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  1. max74

    Crab Or Fly Patterns For Sheepsheads?

    Hallo redsnook625 Thank you for your tip, i am back from Florida now. It was relatively poor fishing this year on very windy conditions. I will try your suggestet pattern next time. Greetings from cold and rainy Switzerland. Massimo
  2. Hi guys I am a newbie to fly fishing in Saltwater. Any tips for crab or fly pattern to fish for Sheepshead in the Sarasota bay area? Thanks a lot. Massimo
  3. Hi guys I am visit florida for two weeks and fly fish the sarasota bay area from a boat and wading fort de soto. What do you recommend to bring withe me. Floating and intermediate lines or a full sinking line too? Fishing for Snook, Reds, Trouts and trying for Sheepsheads. Thank you for tips. Massimo
  4. Oh man. Believe me, i would come right now. But i am about 5'000 mile away in the snowy switzerland ;-) Maybe next time. Greetings from the cold switzerland.
  5. max74

    Early Morning Success 9/28 (Video Added)

    Nice. Someday i should learn the fly fishing!
  6. Thank you paul. Economy tackle is much closer to Venice, where we stay, for our vacation. I think i would take a look there first.
  7. max74

    Full moon report from the deep

    Great report Bob, perhaps one day i join you on your trip. I understand this guys who make a 1000mile drive to fish floridas waters. I also make a 11 hour flight, one or two times a year, to reach your coasts and relaxing while fishing. Countdown started: -3.5 weeks! :smiley-cool
  8. max74

    Won't be wading for awhile.

    Sorry to hear that, i wish you a quick recovery.
  9. thanks guys for the tips
  10. I and my wife are going to spend our vacation in venice fl next month and we would like to rent a double sit-in kayak for two weeks? Any suggestions where to find some good rental store in the area between englewood and tampa?Thanks a lot for tips and greetings from switzerland.Max74
  11. max74

    Tall Tails

    realy cool video
  12. max74

    What brand and weight braid do you use

    I use the Power Pro 15# in yellow. I like the high visibility and had never a problem with it.
  13. max74

    From oversea

    Hi CodyIn effect, we have probalby one of the best health care system in the world. It works realy good. And i know, that in USA the health care cost are very high. Because we have to make a supplementary health care cost insurance for traveling in the USA.
  14. max74

    From oversea

    Thanks folksThis is an interesting discussion about rules and regulations and there are many pro and contras. Every country has his own interests.But one swiss regulation make fishing realy unpopular:Since 2009 C & R is prohibited by law.That sucks. Because i keep just what we can eat on the same day. So a good fishing trip can end in just one hour or end up in a unnecessary overkill :-(I'm not a biologist or something similar and dont know all the pro and contras. I try to respect the rules in every country.I am happy to be able to visit your country and relax while fishing. :-)