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    Points, Pockets And Passes

    Mullet fisherman have gotten into the practice of creating a mud net similar to what dolphins do, by doing donuts around the schools I hope this practice is not happening in the bay.
  2. mxbeebop

    A Decent Short Trip 3/16/15

    Tight work man, the Fly looks very good.
  3. Welcome, good advice as always. I'd add, start on the outside flats with artificials that throw a long distance like a spoon or small soft plastic and light line. Cover as much ground as possible and stay away from other humans. Take some notes until you figure out the patterns.
  4. mxbeebop

    Tampa Slobs

    There are some absolute beasts rolling around in the bay. I'm seeing Redfish on just about every flat in the bay right now with plenty of snook mixed in, get out there and catch a few. This fish was a hell of a scrap on 8 pound mono.
  5. mxbeebop

    After Work Dock Snookin

    Its getting real hard to show up to work everyday, thanks Ron!
  6. mxbeebop

    Tampa Slobs

    Upper bay~ North, the pattern has changed, the fish are schooling out front in spring mode, they will be feeding on bait fish and finger mullet more so I'm finding them on deeper grass edges or shadowing the mullet schools. Good Luck
  7. mxbeebop


    Sweet job dude, nice to see the poons eating.
  8. mxbeebop

    It's Almost Here!

    Dude when he jumps that back country fish and it swims towards the boat, that is just awesome.
  9. Your not alone at least twice a year I wind up pushing and cursing my way off of some stingray, no-see-um infested flat its part of the game.
  10. mxbeebop

    31.25" Stud In Super Skinny Again

    Now that is a pig, tight work!
  11. mxbeebop

    It's Almost Here!

    Man I'm jonesing for some poonage I was testing flies in the pool last night for gods sake! One of the best things on earth is to be posted up on a line and casting to a string of fish.
  12. mxbeebop

    3-8-15 Utb

    Phil~ I keep a pair of waders on my skiff and your right they can be affective. In this case it was a large school and in my experience large schools tend to spook easier versus small groups of fish, so we posted up and waited for them to come to us, we jumped several on jigs 20 ft from the skiff so I think they were game, it was I hate to say, user error. I'd blame it on my wife but she reads the forum, lol
  13. mxbeebop

    3-8-15 Utb

    Spring is in the air, my allergies can attest to that, but id rather sneeze and catch big reds then breath and not . Upper slot reds are starting to school up and feed heavy out front. Had a rough start to the morning with a strong NE wind, we had almost giving up and starting breaking out the IPA's when the wind laid down around 1 PM, the incoming was late due to the wind, perfect timing and the fish turned on. We had a fun time and put a lot of lures in front of a lot of upper slot fish, caught some, lost a few donkeys and nada on the fly could have been the IPA's.
  14. mxbeebop

    It's Almost Here!

    Awesome, this video always gets me pumped for the season. https://vimeo.com/27267942
  15. mxbeebop

    New Member

  16. mxbeebop

    Show off your flys and tips (official thread)

    Getting loaded for Poons.
  17. mxbeebop

    Big Money Rods.....

    I agree the BVK is a great rod and light weight, they may have traded some backbone for that weight though?
  18. mxbeebop

    Lmr Yesterday 2-16-15

    Good call Josh I think it is a common misconception, especially amongst the northern traveling fly angler that red fish are easy, maybe in Louisiana, come to Tampa Bay thinking that and you will get worked by our fish they are heavily pressured and far from stupid.
  19. mxbeebop

    Big Money Rods.....

    IMO the technology in a $250 TFO is very close to say a Sage, its that last little bit of tech to get higher Modulus and squeeze out that extra couple ounces that you are paying for, and the fit and finish of an American made rod. A rods performance is so subjective that it really comes down to individual interpretation and how people want to spend their resources, higher tech doesn't always translate into a great rod for someone, but sometimes it does and if it does, is it worth the money? For me it is, especially my 8Wt which I use constantly, I like my Mangrove it has served me well through 2-3 month long warranty claims at Sage, but my sage casts better for me, it just throws tighter loops, and it weighs less so I can throw it longer. On days when I'm casting a lot there is a point where my cast gos to #$^% from fatigue this happens much later with the Sage. Now Tarpon Rods I can't see spending $800 plus dollars on a rod I use 3 months out of the year that may get shattered into a million pieces, and 12wt's all cast like broomsticks anyway.
  20. mxbeebop

    Redfishing Video In The Gheenoe

    Nice work dude!
  21. mxbeebop

    Utb 2/7 And Anclote 2/8

    Oh God yes, the river was like a parade route up to ALT 19, but theres Tarpon in them there hills so I'm headed back far up the river this weekend. The fish were skinny so I was able to get on them before they got preasured.
  22. UTB was tough Saturday I managed one nice red and a dink Snook on Fly, Snook caught on a clouser and the red was caught on a Green mini-Merkin. UTB was loaded with anglers, a school I had been working exclusively finally got sniffed out and I had to move up N and find some new fish. I don't know if there were fish on the popular flats the spots I was in had very few fish out front. Good Redfish bite this Sunday at Anclote, my wife caught several redfish on Doa Cal's, Penny and Chartreus. Fish were holding 1-2 feet of water at low tide in the pot holes and mixed in with some fairly sizable trout. As the tide came up they pushed up on the warm shore lines following the mullet schools, we worked the grass edges near shore. There was some whitebait on the flats, so we had to swim our cals to get strikes.
  23. mxbeebop

    Leader Formulas

    Been a little slow in the fly section, what kind of leaders are you throwing? My Recipe for winter: Butt Section: 4' 40lb SA Fluorocarbon Mid Section 1: 2' 30lb SA Fluorocarbon Mid Section 2: 2" 20lb SA Fluorocarbon Tippet: 18-24" 14lb SA Fluorocarbon Around structure or when there are snook around I add a 20lb shock tippet Knots: All Blood Knots except for the fly line to leader, I use a perfection loop and tippet to fly, I use a Canoe man knot
  24. mxbeebop

    2015 Pro Redfish Series: Round 1

    Nice work, thank the gods no one was hurt, be safe out there everyone.