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  1. mxbeebop

    Backcountry snookin on foot

    Nice late day Snook Selfie.
  2. mxbeebop

    First poon on fly 8-9-14

    Nice Work! Makes me want to call in sick.
  3. mxbeebop

    tarpon spillway near tampa rd

    I've seen guys fishing off that rail way bridge and do well, might want to check it out. At some point the original bridge was cut down and the pilings are just below the water line, there can be a good bite around them on a outgoing.
  4. mxbeebop

    How do you decide where to fish?

    Man ditto and the negative lows that come with it. The red fish spawn is Aug-Oct and I suspect there are breeder fish schooling on the flats inside the gulf cuts or near the mouth of the bay, probably some big fish behind egmont now too and I'm sure the Tarpon Key pet reds are there. I like to fish those reds on a incoming tide the cooler gulf water energizes them imo. I start looking for them in UTB mid sept around the time the rains slow .
  5. mxbeebop

    How do you decide where to fish?

    I make note of locations where there are no other anglers and use Google earth to scout it out if its promising I'll spend the day learning it and the next couple outings fishing hard.Generally I follow the same pattern annually. In the summer I fish tarpon early or dock fish at night, Fall I fish redfish schools, winter I fish the back country, spring I follow the fish out on the flats, and starting in may I beach fish for poons through August. In this heat I'd be fishing areas where I could take advantage of a early incoming tide or at night.
  6. mxbeebop

    tarpon spillway near tampa rd

    The flats on the north side of the rail road track hold fish, its always stained water so your blind casting to mullet schools or structure, but I have caught my share of Reds and Snook up there. Its got a lot going for it actually, low pressure few can get under that railroad, lots of mullet, oyster bars along the docks and a lot of water gets flushed through there. Fish love those mud flats in the winter and there is a good trout bite there late fall when other anglers are stacked up in rocky creek or double branch.It might be too hot up there at 2 PM especially near slack tide or an outgoing tide try it in the morning or late on a rise..
  7. mxbeebop

    Davis island tarpon?

    Do a you tube search for south shore anglers, Danny Dennison explains that fishery pretty well in one of those videos.They will hit pinfish and I have jumped them on flies and terroreyez.
  8. Get new parents that can understand the value of polarized glass lenses.
  9. mxbeebop

    Catfish everywhere!

    I fish arti's and hardly ever catch catfish, but last week I hooked a lady fish on the new soft mirrodine and a big cat came up and tried to take the lure from the lady fish. Great I caught both. My wife took an unauthorized picture, I told her if I see it on Facebook were getting a divorce.
  10. mxbeebop

    Tail-less Trout

    A big Mackerel is a possibility.
  11. mxbeebop

    Finally landed my first POON!

    Nice work! For me poons are just top of the line I cant get enough of them. Good shot of that big forked tail, just screams power.
  12. mxbeebop

    I'm 99% sure I'm cursed or something

    Ouch expensive rig to loose. Last fall my wife fell off the skiff late in the day and to my dismay did not follow protocol, where we put keys in the pelican box. I got home at 1 AM completely whooped.
  13. mxbeebop


    Found this sight looking for info on Tarpon in the Palm River. Lots of Tampa people on here and good info, looking forward too it.