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  1. Just a headsup a few cars got there windows broken out at 4th ST, west side this week. oops I see Pam posted it already well it cant hurt.
  2. If your charter is to protect fish and game then the estuaries of Tampa Bay and the like are the well spring of juvinile fish and should be priority one, IMO. I found 2 gill nets up there last year, I reported both, and they were filled with juvi reds. When I fish the beach during Tarpon season I see the Coast Guard, Pinellas County Sheriff, various cities, Marine Patrol, Homeland Security, US Customs, and FWC. I think those entities can handle the coast enough to put a fulltime FWC agent in UTB. Not a reflection on the officers, their fine people I just think it is mismanaged at the top.
  3. Pathfinder 2200. Priority 1 clean well maintained hull (look in the bilge). Priority 2 4-cycle or a BRP (fuel savings). Priority 3 T-Top if wanted (let some other dude flip the bill these are not cheap)
  4. Sweet! I have really become a Sage fanboy after getting an 8WT Xi3 on closeout last month, awesome rods. Give us some feedback after you get that pretty cork funked up.
  5. On weekdays or Oct-May I don't see them, I've actually made several calls in the last year, On those instances they showed up 2 hours after the call and in a truck, no arrests were made. I appreciate what they do, but IMO FWC has become just another police force and fisheries protection has taken a backseat. There can be enough water to run an outboard during the right tide sure, but what about when there is not? A NMZ is there to protect the flat through the tidal phase and I think there is suffecient precedent to warrant a NMZ across UTB they do it at Weedon and Cypress. For selfesh reasons, fishing would be alot better without boats and jet skiers blasting through the redfish schools, I'd rather push pole 400 yards and find willing fish then push 50 and find scattered spooked out fish, you might get um chummed up with livies, but I don't do that kind of angling.
  6. I fish UTB frequently and the place is pretty much lawless. I mean has anyone ever even seen a FWC officer North of CCC? Secondly the flats N of the CCC IMO should all be no motor zones Period, baring a entry into Rock Creek. Sorry for the rant getting tired of seeing people tearing up turtle grass and poaching, its ruining a prime estuary.
  7. X2 I've thrown Merkin Crabs the last 2 outings with increasing success.
  8. Good job on that Lamsom, great reel for the money.
  9. If you're paying the usage fee launch at the ramp I don't care. Are you paying the launch fee? If I'am paying and you're not then blocking the ramp thats uncool.
  10. I got better casting, tossing to bass in my local ponds. learning on the water can be tough.
  11. Can't wait besides beach tarpon time fall/winter sight fishing is the best.
  12. Feeding patterns are complex, but as a rough guideline: hot, fish early or at night, cold fish late. Tide stage is more relevant to your tactics then the bite, if there is moving water their biting somewhere.Snook are efficient ambushers, put yourself in their shoes and think about how the water moves. look for areas were they can stage in low current and jet out to snatch prey moved by higher current. IMO spend $20 on soft plastics, a light and dark color, and some jig heads. Spend the rest on waders or get a used Kayak.As Mike and Derrick have noted a journal will help a beginner immensely, I think of angling as an equation, you need data and methods to solve it, a journal is a good way to acquire this information. For me luck has nothing to do with it, bad day, I didn't have the right answer.
  13. Awesome, yeah shes a bit over dressed but its a cool pic.
  14. I Would turn it around, cut the front tubes down and mount the rear to the transom. Should move it back and curve the platform forward for weight transfer. Its pretty tall there may be enough material there to bend the tube and weld on a new base. If it can't be done something like on the caimen, but with a rear transom mount.
  15. My wife has the Salt Life glasses and she wound up buying a pair of 580G's, she just wasn't seeing the Tarpon well enough. Their pretty good IMO in low light, but late morning-mid day the 580's are hard to beat.Check this podcast out, its very interesting, everything you need to know about polarized glasses, Costa actually has a patent on the filtration of certain light waves.http://www.itinerantangler.com/blog/podcasts/2013/02/05/podcast-sunglass-101-with-ed-moody/
  16. Oh yeah, and about the time the water clears so do the nut jobs on jet skis. Water is very low on O2 right now I released what I though was a pretty well recovered Red Sat, only to see him a min later floating tail down. I jumped in to grab him and the SOB sped off! Me jumping in must have been enough to jump start his nervous system.
  17. That is great man nice job. God I hate work.
  18. Good call, you're right I just bought some online, I've never seen it in stores around here. Might have to double the line twice for the leader connection, but it should chuck a top water a country mile. Hell if Stu Apte can catch a 82Lb Tarpon on 6lb tippet I can catch a 30" red on 5lb braid? Thx
  19. Arti,I think its about 4 lbs if i remember. If your interested I can weigh it and take a few pics for ya.Thanks
  20. I like 8# Moss PP and 16-20 lb SA Fluorocarbon tippet material for my leaders (this stuff is awesome I use it for fly and spin its on a cool tangle free spool with a cutter), If they made PP in #6 I'd fish it, you cant get enough distance IMO and I like to fish a 1/16 jig head or a small buck tail a lot.For structure I have a Shimano 50B with 15Lb Mono.
  21. Gloomis GL11412 18' Graphite Push Pole $150 great shape I bought it brand new last year it was on display a Bill Jackson's.I'm in Tampa
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