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  1. Do yourself a favor and post up in the channel well before the flotilla gets there, the law has been getting real picky about where you can anchor up and the spots go fast. I like to get to the channel around 10AM and avoid the flotilla at all costs, after the bead throwing orgy I head up to Ricks on the river until LEO clears out. PS If your wife is going with you, take sunglasses so you wont get busted.
  2. I have the Micro on my skiff and use a 4 foot stake, it is enough for most flats I fish and the push pole clears it. Now from my poling platform you cant reach down to push in a 4 Ft stake manually so this is the main benefit of the system for me, I can run a small stake that wont contact my Push Pole and engage it without taking my eyes off of fish.
  3. mxbeebop

    Mullet Flies

    I need a good mullet pattern/recipe to tie, help a guy out.
  4. Preferred braid weight to leader weight: Open flats 5#-8#PP/15# Flouro, Structure 15#PP/20-30# Flouro Preferred reel size: 3000 Preferred rod length and strength: 7' 6" M/Fast Preferred leader to line knot: Double Surgeons, I double the braid when using 5# or 8# braid Preferred lure to leader knot: Canoeman loop
  5. I think the major solunar period is when the moon has the greatest gravitational affect on your location and other contributing factors can trump it like atmospheric pressure or fish feeding heavy at night during a full moon. Personally I have never found it much use to be honest, I'm sure there is something to it, but I generally use the tidal phase and time of year to locate fish and find barometric pressure, a full moon, or angler pressure to have more affect on the bite.
  6. Cobia because I have yet to land one inshore. Tarpon because chasing them may just get me fired or divorced.
  7. That's a pro right there now, the look of confidence.
  8. Great Jason, I cant remember my first redfish, but I remember the number of clouds in the sky the day I caught my first on fly, primarily because of all the frustration that preceded it, like learning line management, tactics, and how to make a descent cast (still marginal). I used to think a fly rod was some problem that I needed to overcome so I could use it with tactics I developed spin casting. What I found was, it is a different tool that needs different tactics and has advantages that can be maximized. Its strengths are presenting a light lure with minimal disturbance so positioning the skiff, stealth, and learning new tactics to optimize its strengths made the difference for me. As Phil mentioned the back cast is critical I found practicing in the yard making backward casts helped me and minimal false casts are important, keeping the line in the air only leads to bad things. I didn't figure out any of this until I started leaving my spin rod at home about a year or so ago. I will bring it on occasion if I'm learning a new location or my wife comes, she doesn't like hooks zipping past her face, but I just cant get the same satisfaction from a spin rod anymore, I'd rather get skunked fly fishing and that's good because it happens more often.
  9. Good video, I use Google Earth before and after every trip, I like to mark the swash channels, cuts, holes, etc I find with the placemarkers and I use the path tool to indicate how the water moves in and out of a flat.
  10. As mike mentioned a front this cold will trigger a change in pattern especially with Snook, I doubt we will see them out on the flats and sardines will become scarce, time for dark colors, a slow retrieve, fishing late, and sun warmed muddy shores, my favorite time of year truth be told. I agree 2 days is a good number, a more precise way is to watch for the barometer to start trending down, its been trending up since mid Monday and still going.
  11. Good post. A big jack is one formidible SOB, I had one almost spool my 8WT before we could run him down with the skiff. Great time.
  12. Nice Red, you fish when you can, if I fished optimal conditions I wouldn't have a job.
  13. I agree, the fish are alot less weary in the backcountry, out on a flat their primary alert systems, the lateral line and sight are on high, out back there are fewer dolphins, Osprey, Pelicans, and plenty of cover.
  14. Phil, What line did you go with?
  15. Robbie, I don't know if you are aware but the vanquish is discontinued and on sale everywhere.
  16. Tight work, I ventured out myself yesterday and the wind was brutal.
  17. The fact that there were kids limits your response, but generally speaking I let people know when there doing something stupid, most of the time they just don't know. On a busy day I will have one or 2 Googans roll up on me, they use the guys on poling platforms to locate fish.
  18. I suspect Osprey's are primarily white underneath for a reason, and wading birds on the flats tend to be blueish or white.
  19. Gratz. Better then me, the first thing I caught was my face.
  20. mxbeebop


    The last time I was broken into they used a screw driver to pop the lock at CCC, the damn lock cost more to repair then the 9MM they stole. I actually got the firearm back it was used in a robbery years later and confiscated. These vile creatons are not intereted in stealing your vehicle, they mainly want your gun or electronics. So I no longer lock the door or keep anything of value in the truck.
  21. Great I'll come have a look. They have 4 colors available Dec 1 I'd wait till that time.
  22. Anyone have any experience with Galvan? I'm in the market for a 12WT reel, $500 is a very good price for an american made 12WT reel.
  23. mxbeebop


    Sorry Pam, I really hate thieves I've had my fair share of boat launch robberies over the years and feel for ya. Watch out for Identity theft and make sure your tag is yours, thieves will take your tag and reg, then put it on a similar stolen car.
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