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  1. For sale 2016 Jackson Big Rig Kayak. Has all original fittings including, deck padding, three Ram rod holders, stand-assist bar, Jackson seat, fish grips etc. Has also been fitted with Scotty rod holder mounted to top of stand-assist bar, anchor trolley and Sea-Lect rudder with foot pedal controls. Used 5 months overall, has normal "bottom rash" from use, but in excellent shape overall. New Price $1400.00 OBO If interested please use email to reply. More pictures available, located in Ellenton, Fl. Regards George D Snwbird Fisher
  2. snwbird fisher

    Bishops Harbour

    Wondering if anyone has fished Bishops Harbour lately? Planning on getting out in the next day or so and if anyone can provide some guidance/information on where and what is around it would be appreciated. Intend on using artificials. Thanks in advance. Regards George D
  3. snwbird fisher

    Using Zman Paddle Tails

    And here's my next question. This probably belongs in one of the other Forum headings, but as it applies to my kayak fishing and as a result of all the outstanding advice I have already received in this forum, posting here. Have started using ZMan Paddle Tails when doing my searches for my nemesis, the ever elusive "Red Fish". Have been rigging them weedless on a 3/0 1/8th weighted hook, retrieving them slowly, but not sure I am using them as effectively as I could. They act more like a "top water" rather then a normal paddle tail on weighted hook, when I retrieve them. Have done a search to try and determine how to use them properly but with little luck. Lots on how to rig them but virtually nothing on how to actually fish them. So could someone provide me with the proper technique on how they should be used in the circumstances I'v described? As always any advice help would be appreciated. Regards Snowbird Fisher
  4. snwbird fisher

    Help With Reds

    I really appreciate the encouragement and advice from all. It appears I need to perfect and practice what I am already doing rather than starting all over, which is really good to hear. It's also encouraging to hear that those looking for Reds last Weds were as lucky as I was, thanks for that Mike/Bob. Going to go back at it tomorrow based on wind prediction at this point. Here's hoping. Snwbird Fisher George D. P.S. Chris I love the Big Rig, it`s everything my research indicated it would be.
  5. snwbird fisher

    Help With Reds

    Have just switched to a Kayak and I would really like to try and understand why I cannot see, let alone catch a Red. So am asking for advice/help, or maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong, or what exactly I have to do to find and catch Reds consistently. Went to Bishops Harbor last Weds for the third time in two weeks, specifically to target Reds. Prior to I read everything posted on the forum including the advice from both Mike (Pickgrin) and Timmy674 on my last post about my trip to Palma Sola, as well as everything I could find about finding/catching Reds. I studied both Google and Bing Maps of the area to get a feel for the areas I wanted to fish and then fished the Oyster Beds, Points and Glass/Sand Holes on the South West side of the Harbor from the launch to almost the Bay itself on the incoming tide. As suggested by Mike (Pickgrin) I fished depths of about 18 to 32 inches using a stick anchor to hold me in place as I moved along the edge of the mangroves. At each spot I anchored, I fan fished for 15 to 20 minutes before moving on. I alternated between a Spook Jr, an Unfair Lures suspending bait (1-5 Ft) and alternated between a couple of plastic's; Voodoo Shrimp, Lil john, and DOA Shrimp. The weather was sunny with cloudy periods, and the wind and swell was from the SSE and increased steadily after about 10AM. And.......I didn't even see a Red lat alone catch one. The total outcome was one Ladyfish hooked on the way back to the launch site, and I couldn't even land that. I realize it is hard for anyone to specifically tell me what I am doing wrong from a "forum post" but any advice about what I should change/do would be appreciated. Thanks all. Snwbird Fisher (George D.)
  6. snwbird fisher

    Palma Sola Trip

    Mike/Timmy, Thank you much appreciate the advice. I have a "stick pin" but had never thought of using it to judge my depth, as suggested by Mike. Good tip. Am planning on going to Bishops Harbor tomorrow (Friday) to try and get a little better at catching Reds, so will use all of of that information. Again thank you much. Regards Snwbird Fisher P.S. Timmy you picked that up did you..................yes did 36 years in the Canadian Navy.
  7. snwbird fisher

    Palma Sola Trip

    With the wind finally dropping to something under 30 knots, did my 5th trip with the "Big Rig" today (Tuesday) and thought I'd give a quick outline on how it went. First, I have to say I am still learning after making the switch this season from "Gas Power" to "Arm Power". Am starting to get organized a little better both for launching and recovering as well as the actual fishing bits. Can now load and unload without any help, which I was concerned would be an issue due to age (over the big 65 mark) and the actual weight of the Big Rig (92 lbs minus seat). But after some thought and experimenting have worked out that portion . Am still working on getting properly organized on the water however. As I'm sure most of you know, going from a 4 or 5 foot beam to 37" inches requires some getting use to, but that part is coming as well. Am loving it. As an Old Chief I worked for way back when use to say, "Can't be a bad day if you learn something, especially if your enjoying the experience." After spending a couple of days reading everything I could find about Palma Sola and studying Google Earth and Bing Maps (as suggested by members here) launched at about 10:15. Decided to fish the sand flats around the piers on the north side of 64 almost directly across from the bridge. Wind was from the SW at probably 5 Knots to start, increasing to probably 8 - 10 knots when I recovered at about 13:45. Virtually no chop. Tide was coming in but as there is only 1 tide today over a 16 hour period, it was very slow, and I`m guessing had little affect of the fishing, I could be wrong however. Have no idea idea of depth as don't have depth finder, but spent most of the time over the grass flats and guessing I was fishing between 3 and 6 feet. Did try in close around the piers and mangroves early on, but did not spend a lot of time at it, as did not look very promising. (Still trying to learn the sight fishing bits and what to look for in close for Reds.) Did a combo of drifting and anchoring using plastics on a jig-head, Lil`Johns and 4`` Shad, a DOA Shrimp on a popping cork, and a Unfair Lure, Rip and Slash. I have previously used all of those with the exception of the Unfair Lure which I picked up Saturday. To my surprise I ended up using the Unfair Lure the most however, as it was producing exceptionally well (for me anyway). Up to this point my "go-to" has always been the DOA but after today may have to rethink that . Ended up with two nice trout (17.5"and 16") as well as quite a few undersized ones (12-14") and some feisty Ladyfish to practice with and of course lost a couple. Not an outstanding day, but a good one overall for me. Hope that isn't to long and someone gets some useful info from it. As always comments/suggestions are always welcome, stay safe all. Regards Snwbird Fisher
  8. snwbird fisher

    Newbie - Palma Sola Bay

    Thank you all for taking the time to welcome me and providing all the advice. However, although I have been paddling since I was a kid (and that wasn't yesterday) am not yet completely familiar with the Big Rig characteristics so after looking at the wind forecast for yesterday decided I would wait a day or two. Next Monday looks promising, as not even going to think about driving 64 on the weekend..... Will definitely take the time to study both Google Earth and Bing Maps to find the channels and holes mentioned, although not sure how to locate them once I am actually on the water as do not have GPS.....yet. Thanks again. Regards Snwbird Fisher
  9. snwbird fisher

    Newbie - Palma Sola Bay

    Am brand new at kayak fishing, and so am learning as I go along. Received my Jackson Big Rig last week and did my first outing on the Manatee River Friday, and it was outstanding. Am learning about rigging etc., as I go but I loved it even with the wind and despite not catching anything. Now I would like to try something a little farther afield (for me anyway), so am thinking about trying Palma Sola Bay tomorrow (Tuesday) at some point and would appreciate any advice/information about where etc., from anyone who has fished there lately. Actually would appreciate any advice anyone might have about the sport itself. Thank you much, regards Snwbird Fisher
  10. snwbird fisher

    Hey Guys I Just Started A New Blog Tampasaltwater.com

    Very nice. As a fairly new "flats fisherman" always looking for sites that provide info and help. Your blog does that. Will be following with interest. Than you. Snwbird Fisher