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  1. I already received my handle and tip for the fiberglass stake. Just no stakes in stock anywhere that's 8' 3/4" for cheap
  2. Roommate is moving out, so looking for a place to stay within a reasonable distance from USF tampa. I am not a big partier, I take my studies seriously. I also live with my girlfriend whom is about to graduate the police academy in less than a month. So, does anyone on here rent out apartments/condos in the area for relatively cheap? Im searching craigslist now for places, but everyone i find that seems nice is sold. The place doesnt have to be big, 1br/1ba is fine. Storage for my yak would be awesome, but i keep it in my living room now ha, so not a big deal. Any leads will help! Thanks!
  3. So I wanted to make my own dolly, but found one with good reviews on amazon for $30. Couldn't turn that down. Also I ordered my tip and handle from mgs. $27 which I think is ridiculous, but I will still be saving overall. Then I called amleo and they are out of stock of 3/4 8' rods, and won't get them in until the end of the month :/. Bummer since I already ordered the tip and handle. I can't find anyone else who sells that size rod at a good price.
  4. Did that guy ever make the video? I saw the tip was too big, what tip and handle should I order, and should I just place the order through AM to avoid the Sears problems you guys had?
  5. You guys are awesome! I'm glad I asked for recommendations. One of the places I fish has some serious ripping tides, so I'd imagine a pretty decent anchor is needed to hold. But I'm just going to order that 1.5lb anchor recommended, then make a stick anchor which will work perfect in this particular spot.
  6. A 1.5 lb anchor will hold in pretty ripping tides? I'm new to kayaks, just seems real light. Thanks guys for all this great info! After the needed accessories I'll be looking for a bottom finder/gps and planning on some scuba spearfish trips.
  7. Oh sorry to keep commenting, but any anchor recommendations? I want a stick anchor and a normal one. Probably some kit that comes with chain to weigh it down and catch right.
  8. Here's some pics. This was just a quick stop and test it out trip. Just threw my tackle box in there and a cooler with some reebs.
  9. I know it's probably worth it, but I can't spend $90 right now on one lol.
  10. Bought my predator today at 9:30 then hit the water on my way home. Mind you I went to bill Jackson's at 2:30am to get a better chance of scoring 1 of the 5 predators they had at 9:30 open. I was 4th kayak pick and by 9:30 there was quite a crowd. So anyways, I love this thing. I never felt unstable in it and I continually stood and sat from the low seat position. Standing and casting, sitting and moving. Paddled fine to me. The paddle they gave me for free is a carbon fiber one and seems a little short for how wide the predator is, but it worked good. Now I need a partner to go somewhere around tampa and catch some fish! Anyone know of a decent CHEAP dolly/cart to transport my kayak by myself? Or a do it yourself video to make one cheaply that will last. Thanks guys!
  11. My boat is actually kept in spring hill. Favorite inshore spot would be boca for sure. I had a flatstalker and fished a spot here in tampa that was about perfect, but I only had like 45 mins and had to go. Sold the stalker and never had a chance to go back. Looking forward to fishing it this weekend probably on the new yak
  12. Fished from boats my whole life, but switching things up and getting my first kayak this week (old town predator). I'm in tampa for college (usually fish Hudson to homosassa area, or boca grande), so I'm still new to fishing this area, and kayak fishing in general. Does anyone want to go kayak fish with me? I have some big plans for the yak: obviously the usual inshore red/snook/trout fishing, I want to take some long hauls offshore and catch some grouper/cobia, and I also want to load a tank up and do some scuba spearfishing hogs and what not.
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