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  1. Pm sent
  2. mbshooter

    Finally A Topwater Eat From A Red!

    Working well, when I get time. Work has been hectic to say the least.
  3. mbshooter

    Finally A Topwater Eat From A Red!

    Great job Phil!
  4. mbshooter

    Stick It Pin Or Yak Attack Park N Pole

    Picked up an 8' yak attack park n pole for $50 off of craigslist tonight.
  5. mbshooter

    Stick It Pin Or Yak Attack Park N Pole

    Does the wang anchor float? If so I'll definitely take a look at it.
  6. I've been looking at getting a push pole/ anchor pin. I've been looking at these two, are there any others that float that I should look at? Any comments on these two would be great.
  7. Been working to much and on my days off mother nature has laughed at me, sorta like this morning. I finally got out a couple weeks ago but only found A ton of stingrays. I almost had a red on it a few trips ago, but i didn't have my finger holding the line in between strips. All part of the learning curve. If rain holds off Friday I am going to try and go out.
  8. Awesome video! Also found you on Facebook and liked your page. I just got my kayak late last year and really enjoy your videos.
  9. mbshooter

    A Decent Short Trip 3/16/15

    Awesome red!
  10. mbshooter

    It's Almost Here!

    Amazing video!
  11. mbshooter

    Nekid Ball Jigz - Hog O' Rama !

    Barry is definitely the man for finding hog fish. I went out with him Friday and limited out on hog fish.
  12. mbshooter

    Tough Weather But I Pulled It Off

    Good looking red
  13. mbshooter

    Important Psa! (Public Service Announcement)

    Always try to leave it cleaner than when you got there. Simple rule I was taught as a kid for anywhere you go.
  14. mbshooter

    Merry Christmas All!

    Awesome Robbie.
  15. mbshooter

    Swc Blog

    Great article.