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  1. mxbeebop

    My New Banshee!

    Nice dude, Now don't lie did you sleep in it the first night?
  2. mxbeebop

    How Many Casts Does It Take You?

    lol, when are we going, I'll chip in for gas? TB reds are basically bone fish jacked up on Meth.
  3. mxbeebop

    Super Stoked!

    Nice DIY that will work nicely. I run a similar concoction on my skiff during the beach tarpon run, It works great and it moves out pretty good with a 55 Lb, more then enough. Hadn't even though about using it near the bridges.
  4. mxbeebop

    Tarpon Gear

    With all do respect, IMO you need to put heat on a big Tarpon. Nothing will stop that first 100+ yard run, I cant see you gaining line back with that reel and no power to run her down. letting it drag you around for an extended period of time might kill it from exhaustion or it may pull you in deeper water where you will never get her up and it may get eaten by a Shark. If your going to use that size reel for big fish be aware of the length of the fight and break her off if you cant leader her fast enough.
  5. mxbeebop

    This Will Be Fun

    My wife took the Fly fishing 101 class at Flint Creek this weekend, good class for $25, most people I saw left with a fishable cast. One thing to consider is over lining your rod my wife was able to load my mangrove with a 9WT redfish taper much easier. The Ladies I saw had a better cast then a lot of the men, guys tend to over macho the cast.
  6. mxbeebop

    Another Awesome Day!

    Tight Work!
  7. mxbeebop

    Tarpon Gear

    X2 you need more capacity 300+Yds and at least 20lbs of drag.
  8. mxbeebop

    Fly Fishing Film Tour

    Whose going to the Tampa Pitcher Show or barfly tonight?
  9. mxbeebop

    Poon Lures

    Embrace the power of the dark side, Tarpon are just so awesome on a fly rod.
  10. mxbeebop

    Poon Lures

    For big fish in the bay a trolling model DOA Bait buster in natural color is hard to beat. A steady retrieve works best for me and I have jumped fish slow trolling it. On the beach a Fly is best but I've jumped them with DOA shrimp or the XD mirrodine, something you can lead them with and keep it in the strike zone.
  11. mxbeebop

    Fly Fishing Film Tour

    Great Cya tonight!
  12. mxbeebop

    Tampa Bay 4-5

    Sight fishing for Red Fish has been off the chain in Tampa bay we had some epic eats. I'm finding fish on the deeper grass edges with strong current flow. Fish are primarily keyed in on whitebait we used chartreuse paddle tails and chartreuse bait fish flies with success. The fish are spooky right now with all the pressure. Finding happy fish was the key, if they weren't moving and prowling I moved on and I stepped down to a 10lb tippet. I did manage to fall of the platform for the second time this year, actually it was more of a controlled crash, my original trajectory was a face plant into the CC so I bailed off, it was hot so it felt pretty good anyway.
  13. mxbeebop

    Tampa Bay 4-5

    Lol, Yeah man, I threw it clear of the carnage this time, it was top priority, man I love sealed drags!
  14. mxbeebop

    First Poon Night Fishing

  15. mxbeebop

    D.o.a. Cal Jigs

    I wouldn't use a float in shallow water unless you were targeting Trout over grass bottom, they tend to spook reds and snook. GL
  16. mxbeebop

    Slayed The Redfish

    Nice fish
  17. mxbeebop

    Drunken Feather At Barfly Safety Harbor Winner!

    Phil, I'm going to hold you to that man! Thx for heads up I'll be there.
  18. mxbeebop

    Best Soft Plastics

    A Puffer could take the tail off a cheetah at full sprint, those little dudes got game!
  19. mxbeebop

    Drunken Feather At Barfly Safety Harbor Winner!

    Ron Your stuff has inspired me, Nice Job buddy. I'm headed over next time to root for our TOF golden boys and drink some beers come hell or high water!
  20. mxbeebop

    Show off your flys and tips (official thread)

    This Fly has caught a few Red Fish for me lately. In this latest revision, I've been using a tungsten dumbbell, anybody else using tungsten eyes? I've found I can step down a size or so, tungsten supposed to be 2X the density of lead (don't quote me on this, my mind is not always where its supposed to be).
  21. mxbeebop

    Utb 3-29

    Post Cold front, windy, and cold. I thought this Sunday might be a scratch, Wrong. My Wife landed another Pig on a Chartreuse paddle tail and I had luck with the buggy whip, tossing my favorite Green weighted toad. Early morning a large school of breeders were busting some white bait a long a mud drop off, my wife made a sweet cast and we landed this large Red very fun on 8lb mono(might be time to step that up). I wasn't having much luck with a bait fish pattern and switched back to a bottom fly and had some fun, I spotted this fish about 40 feet out moving across the bow of the boat, he was using the lanes between the grass as a highway, I tossed my fly 10Ft ahead of him in the lane, twitch, hes on it, teased him a bit, game on. Great day seems the spring madness is going to trump any wind or front at least for a bit.
  22. mxbeebop

    Marlin Fishing Off The Beach

    Man that is cool!
  23. mxbeebop

    Utb 3-29

    Dude I'm going to kill you, lol
  24. mxbeebop

    100% Dedication

    Rooster, keep at and remember, chicks dig bikes. I used to hang my spinning gear up on lovely wooden pegs, so proud I was. Now there stuffed behind the water heater to make room for my growing collection of Fly gear.
  25. mxbeebop


    Yup I'll be keeping an eye out for them this weekend, Thanks for the report Falcon