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    Good advice from Phil. Don't forget leader and flies, you'll want to start with a tapered flouro leader in 16LB or so, you'll need all the stealth you can get early in the process. For flies as a beginner I'd start with an an unweighted or bead chain fly like a borski shrimp, EP bait fish, schminow, or bead chain Clouser, weighted flies are harder to throw and if you hit your rod it will most likely snap it. I think Redfish are the more difficult of the inshore species to master I'd start with trout and hone your skills targeting pot holes, then move to casting structure, and finally open flats for Reds. Good luck and welcome to the fold.
  2. mxbeebop

    Jungle Tarpon - You Don't Wanna Miss This

    That Tarpon never took its eye of that bait even flying in the air.
  3. mxbeebop

    South Shore Woes

    So your the guy! Gratz
  4. mxbeebop

    Huge Ami Poon

    Sweet man! That was a great bite I was on the other side of the bay that day and we went 2 for 3. That storm was a monster!
  5. mxbeebop

    Big Snook On Mono? Yup!

    Nice job man! Flouro will increase your percentages during the day in clear water, but it ain't magic.
  6. mxbeebop

    Jungle Tarpon - You Don't Wanna Miss This

    That is [email protected]#$ when that fish comes out of the water after that bait fish.
  7. mxbeebop

    Fishing Face Shields

    I like the Skinny water culture, the material is soft and it forms to your face.
  8. mxbeebop

    Public Service Announcement

    I'd fight that on principle alone!
  9. mxbeebop

    Big Poon

    Dude I still can't get over how a fish that big does a 180 degree turn, going flat out in a Millisecond and jumps 10 feet in the Air going the other way! My mind couldn't process the information fast enough to bow and when the leader popped I almost went over the side! Fun Fun fun!
  10. mxbeebop

    Cr Cobia

    Nice dude!
  11. mxbeebop

    Big Poon

    You know you really get to know a person watching them sweating bullets for over an hour, lol Great time Phil can't wait til next time! This fish was just one mean hombre, Phil really busted his @#$# to break her spirit and we got a good release.
  12. mxbeebop

    Big Poon

    Hell Yes man anytime!
  13. mxbeebop

    Tarpon Time

    FYI- There is a Jet Ski bash around the sky way Ft Desoto area this weekend so bring a box of sinkers if you plan to fish the beach.
  14. mxbeebop

    Tarpon Time

    The power is so off the chain, the difference between the largest Redfish you'll ever catch and a 100 Lb Tarpon is the difference between a VW bug and a Top fuel Dragster. When a big Tarpon feels the hook in shallow water all hell breaks loose. Jumping, gill rattling and putting distance between you and your skiff at an alarming rate is angling Nirvana, pure and simple. There is just nothing like it on earth and you really cant explain it to someone, they have to live it themselves.
  15. Nice Red man! I cant fish with a wet butt, I just can't do it.
  16. mxbeebop

    Tarpon Time

    Had a good set along the beach Yesterday. It felt great to put one in the air, after a long winter you forget just how Bad @#$% tarpon are. Its going to heat up the closer we get to that new moon on Monday.
  17. mxbeebop

    Finally A Topwater Eat From A Red!

    Nice bro! Were you using a mono leader?
  18. mxbeebop

    New Pb Snook!

    Nice Fish and on an artificial great job.
  19. mxbeebop

    Breaking In Banshee, But Want Some Poon!

    Lots of great responses and info. On the beaches North of Egmont, I start to see North bound fish after the new moon in June and the Full moon in July. Those North bound fish are post spawn and hungry. It takes many days on the water to have some understanding of beach Tarpon, and I doubt anybody really has them figured out they are quit unpredictable most of the time. I do find more movement right before and after tidal changes. The most important thing IMO, is patience. Post up on likely feeding lanes and wait, they come in waves and the tide and boating pressure play a big part in it. When you see other anglers packing it in, Wait, anxious to try another spot wait, windy wait, they will come. I wouldn't be afraid to fish tight to the beach 5-8 FT with that skiff too, your footprint will let you fish some shallower fish and IMO fish tight to the beach are there to eat.
  20. mxbeebop

    Using The Super Fluke Properly

    Plastic crabs or the Berkley peeler rigged weedless work pretty good too. You can keep em in the strike zone and they skip real good.
  21. mxbeebop

    Never Understood This About Tampa Bay

    Beats me perhaps NOAA just don't want to precede a high with a high or its a low for most in the Northern hemisphere and our actual water flow is a anomaly? You also need a graph to see that 3:00 PM or so is the time to hit the water not 12:42 PM.
  22. mxbeebop

    The Silver King

    GL man Ill be rolling around beach side myself Friday. The water dipped a few degrees with this last front so I think its put them off a week or two I hope its a week and they show up Friday.
  23. That is Awesome. Funny Chris, hey man you go to use folding money not a Credit Card, dang how long you been married anyway? lol