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  1. That is excellent on any day especially a Summer day. Nicely calculated taking advantage of the cooling temps and runoff.
  2. mxbeebop

    Fly Fishing Expo

    Looks cool I'm going to head over and check it out. They had me at "Free Craft Beer Samples" and I want to see Steve Rajef make a 200' cast. https://www.orlandooutfitters.com/fly-fishing-expo
  3. mxbeebop

    Fly Fishing Expo

    Phil txt me if you make it up dude. Mokenjoe~ I think so I understand many of the vendors were there for ICast and stayed for this.
  4. mxbeebop

    After Work Snookin

    LOL! were you walking on water or in your boat?
  5. mxbeebop

    After Work Snookin

    Nice Snook Fish Whisperer!
  6. mxbeebop

    July 11Th - Caladesi Island

    Nice Fish and good story. Did you get a hair sample so we can clone that FWC officer? We need more like him.
  7. mxbeebop

    Another Big Boy Snook! 38"

    That things a horse!
  8. mxbeebop

    Beach Tarpon

    Awesome man! Them things are fun! What depth were you guys fishing with that float?
  9. mxbeebop

    Curious About Something I Saw

    I cast from my platform so the stripping basket is a must in my situation. I keep the rod in the bucket while poling, when I see fish I put the pole in my belt gizmo, grab the rod and cast. When you jump a big poon its also nice to know the line isn't wrapped around your big toe or something.
  10. mxbeebop

    Tampa Bay Seagrass

    That is great news. I got this quote from the Tampa Tribune "47 percent increase since 2012 in Old Tampa Bay, which stretches from the Gandy Bridge north to Oldsmar and east to Tampa" that's pretty awesome.
  11. mxbeebop

    My 1St Tarpon

    Oh man I see a lot of sick days in your future May thru August. Nice fish man!
  12. mxbeebop

    My First Tarpon!

    That right there is one of the best "firsts" Gratz!
  13. mxbeebop

    Linesider Luck

    Nice dude
  14. mxbeebop

    Cleaning Rods And Reel From Saltwater

    Some good advice, I find the hotter the water the better for removing salt.
  15. mxbeebop

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome, keep at it man.
  16. mxbeebop

    First Fish In A Kayak

  17. mxbeebop


    Davis I'd be happy to help but honestly you wouldn't get much from it. I learned via trial and error and it doesn't translate well to teaching. There are systematic approaches that are far more affective at getting one to feel the rod, I really would suggest a competent teacher before you learn some bad habits, once that muscle memory is going the wrong way it takes time to reverse it. Either way by teacher or just pounding flies on the flat, learn a usable cast, not far or pretty but a usable cast, generally a 30-40 foot semi accurate cast (good enough to lead a fish) that rolls out the fly will catch most fish on the flats and even big tarpon. IMO I would learn the mechanics at one of the free classes, get your usable cast down in the yard, and then hit the water and learn how to fly fish.
  18. mxbeebop

    How Trolling Motors Are Changing Tarpon Fishing

    They do have a negative affect on a push of fish especially where we are fly fishing in shallower water more then not. That being said its more a problem of poor etiquette and chasing fish, as Jbdba mentioned, a TM just magnifies the affect of doing it wrong. I got to say early in the season I got pretty ticked off at some dude and I normally don't get worked up because its part of the game, but this was just flat out disrespect. This is on a weekday mind you and there is two of us on a stretch of beach. He sees me jump a fish, motors in, cuts me off and then does circles around my position with his TM at 40 yards chasing the fish! I said hey man do you see me here? I get the typical response from this type, you know the type that measures his self worth in how many fish he catches, the experience and everyone else be damned, "you don't own the beach" I said "yeah dude I know but do you want me to cut off your position and motor around you with my skiff? then don't do it to me", negotiations failed and I said something like, "you can put your big boy pants on and swim over, but your going to limp back" and he left. This kind of tool will never get it and never have success at it because he cant see the right way to do it through his superior ego, had he had the ability to accept the premise he was making a mistake he might have made a friend or learned a little something like chasing around fish with a TM wont work.
  19. Interesting article lots of guides throwing in on the subject in the comments section as-well. Personally I experimented with a TM last year and found posting up or poling a superior approach you don't get as many shots but they are quality shots and if it gives the guys behind me in the line up a better shot all the better. http://www.ginkandgasoline.com/saltwater-fly-fishing/how-trolling-motors-are-changing-tarpon-fishing/
  20. mxbeebop

    A Good Reason To Take A 20 Min Break

    This Tuesday its on bro!
  21. mxbeebop

    We've Been Busy Landscaping Our Yard

    Party at your house!
  22. mxbeebop

    Braided Line

    There is really only two kinds of braid material used in the manufacture of line either Dyneema or Spectra. The coating may vary, but it all eventually wares off which is cool cause it cast like crap till then. PowerPro is Spectra fiber I think try something made from Dyneema fibers this go round. I personally use spiderwire mono inshore and PowerPro on tarpon rigs.
  23. mxbeebop

    Curious About Something I Saw

    Here's mine 15 gallon Polyethylene food prep bucket 46$ the beer was extra.
  24. mxbeebop


    X2 if your going to make a serious effort at it leave the spin gear at home, you not only must learn a new tool to present a lure, but you also have to learn new tactics to make the best use of that tool.
  25. That things a freaking Donkey man!