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  1. glass half empty

    Rip Old Friend...

    Never met Terry but I got to know him through his articles. I was shocked when I read the headline in the newspaper. Fifty-five is way to young to go. The article said that he was most proud of being a dad and you could see that all over his face in the pictures with him and his family. This is one that just leaves you shaking your head. The kind of thing that makes you stop in your tracks and think deeply before getting on with the day.
  2. glass half empty

    Flies For Snook

    Hi Everyone, I'm doing some fishing from the beach next month near Englewood Florida and I'll be using an 8wt, 9ft fly rod. Can anyone recommend a fly or two that would be appropriate for snook? I'm heading to TFO tomorrow. Thank you.
  3. glass half empty

    Nice Video

    This video was amazing. Just started fly fishing and I find this very motivating. Thanks for sharing.
  4. glass half empty

    Honeymoon Island Renourishment

    Quick Observation: Every time that I go to north-most parking lot of Honeymoon island to start my walk I see lots of people fishing but no one catching. Question: Have any of the readers here heard anything about the sand re-nourishment project at Honeymoon failing? (As in washing out of its intended location). Many thanks.
  5. glass half empty

    As Far As North Pinellas ?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know if the red tide that was reported earlier this week in the Tampa Bay Times has spread to North Pinellas county? Many thanks.
  6. Does anyone know of a place in North Pinellas county that does cast net repair? I broke one of the long lines that stretches from the crown to the lead weights at the bottom. Many thanks.
  7. glass half empty

    The Angling Authority

    Love the Thurston Howell III hat in the photograph. All the fisherman I know where this hat.
  8. glass half empty

    Same Ole Snook Action

    Hey Thien, Regarding the title of your thread, there are a lot of guys looking at your pictures thinking "I would like some of that 'Same ole Snook Action.'" You obviously worked hard to develop your skill at this so good for you. Keep catching them and posting pictures so guys like me can keep pulling their jaws up off the ground.
  9. glass half empty

    Cedar Key Charter Recommendation?

    I am heading to Cedar Key in mid-May. Can anyone suggest a charter captain? I'm interested in inshore stuff like trout and redfish. Many thanks.
  10. glass half empty

    Okuma Fishing Reels

    OK, here's one. The reason that I switched off Okuma several years ago was because repair shops kept telling me that getting parts was "impossible." If I called those same shops today, what would they say?
  11. glass half empty

    Custom rod questions

    Hi SkitterWalk,A blank does not know what it will turn into and there are plenty of rod builders that build casting rods on inshore sticks and vice-verse. In other words forget about the label and find a blank that you are comfortable with.This will probably be a little more effort than you were intending but you seem like a discerning customer so you will find it to be well worth it in the long run. Take a day and travel to Mudhole in Orlando. They have thousands of blanks for you to "bend" and "wiggle." You will have no trouble finding one that you like or most fits what you feel is appropriate for that reel. You will then have the nomenclature that you can use with any custom rod builder. Or you could even buy the blank there and hand it to your custom rod builder. Ask the custom rod builder to "tape it up" before he begins work. That way you can cast it and see if it still feels as good as you remember it before he begins work. Any custom rod builder worth his salt will have no problem with this request. In fact, they should thank you for it. Have fun.
  12. glass half empty

    Sunset Beach Near Tarpon

    Can anybody tell me what time Sunset Beach near Tarpon springs opens up? Any issues fishing there?Many thanks.