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  1. First time hitting them on spoons. They were tailing all morning and wouldn't hit my trusty rootbeer/chartruce DOA CAL soft plastic. It was a pretty cool experience hitting them on the spoon. Should gotten some pics of the tails. It was a good sight to see.
  2. Good action on the dead low this morning. Tailing reds were everywhere.
  3. Has anyone ever caught a dotless redfish? I got a dotless 25" red the other day. I've caught tons if reds but never one w/o dots.
  4. Nice upper slot reds, trout, and snook. Non stop action on the flats today. Outgoing tide was the ticket.
  5. Nice, yea man...I tried getting them in too green because of excitement. I'm going to ease them in next time. It might shut off with the weather getting cooler.
  6. Great days lately at MacDill. Caught a lot of 18-20 snook, and slot sized reds. Black drum, flounder and juvenile tarpon have been smacking hard as week as well. I was 0-5 on Tarpon hookups last week. I have to learn to bow to the silver king. 17-18 inch trout and a ton of jacks are hitting as well. Great month for variety out on the flats!
  7. Nothing pic worthy today but I ended up catching 4 reds (3 mid slot, one dink), 3 20" snook and an aggressive mullet that almost swallowed my lure. The reds and snook were hanging out with the mullet in about 2 ft of water. Outgoing tide fishing closer to the shore than ususal today.
  8. Caught various snappers, triggerfish and some big rainbow runners. Fun trip!
  9. Caught two reds 24" and 19" and 3 17-18" snook. My buddy caught the same numbers pretty much. Not a great day but enough action to be satisfied. Tried catching a nice Cobia lurking around the flats (very rare around the flats of Macdill) but it just wasn't biting artificial. Definitely was a brown bomber cruising the flats knocking bait fish dead.
  10. Nothing pic worthy yet. The big snook I lost woulda been. My buddies reds probably were as well but he was wading really far away from me. I'll get some pics next time even if they are smaller. He said he nailed some 24-25 inch reds when chasing the school. The red in nailed was only 18-20 inches. Barely slot.
  11. Good second trip since being back. A bunch of slot reds, dink snook and the usual jacks. I lost a huge Snook as well. Brought me damn near to tears! My buddy found a school of reds and stayed on them for 30 minutes of straight action. I was too far away!
  12. Sheepshead on atrificial! Pretty impressive!
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