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  1. alextpa

    Big Red

    Nice Red!
  2. alextpa


    Different groups on facebook, local groups.. are a couple places to check out. Old Salts does a bunch all year long. Hard Core Kayak Club runs a season series for Kayak'ers. Plus there are quite a few Charity Tourneys through out the year as well. Join a few fishing groups on FB and you'll be sure to see a few.
  3. alextpa

    Looking To Go Fishing

    Got a lot going on this year for my Wedding, but your only about an hour from me. Have no problem going out with ya every once in a while. Unfortunately I work evenings during the weekdays though so weekends are probably better. Let me know and Good Luck!
  4. alextpa

    What Will I Need?

    PFD, Whistle, Dehooker, Needlenoses, Cooler / fishbag, net (i use a foldable one on yak), and most important Sunblock. My first time out on my Yak I burnt the top of my feet.. OMG the next day of work was terrible lol. And just like a boat make sure you make a float / boat plan in case of emergency.
  5. alextpa

    Kayak Rigging For Standing In A Kayak

    I saw a video a while back of a guy that made outriggers for his yak that were able to be put in for fishing and taken out for paddleing. It was on youtube. When I get home I'll see if I can find it for ya.
  6. alextpa

    **System Maintenance Scheduled**

    I have the same issue currently.
  7. alextpa

    Fishing Apps

    I have Fishing Companion FL - Saltwater app. it is made by Verona Solutions and has the Fish pictures, limits and info about each. It updates whenever there is a change to a regulation or season. I got it on Google Play Store for free about a year ago and still use it every now and then.
  8. alextpa

    What brand and weight braid do you use

    15# Spider Yellow on 2 rods and 10# Spider Grey on my light rod. I was given the Braid by my Uncle and have been using it til its gone lol. I have only gotten a few windknots and usually on my light rod rather then my Medium and Med/Heavy.
  9. alextpa

    New GeoBass

    That was a cool video!
  10. alextpa

    Which Color for Top Water?

    I mostly throw the Spook Jr and Ba-donk-a-donkBone with red head and for some reason my Spook Jr in Neon yellow does pretty good lol.
  11. alextpa

    Islamorada - back country guide?

    I've never used them, but a friend of mine used Bud n Mary's there and enjoyed it.http://budnmarys.com/florida_fishing_charters.htmlHe did a day of Offshore and a day of Back-country there and caught some good fish.Best of luck!
  12. alextpa

    Hello from New Tampa

    @barrynflaAh cool, (well not cool that he's a patient) yea been here only a year so far and I've been really surprised myself. I'm a Vet as well but luckily (knock on wood) I haven't had to spend any nights here [email protected]! will [email protected], sucks to drive so far to fish though lol
  13. alextpa

    Hello from New Tampa

    Howdy!Name is Alex and I'm a semi new Salt water Fisherman raised Freshwater from Texas :smiley-cool Been fishing off and on for almosts 2 years now here in the Tampa Bay area so still learning the ropes on some stuff but starting to get my groove. Currently have a Sundance K16 Skiff and a couple Pelican Kayaks (13' and 10') that I fish on with the kids.Currently working nights at the VA hospital so hard to fish as much as I want to though lol.Anything else ya want to know let me!