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  1. I have a boat and a kayak' date=' but want to get more into kayak fishing while I'm still in college to save money. I'm looking on google earth and it looks like there is a dirt road back there. Is this accessible? (South side of that canal, where that more circular looped in pond is. Looks like the north side of that loop would be a good place to put in if it's accessible.
  2. Where do you guys put in for fillmans? I'm moving back to spring hill next week
  3. can you even add a float to a rod that would make it float and not be in the way though? Just seems to me if one was able to make a rod float, it would be in the way and a hassle when fishing. i believe my paddle floats, so there is no reason to strap it down where i fish. Its not like i fish rapids where i couldn't swim and grab it if i needed to. My fish lip grippers float. I wouldn't be too mad if i lost my pliers. I personally just have no need for a bunch of floats on all my stuff. The only thing id be worried about losing is rods, and I would think it would be very easy to find a rod with goggles in 90% of cases that you'd fish on a kayak. either way, seems most of you don't agree. I was just suggesting an idea for a backup plan or whatever if you tip. Many of you seem to have lost rods, and i think goggles would at least allow you to go searching.
  4. I've literally found goggles dropped myself 20 miles out of Hudson which is about 20'. That's much further than I could get on a yak lol. A rod would be much easier than goggles. I didn't say it would always work, but it'd be worth trying. I can't imagine not being able to find a rod unless the conditions are just all against you. Most of my fishing is shallow anyway, so goggles will be fine if I ever did tip or drop something. That's another point, it's not always a tip. Say you drop something, quickly anchor and jump in and you should easily find it. I'm not saying it'll always work, but it's an easy carry on that would allow you to at least try.
  5. That's what I'm saying. I can't find any reviews of people trying them on snook or reds. Let me know how they work!
  6. http://www.river2seausa.com/topwater/481-whopper-plopper-130.htmlHas anyone tried the whopper plopper 130 on snook/reds? I've heard it was amazing on bass. Check out the video on that website. Looks like a very good topwater. The tail is soft and gives it a good presentation.
  7. Well, stayed home ha. The problem is I almost always have college work to do so when I go fish it has to be real early morning so I can come back early afternoon. Kayak rental places don't open until 9 or 10. In 2 weeks we are moving back to spring hill too, so my time fishing tampa is limited. I'll probably make the drive down sometime though to fish a spot I know of. Well if anyone can help out on Thursday let me know. That's my next day I can't get out for a little while.
  8. I don't think a rod would be too hard to find even in 20'. Plus it's worth a try. I'd be there all day looking if it was my rods. Actually now that I think about it, we've dropped $100 goggles in the water spear fishing in 20' exactly almost and I threw a mask on and dove in and got them almost instantly. No fins. It really isn't that hard if the clarity is there. Things don't move that quick, and when it is ripping, you have an idea of where it's going.
  9. Cool man I appreciate the offer. I rarely get to go fishing lately, only took the predator out twice since I got it over a month ago. She randomly asked to go yak fishing tomorrow and i said I'd ask around to see if someone will rent theirs for the morning. Shops that rent won't be open early enough to make it worth it. I have to be back in time to get a paper and some quizzes done. So if anyone would be willing to rent one out let me know!!! Or even come with if u have an extra.
  10. Looking to rent a kayak for my gf tomorrow morning. If anyone can rent their yak for a few hours, or even has an extra and wouldn't mind us tagging along let me know! I was going to hit the water real early since I need to be back at a decent time to study for finals and write some papers.
  11. it'd just be cheaper/less clutter in the yak to just have a pair of goggles. I see people with literally everything corded down or with a big float on it. I went to buy some retractable cords, but they were kind of expensive, and I wouldn't want random (non retractable) cords all over my yak strapping down things. I also hear of many yakkers losing rods in a tip over. You can easily free dive down 20 feet to search for your rods with a set of goggles.
  12. Just a thought; how come nobody (including myself thus far) carries a set of goggles in their yak gear? It'd be much easier than having to buy all kinds of floats that take up space and teathers and such.
  13. Where is that? Is it a pretty good area for reds/snook
  14. Anyone heading out near here tomorrow? (Sunday)
  15. Yeah man maiden voyage I had a huge tackle box and a hard cooler taking up the entire back. I'm happy with this product off initial review and can't imagine it just sucking when I go out haha. Do you go to usf?
  16. http://www.amazon.com/Shoreline-Marine-Ultimate-Kayak-Bag/dp/B00JGQLNLO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404401228&sr=8-1&keywords=Ultimate+kayak+fishing+bagThere's the link. Yeah that's the actual name. And no, just my initial review. Literally opened it an hour ago. I've only taken my brand new predator out twice for around 40 mins each time since I got it a month ago! I get no time to get out, but hopefully I'll be getting out this weekend to try it out. For $38 it is pretty sweet.
  17. Just received a shoreline marine ultimate kayak fishing bag. I have found zero reviews anywhere on this product! So I took a risk buying it, but it was only $38 shipped on amazon. See, I didn't want to buy a crate, buy rod holders, then still need to tote around a cooler, or have to buy one of those expensive crate buddy things. This has it all. 2 rod holders, a bunch of smaller compartments for pliers, fish lip grips, etc, and two large compartments that fit my deep Plano tackle case. It is a lined cooler. To give an idea in size, it says it can accept a milk crate, so you can put a milk crate inside of it. The zippers seem heavy duty, the lining just seems ok. I was skeptical that it'd be able to hold two rods and still stand, but it does fine. Overall I really like it. For $38 it is everything I was expecting. Pretty surprised it isn't more popular actually.
  18. Haha. She actually wanted me to get her a set to practice with. When I was searching for them amazon came up with mainly the furry kinky kind ha. Phil, I'm down man! Pm me your number or text me and maybe we can work something out.
  19. Just remembered I have to attend my gfs graduation from the police academy. So another day of not fishing for me. I'm going to try to get out this weekend though for sure. Saturday or Sunday maybe. If anyone is going out in the area let me know!
  20. Being full time college, and other programs I've only had a chance to take the new predator out twice. No luck both times, but I was only able to fish for less than an hour. Thursday I'm planning on getting my first real day of fishing in on the predator. I'm more familiar with homosassa area, or down by boca grande by boat. But would anyone be able to put me on some reds/snook/trout near tampa Thursday? Want to make the most of my one day I'll get to fish for however long until next time.
  21. No one listens to us.. Guess they'll never know ha
  22. Demo it, and while your at it demo an old town predator 13. I just got the predator and couldn't be happier. Extreme stability
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