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  1. mxbeebop

    Intresting Quote

    I saw this quote by Bob LeMay it just says it all. "Put simply, if you take up fly fishing it will be like learning to fish all over again.. When the conditions are right and the fish are shallow it will beat other methods (if you have the skill...), when the conditions are wrong it can be an exercise in frustration. Many take up the fly rod and quickly put it down. A few will find it's all they want to do as long as they live."
  2. mxbeebop

    Pasco 2/3

    Nice work!
  3. mxbeebop

    Tampa Bay 1-31

    Learn something everyday. Thx
  4. mxbeebop

    Tampa Bay 1-31

    My wife and I caught the incoming tide Saturday, the Redfish bite was excellent. In spite of a howling East wind we caught a ton of fish and even got a double. Fish were active and schooled up in large numbers. We caught them on the drop offs at low tide, the schools stayed together and we rode them up the flat till they spread out. Fish were caught in penny DOA cals drug slow on the bottom.
  5. mxbeebop

    Tampa Bay 1-31

    I use the CAL jig head it has kind of a blunt nose and when you drag it, it kind of digs in nose first and the tail flutters, looks like a shrimp trying to burrow in. Yes on the mullet the dinks were swimming with them but the larger fish were schooled up in proximity.
  6. mxbeebop

    Leader Formulas

    Oh yeah man, it almost feels spring loaded when you bend it.
  7. mxbeebop

    Leader Formulas

    I think any brand material will do the trick as long as the segments are of similar flexibility. I will say that the SA tippet material feels like it wants to be straight.(this is not a ref. to 4th ST)
  8. mxbeebop

    Leader Formulas

    I have a hard time turning over weighted crab patterns without a taper. Would I go out of the way to buy all that material if I didn't already have it for tarpon leaders, probably not. I'd probably run 40#/20#, I like the butt section diameter to be close to the fly line diameter in any case.
  9. mxbeebop

    Tampa Bay 1-31

    Thx guys, no fly casting this week the wife doesn't like feathered hooks flying past her face(I cast from the platform). I have no doubt I would have boated a few on fly these fish think its spring, they were jumping anything that moved.
  10. mxbeebop

    Be Careful Where You Fish!

    Yeah be careful there and be wary of cops that attempt to pat you down, especially if they are with an Indian, a biker or construction worker.
  11. mxbeebop

    What Is This Plug?

    Adjusted for inflation that lure would have cost $29 today!
  12. mxbeebop

    Paddletail Or Shad Tail Jigs

    DOA Cals are my go to in penny, chartreuse, and root beer. The paddle soft plastic is the most versatile lure you can throw IMO. You can swim it like a bait fish, pop it for a shrimp, and stick a 3/8oz jig head on it and drag it like a crab. I find them more aerodynamic then other soft plastics and use them as a search bait.
  13. mxbeebop

    Bill Jackson's Lessons

    I will second that, Barfly has some great Fish Tacos.
  14. mxbeebop

    One Mean Fly Machine! (And Report)

    Looks good, nice DIY
  15. mxbeebop

    Rip - She Gone!

    An excuse to buy a new NMZ, ah you poor man. That boat did have some serious Mojo Hey maybe its last act was to send that car on its way, if they would have stopped it may have really cost you. What you saved in insurance premiums will more then pay for the new boat, hey that's not a bad sales pitch for the wife.
  16. mxbeebop

    Switching It Up

    lol, I hope he chewed it before he peed on it not the other way round.
  17. mxbeebop

    Pretarpon Fix

    Thanks for the invite man, but duty calls and I'm on-call this week. You guys enjoy yourselves I've been following the thread and it looks like a good group.
  18. mxbeebop

    Pretarpon Fix

    I've found this show helps fill the empty Poon void in my soul, check it out. Come on spring! http://www.silverkingstv.com/
  19. mxbeebop

    Not So "fly" Flyfishing.. Opinions?

    It's a steep learning curve, but something you will take immense pride in.
  20. mxbeebop

    Happy Redfish

    The bite was excellent this Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised after that front came through. Caught on little weighted chartreuse toads. I missed a pig that burnt my stripping hand, I felt like such a wuss. Oh well it wouldn't be any fun if we won every time.
  21. mxbeebop

    New 11Wt Setup

    Just picked up a new Colton 10/12 terrapin reel and a leviathan XS 11wt rod. The Rod is typical quality for a Korean make like TFO, I'd give TFO a small edge on fit and finish. Its a fast rod like BVK or an Xi3 with back bone similar to the sage if not stouter. The reel is very nice, its American made, has a serviceable sealed drag that you can disassemble with a provided tool and a serious drag. I bought the whole rig for $500.
  22. mxbeebop

    Mean And Inhuman Act

    Why? WTH A pelican is one bad#$% bird you stick one in a phone booth full of Ospreys, you're going to have some dead ospreys, respect the pelican!
  23. mxbeebop

    Tarpon In January?

    Ron ties some of the best flies I've seen, nice winter Poon!
  24. mxbeebop

    Backwater Snook 1/11/2015

    Great Job, as others have said its just been an awesome bite for 2-3 weeks now.
  25. mxbeebop

    What To Do

    Don't trade your 12wt for a noise maker (this is a joke) and I'll make it even harder on you by offering to put you on some fish this year!