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    New Whip

    Nice clean fishing machine. Hey wheres that Push Pole!
  2. Saw no signs along the beach this weekend, but the clarity was terrible. Plenty of crabs though one of the best runs I've seen around Tera Verde.
  3. You gots to Tarpon fish with a girl first, I ain't that easy!
  4. Amen man, The beach was blown out Zero poons, so I threw some flies at a few Tarpon Key Reds. Those fish are battered, beaten, and locked up, I'll buy someone a cheese burger if you can catch one on a Fly.
  5. I don't know the Crazy Train sound track made me want to start a mosh pit in my office. I'd love to bring my skiff up for a week but that's a lot of brown water to figure out? After this Poon migration I'm going to do what it takes between Aug and Oct to get a big breeder Red on fly, the Lagoon, Tarpon Key, LA whatever it takes!
  6. I bet the Fall spawn is off the chain up there. That may be the time to go?
  7. Ill say it again when are we going?
  8. Take both Pills with a pint of Guinness! I tend to use indicators more then historical data to find inshore fish. I do keep a journal for Tarpon and find it invaluable. With Tarpon being so moon and tide phase oriented a journal can make or break a season and you can schedule your days off based on your journal for the following year.
  9. Thanks for the video! The Poon energy is building, local fish are chewing in the back country, fish are being jumped on the bridges, activity on the beaches. After this weather rolls through It'll be on!
  10. I'm good with no handles, the handles are actually a pain in the @#%$# for a Fly angler. The first thing you should do with a Yeti is take off the rope handles and turn the straps around. From the looks of those straps I think you can turn them. Is that the case? The cooler looks similar to other Chinese made coolers IMO, the OP's cooler is different then the one on their website so I think its an import. Nothing wrong with that in fact I'd like to acquire one for a little Boom Box project I've been toying with. I look forward to hearing your report. Welcome to TOF
  11. Man you guys really cowboyed up. What about a bait tank or pen for next year so you guys can sleep a couple of hours?
  12. mxbeebop


    LOL, Soon? that things probably sitting in the living room getting rigged as we speak!
  13. Choking? Maybe you guys stumbled across some weird Snook fetish club?
  14. Tell me about it, I think I paid $610 for the exam and the glasses. I do think it is worth it, I spend a tremendous amount of time sight fishing. I'd really consider the P's having bought the Glass. These lens seem heavier then my non-prescriptions and you need to wear them daily for your eyes to adjust to the prescription. The weight might trump the extra bit of clarity of the glass, my understanding was the cost was about the same. I got the Man O War frames and cant say enough about them.
  15. mxbeebop


    Nice man! slime it up.
  16. Nice Fish man!! Looks like the Trolling motor Gizmo worked out alright.
  17. I have a set of Green/Amber 580G's and just purchased a new pair of prescription Green/Amber 580G's, man did that break the bank. FYI you can use your medical reimbursement account to buy them. Anyways I was fooling around with my rose colored Maui's in the morning and I could see better early on. I gave Costa a ring and the Green/Amber 580G actually blocks a lot of light and they recommend gray or even yellow for lower light. I think this might help a bunch for tarpon season they are hard to spot in early to mid morning light in those water depths 5-10 feet or so, if I could get a hour or so of better site casting time it'd be worth the dough, especially with the short window you have before the jet skiers roll out of bed.
  18. I won't leave the dock without my 580's I even carry a backup pair, I was hunting for a yellow lens for low light levels. Has anyone tried the yellow polarized lens?
  19. I think this place is legit I've bought fly rods and simms gear from them in the past no problems. But use your own judgement, I know you need some new shades to match that new skiff man.
  20. Saw this bouncing around the web today. http://www.steepandcheap.com/gear-cache/just-in-new-costa-sunglasses
  21. Well done man and thank you, its nice to get some Intel this wind has made scouting tough. Your dead on about fighting a tarpon if your worried about breaking one off your not fighting it hard enough.
  22. Rooster I'm with ya, if I cant sight fish with my Fly rod I don't have much fun. Which is one reason I love Tarpon season so much I get to extend my sight fishing thru till August and if I cant get on the Poons there is always some Snook in the surf around that time.
  23. I find that to be true as well, I think its the pressure and water clarity I can't see them at the distances I can in winter.
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