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  1. Great deal but its a little far for me, good luck with the sale.
  2. redfish303


    i have let my tomatoes go because they have some disease but i got a few and they might produce some more. My banana peppers are are doing amazing along with the bell. i just harvested 12 banana peppers 2 tomatoes and 1 bell.
  3. Small to medium white bait was on the beach through the week
  4. Sadly i did not catch any snook all week the only time i saw some was tonight the last night and they were not eating. I did catch a permit 3/4 the size on my hand but does that even count? maybe next time
  5. i went to dicks and bought some bucktail jigs so i hope i get a few!
  6. I am going to be staying on Anna maria beach starting this Saturday for one week and i want to fish the beach. Last year we went to the same place and one evening saw a snook pushing 35" about 3 feet from the shore but couldn't get her to bite. i was using a DOA terror eyez ( had never used one and maybe it was the wrong place?) with root beer and gold glitter. i want to catch some snook and was wondering: should my lures match the water and bottom or contrast? My personal best snook was on a pearl white gulp shrimp in the manatee river and it was 36 inches long so it seems like contrast works well. If you have a favorite lure for snook i would love to hear it! Other than snook, what else is on the beach i could catch? last year i had something chase a silver spoon that looked like a mackerel so i could try that. one last thing is should i walk down to the point to fish or is it just as good along the beach? All tips are appreciated.
  7. It was 5:30 in the morning when i got up on June 13th and i was shaking with excitement. we had planned this trip a month back and it was finally here. We met our captain at the dock at 6:45 and left by seven. After a quick stop at longboat pass we loaded up with some more bait, large thread fins. We went north up the beach because after trying to go south we quickly realized that it was to rough to fish. We headed north and found a school but they were staying pretty low in the water and with the cloud cover we couldn't see any color. We had a few chances with the school but they weren't eating. That day there were two tarpon tournaments and so we were getting over-crowded and the captain had had enough. we moved down the beach and found a smaller school but they also weren't hungry. Pretty soon those same boat from down the beach made it to us. We were being run all over by the same boat from earlier. Our captain was talking to his friend and his friend suddenly said their was one behind us. With perfect placement we hooked up! Pretty soon we were being pulled all over the beach. After an hour we got her in and released her. This was the only fish we saw caught out of a lot of boats. After fighting this monster i have a new respect for tarpon and those that fish fro them. And yes if you do watch the video that is my dad making sure the camera is working . i made a video but it is edited bad and a little out of order but it took to long to redo. Here are some pictures too. bait clip.mp4
  8. I feel that this should go in the all thing fishy area and not off topic because this issue involves all things in the ocean. I am doing a presentation in my science class and ocean acidification is the topic that i chose. I found this video while researching and thought that if people don't know what it is that it could teach them. We as individuals can't do much because it is on such a large scale but it helps to get the word out. If you don't know, Ocean Acidification (OA) is the slow decrease of pH in our oceans water due to the fact that it takes in about a quarter of the carbon that is in the atmosphere per year. This causes problems for animals that rely on shells(plankton, shrimp, coral, much more) and eventually will affect everything in the ocean.I might post my project too but probably not because it isn't as good as the video.Just thought people should know about such a big issue as it could ruin fishing and everything in the ocean if it continues with no stopping. The Video-
  9. redfish303


    Just a quick update: i have pulled out all my lettuce and most arugula due to the heat. I was able to harvest some lima beans and eat them which was a first( I liked them!). I have harvested 2 banana peppers and 3 green bell peppers. right now there are multiple more bananas growing but not ripe yet. I have a whole bunch of grape tomatoes but they aren't ripe yet but i think they are getting there. I have a single roma tomato that is steadily growing and finally after dropping loads of flowers my tasti-lee tomato has a little baby tomato on it. My carrots are getting bigger and my potatoes are too. (wow this turned out to be a "long update"). I might be setting up a drip irrigation system hooked up to the sprinklers but that depends on what the cost is to add in another zone ( lay pipes and such) if anyone knows about that please message me! also, not in the garden, my herbs in a mini earthbox are doing great. That's all for now, if u have a question just ask.
  10. redfish303


    also sorry about the far zoom i dont have my phone right now and all i could use was my go pro
  11. redfish303


    I know i have not been responding and an I am sorry but i haven't been on. Finally here are some pictures.. The bean is a Lima bean plant i am growing in a 10 inch pot. The sun flowers are dwarf teddy bear sunflowers. i have a lot of lettuce and arugula growing and a few carrots. the peppers are green bells and sweet banana peppers. also i have potatoes that didnt really grow to many leaves (and the leaves are getting eaten) but while watering the soil moved and there were some small potatoes in there. I don't know how to pollinate my tomatoes and on of the flowers is starting to die. any help here is great. this is happening on the bell pepper but i am just not pollinating right.
  12. redfish303


    BTW my potatoes are from an old bag of the small yellow potatoes (cant remember what kind) and they had some pretty big eyes. i took the ones with the three biggest eyes and planted them-within a few days they had new roots so you should be good. Good luck
  13. redfish303


    The garden is doing okay i guess. i planted stuff early becuase i really dont mind if they die in the first batch but if they dont then i have a head start. I have radishes and lettuce that are 3 weeks old. they are growing slow maybe becuase of the cold. i bought 2 banana pepper plants just because they were at walmart when i was, they are doing well. Also, i have potatoes that are doing pretty good in my oppinion. Finally i have very tiny carrots that are just now producing their first true seeds. But... my radishes first seed leaves are turning a yellowish reddish color. They are still pretty small and are just now forming their bulb. Does anyone know what is wrong? Oh and i also have some lima beans that are getting bigger, they are not in the garden i am getting them ready slowly adjusting them. I write such long things because even when i haven't done much with gardening it excites me. I will try with the pictures.
  14. redfish303


    Aquaponics would be awesome!! But... i just wanted to keep it simple because i don't have the best track record with growing but eventually that would be really cool!
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