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  1. I'm seeing plenty of fish from my platform in their normal haunts, but they are lathargic most likely due to the number of cold fronts weve had the lasf few weeks. Equalize your swimbladder on your own time mr Red I want to catch you!


    In addition they just may not be in your area get out the old gold spoon and do some casting.

  2. He'd have to get past the manatees first.


    Youtube makes it tough to use decent music these days.  You get copyright warnings even using music you purchase and download.  Will put more effort into it next time though, promiI


    The video is great man. Isn't this your first year with a Fly rod? You sure are pulling it all together this month. Will you ever go back to spin gear or are you hooked for life?

  3. I switch to mono on my spin reels for winter reds. I use the 8lb spider wire, double surgeon, to 15lb flouro. Mainly because I'm cheap and they need to be reloaded by the end of summer. That being said I think I get more strikes, this could all be a fabrication of my mind, but I think it's clear, floats, and is less apt to spook fish if you line one.

  4. Uber has won several court cases based on the definition of a taxi service, judges found they were not taxi services as defined by the law and exempt from regulation. This might fall under similar scrutiny i.e. what is a "charter" and does coastalyfe fall under that definition and regulation.


    I'd like to see them succeed to be honest. I don't like the government interference in the operation of private vessels in the first place. If I take a penny for gas all of a sudden I'm a charter boat captain? subjected to federal tax and government force should I chose not to comply. It just another institution of control and a sea trade tax plain and simple.

  5. I heard Lefty Kreh on Fishing Florida Radio claim it was the toughest fish he ever caught on Fly. He used 80lb Mono leader and when they jumped one he would wrap the line around the reel and pull it out with the skiff. He also said the women there were "So ugly the tide wouldn’t take them out"