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  1. Yeah I plain just need more money haha. If I get my yak sold I may try to get a lesson somewhere.
  2. Yeah but I ain't driving there from spring hill on a Saturday morning hah. Idk I'll figure it out somehow
  3. Ron on here helped me pick out a cheapish setup, and he hooked me up with a sweet looking fly. Ended up with the redington path 9' 8wt. I'm finding casting any distance a little harder than I was expecting! Been looking at YouTube videos, but man I suck lol. Pretty excited to get better and land my first fish on fly though.
  4. Oh yea man I've been tearing them up lately around here. Caught the snook in my profile pic on my first time out in the yak, couple keeper reds the second (last) time out in it. Had a good boat fishing trip too, got some reds and trout.
  5. Thanks guys. Sucks, but I'm used to it.
  6. Love the kayak, but need money for dental school applications. I already paid $803 to send my app to 7 schools. I'd like to send more, and then you have to do supplementary apps for each school which is $50-100 each. Plus travel expenses if I get any interviews.
  7. 2014 Jackson big tuna kayak for sale. Bought brand new 9/16/14. Comes with lumbar support, 2 ram Rod holders, undrilled tuna tank, hi lo seating, and everything that came with it. Can be used tandem or solo, and paddles great even solo. I can stand in it with another adult in the kayak. Only seen water twice, and produced fish both times lol. $1400 firm, spring hill fl. Will throw in a paddle and extras.
  8. I have a brand new still in the packaging shimano sedona 4000fd and ugly stik tiger series 6'6" rod. Was given to me as a birthday present from dicks, and I was going to take it back and get a fly setup, but they don't have anything. Looking for a 9' rod 8 wt fly setup. Will add cash for right set up. Thanks!
  9. Looking to begin fly fishing. Seems like more and more people are getting into it. Looks fun. I figure I want a 9' rod and 8wt reel. Targeting reds, snook, trout. Any suggestions on a budget setup that will last me. Not a total beginner setup, but one that I will still use as I get better. Or if anyone has a used one for sale or partial trade for a 8' fiberglass shallow water anchor. Any other advice and such would be appreciated.
  10. just trying to work a trade for a used one at the moment. Yeah I've seen all the features on youtube. Ive been to bill jacksons, thats where i got my predator. Tested it out and immediately stood up and walked around on it.
  11. Yeah but I don't have that kind of cash for another decent yak, plus it'll be easier to get longer distances this way. I got extras to throw in for anyone willing to trade.
  12. I freaking love the predator, but when I go fishing she always wants to come, which is awesome by me. So then I end up just taking the boat out. That's why it gets no use. But you can do jumping jacks in the thing lol. So stable. I'm hoping the tuna is as stable. Not really looking forward to paddling it by myself if I ever do that, but it'll be worth it to take the gf out. I figure it shouldn't be too hard to find a trade. I'm throwing in some extras. I feel there may be people who are over how heavy and big the tuna is and want to get something a little more manageable.
  13. As the title says. Predator has only been on the water 4 times. Reason I want to trade is to be able to bring my gf with me fishing. Located in spring hill fl.
  14. Looking for a used cast net. Ideally 10', 3/8 mesh, and at least 1lb/FT. I'm located in spring hill, cash or trade for a fiberglass 8' stick anchor.
  15. jayfack27

    Wasp cam

    Anybody have the wasp cam 9902? The one with the watch. If so, how does it compare to a newer gopro? How is it underwater in salt water? I read a review saying it won't focus correctly underwater, and I want to use it spearfishing. I can't find much for comparisons online.
  16. Shoot for the past 3 days I've been setting my alarm at 5:30 to check my radar to possibly get out. Been raining every day! I've never been in a storm on my kayak yet, and I do have some frog toggs. I should man up and head out anyway. I've always had good luck on my boat when a storm lets up.
  17. Looking for some more places to fish in the hernando area. Already paddled out to fillmans. Hows jenkins creek? Going after reds, snook, and trout. I have my boat at my place now, so I'm finding i keep taking that out more than my yak. Problem is all the places i fish are a little too much to paddle to. Thanks guys
  18. Third time on the predator yesterday. Put in at about 7am and the wind was howling pretty good. The paddle didn't seem too bad on google earth, but took me forever to get to the spot I wanted to fish. So I finally get to my spot I've fished on my boat many times. Drifting in perfectly to make a quiet approach and go to stick anchor, but the bottom was hard!!! Looked soft, but about 1" in was rock hard. I don't have a little anchor for the yak yet. Now I'm panicking because I stand up and see I'm drifting right into the biggest snook I've seen in my life and about a dozen redfish all around it! Go to stick anchor again and still hard bottom. So I try to stay quiet as I'm drifting fast right over the snook and all the fish spook and leave and I let the yak hit the shore. I wait a little bit trying not to make any noise, then throw a DOA shrimp on a red jig head and catch a 19" red second cast. Fished another maybe 15 minutes then had to head back as my ice was all melted and i had stuff to do. For next time I'm packing a regular anchor, getting a full bag of ice instead of what was in my fridge, and packing more than one water and 8 beers!
  19. jayfack27


    The price is high, and some people can justify it. As for me, I use a crappy walmart cooler that holds ice long enough for what I need. I got my dad the yeti cause he takes week long fishing trips. I still don't see a need to get bent out of shape if someone has one. If I had the money id certainly buy myself one. And what's wrong with a yeti hat? I don't get it lol! I have a Calcutta hat and wear costas. They make hats and clothing along with coolers... I personally don't only buy hats that represent things I own.
  20. jayfack27


    Why are there so many haters that go out of their way to put down yeti and yeti owners? I've been seeing a ton of this on floridasportsman. First off, I don't own a yeti, but I have bought one for my dad. They are amazing coolers, and are the makers every cooler company compares to. They are expensive, but they sell like crazy, and basically advertise themselves. So everyone over there is saying it is a fashion statement basically. Making fun of yeti owners and people who wear a yeti hat. Saying they probably have salt life stickers on their truck. While kind of funny, I don't get it. I bet those same people have couple hundred dollar g loomis rods when an ugly stick would suffice, or costa del mars when some calcuttas would suffice. (By the way I freaking love my costas and think they are worth every penny). Sorry for the rant, but there are tons of yeti hate threads coming up and it is getting annoying.
  21. I can't get the screenshot of google earth I took to load on here
  22. Jay do you fish from a boat or kayak or something else?I launched from Norfleets. It's $5 for boat or $2.50 for a kayak.I have a boat and a kayak, but want to get more into kayak fishing while I'm still in college to save money. I'm looking on google earth and it looks like there is a dirt road back there. Is this accessible? (South side of that canal, where that more circular looped in pond is. Looks like the north side of that loop would be a good place to put in if it's accessible.
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