cast. I had several perfect opportunities and blew them getting snagged up on a rod or push pole holder or whatever.
  13. Good thinking on marking a few heights I like. I finished it up Thursday night then the army made plans for me on Friday when I was wanted to go test it out. Woke up early today and it's raining. So I haven't had a chance to test it yet. I'm sure I'll find a height I like and keep it there, but maybe adjust with different loads like solo vs with another person.
  14. Very happy with how my jack plate came out. Wasn't really difficult to do, just need to take your time and think everything through. It adjusts up and down by tightening the top bolt with ~4.25"-4.5" of adjustability. Materials used: (4) 3x3x12" 1/4" thick angle aluminum, (1) 10x10 1/4" thick aluminum sheet, and (2) 3x3x9 aluminum angle -this was an issue size and required cutting., Jigsaw with a ton of metal cutting blades (they clog very easily), 2 clamps, drill, files. Then various stainless bolts. Everything was pretty straightforward. I went with carriage bolts for inside the slots, but a better way to go would probably be bolt with brass spacer. Mine doesn't bind up any though, just requires you to take a turn off the four carriage slide bolts before using the adjustment bolt. The top adjustment bracket needs to be cut all curvy like I did to clear the back plate bolts. The adjustment brackets were also too big, had to cut about 1.2cm off one long side, and an inch maybe off the end. Any questions for anyone who wants to do one just ask. If I can do it any of you can. Clamp and drill measured out holes before jigsawing Jigsawed out the slide holes, this is before filing. I went out and got the carriage bolt and found I had to file a few areas that got tight. A lot of my holes were lined up by clamping it how I wanted it, then either marking it, or just drilling through the existing hole. For ones I just marked I would drill a pilot hole with a smaller bit first. I used washers in the end, this is just test fitting as I went through You can see how uneven my free hand line was! Ended up using the curve piece i cut off to trace onto the other side. You just tighten that bolt down and it jacks the motor up You can see the bottom bracket in this one. It isn't cut all curvy like the top. There is just a hole through it with the threaded rod through, then bolts on both sides with double bolts on the bottom (figured it'd keep it from loosening, I also lock tighted the bolts for the bottom). By the way, it is mounted perfectly straight, the angle of the camera made it look to the right. Sorry for the dark pic, but there is a cut piece of wood mounted toward the bow for the motor to clamp to. I also had to cut a slot for the threaded rod to move up into. I painted the wood black, that is why it is hard to see. It is probably just temporary until I find something nicer.
  15. Hey nothing wrong with drinking cheap beer and wanting a bent rod.... Lol
  16. I wouldn't mind a yakker using the boat ramp, although one thing I think is great about owning a yak is avoiding the boat ramp nightmare. But idk man it seems to me you spend more time than I do launching/loading an actual boat by myself. I think what everyone is getting at is to pull over before you back down the actual ramp and just prep your yak in the bed of your truck or trailer. By the time you are backing down the ramp it should take less than 2 minutes max with a coffee sip to have it in the water roped out of the way and you pulling your truck out. I own a yak so I'm a fan, but if I were launching my boat and was being held up by a dang kayak I'd be a little angry.
  17. boat ramps are always entertaining. Ive seen a trans pop and the whole truck back into the water (always use E-brake), Ive seen people back their truck in where half the tires are in the salt water, Ive seen people back the trailer off the end of the ramp (this ramp had a sign that says "end of ramp") then gas forward and rip an axle off. Its rare I see someone who has their stuff ready to go and be in and out. I also hate when people pull their trailer in wayyyyy too close to your truck and trailer, and the lane is too short to be able to back straight out past their trailer and you have to sit there back and forth a hundred times to clear it.
  18. You know, for them megaladon snook I land that often require a harpooning to calm them down. But yeah I have some floro 20lb and mono 20lb. Ron was telling me something about using One for top water and one for under water flies. Kind of forgot which way it was though
  19. Speaking of backing, is the stuff that comes on the path good enough? I know the leader is junk. I broke the leader twice already just casting in the road. Granted it got a few tugs in grass but nothing crazy
  20. man i need to get down there, but to wake up early and make that hour and a half plus drive there and back would put a hurtin on my saturday morning. Sounds worth it though. BUT then id be in bill jacksons and have a hard time not spending money...
  21. Ill keep at it no matter what. Maybe when I get money ill get lessons or a guide that does fly fishing. Or take someone on my boat that is more experienced with the fly rod that can teach me what I'm doing wrong
  22. Anyone? will throw in anchor, paddle, life jacket, a rod/reel if you don't have one, and more.
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