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    True words on the sharks. I lost the first one ever to a shark a week or so ago. Fish was whooped, leadered, boatside, decided it would go 3-5 yards deep; then line peeled off like mad and the line snapped on the single strand - I go fluro 4-5', double line 2', to single braid. It was a relatively quick fight - with 50# braid and a cabo 60 I put the stones to 'em quick now a days. Bummer...
  2. jbdba01


    1-1 in the stinkpot so far. A baby at 70#. No really good action shots, but they are here. Debating to go for 'em in a kayak today, but the winds are iffy. Tear 'em up.
  3. Based on results and feedback I suspect there will be a 2017 effort as well. Until next year if you see a floating plastic bottle pick 'er up. It's good karma. My fishing partner and I have mastered the "high" speed pickup using the bait net. I see at least one bottle a trip - I believe my personal best was 6 in on trip (all keepers with a 24oz being the beast of the group - sorry no photos so you'll have to believe me).
  4. The weather was perfect for a clean up of the bay. It was really amazing to see the amount of trash you could find by just looking a bit deeper in the mangroves. I believe the final heap was about 50' long, 10' wide and 5-6' high. Couches, mattresses, tires, toilets, giraffes (?!!), bottles, and more bottles and more bottles. The recurring theme was they should outlaw the little plastic water bottles - they were everywhere. I know in my group alone of 2 girls and myself we managed 5 tires, 106 beer bottles, and at least 5 garbage bags full of plastics... I suspect that this was just a tip of the iceberg, but a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Congrats to the winners of the $250 gift cards from both Citgo and TA Mahoney. Winners ranged from the oddest item (TV/car bumpers, giraffes) to largest items (couches, mattresses)... Thanks to Pig Silly BBQ everyone went home well fed and the Bay is just a bit cleaner - everyone present gets to fish guilt free for 2016. Photos below...before/after, piles...and yours as yours a you see fit. Not to be outdone I continued my trach clean up in the bay as well...
  5. Be a part of something more than just fishing on 4/9/2016. Help keep the Bay clean. There's talk of prizes as well. To be determined. My daughter and friends will be earning CAS hours as well. More details here...
  6. I wade fish in the winter only. Typically late Oct - Mar. Seems the men in grey enjoy my company. I don't keep fish, but they seem to find me. The official schedule looks something like this: Jan - Mar - kayak and wade Mar - Apr - kayak Apr - Sep - mostly power boat (poon/grouper/macks), some kayak Sep - Dec kayak and wade Kayak gives you the height advantage too.
  7. Recently I won a Loadmaster gift certificate. It's valued at $500; I'll sell it for $400. They are located at 10105 Cedar Run, Tampa, FL 33619 and the certificate must be redeemed there. It's good for service, parts, or a new trailer. PM me if interested.
  8. Strong prizes this year...more details here.
  9. Let me ask you something...and I'm kinda scratching my head on this. Over the last 2 weeks I've landed 2 out of 5 large reds (+30"); I just switched jig heads and I'm thinking that may be it, or I've hit a bad streak. I'm not a fan of losing 3 bruisers. The last one I set the hook home 3 times for good measure and still lost him. What jig head are you using? I did notice that because I'm fishing super slow that the hook has been embedded behind the crushers. That may be it, but I'm really wondering what's up.
  10. Left out the Alafia and Manatee viewing center at Apollo Beach. What we really need is a study on what makes them bite [consistently]. Now that would be good tax dollars at work.
  11. Low tech solution...right click and tilt head. Nice job on the beat down. Couple questions...is the truck a 4x4? How were the bugs? Spend the night? Love me some Zmann...
  12. Facebook killed the forums and video killed the radio star. Waiting to see the drone off AMI searching for poon. Saw my buddies improved side imaging - crazy good. The times they are a changing. Pretty soon I'll be night fishing. Just a question of when.
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