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    Costas For Sale

    I am trying to get rid of these glasses that I bought almost 2 years ago. I have worn them maybe a dozen times, so they're basically brand new, I don't even think I've had to clean the lenses or even get them dirty. I paid 220$ for the glasses, they're the CUT frames with 580G lenses, perfect for inshore, they're great frames and the lenses are the best, I just don't wear them. I own a few pairs of Costas and I'm just getting rid of the pair I don't ever wear to make room for a pair of Smith Optics. I'm asking 140$ for them OBO. I have the hard case as well that will be included with the glasses. If interested message me on TFO or you can text me at 727-412-1641
  2. jamison sweat

    Weedon Snook

    I have a spot in Shore Acres that I push off at so I can get inside Weedon a lot quicker.
  3. jamison sweat

    Weedon Snook

    I don't post on here as much as I should but figured I would share the sick snook bite I've been on over the past 3 weeks fishing weedon island. I've been getting out on my paddleboard, mostly on the weekends, and weather hasn't been much of a problem at all. The snook have been feeding heavily the last 2 hours of incoming and the first 2 hours of outgoing, which in some cases puts me on the water around 8 and off the water before noon and I can't complain about beating the dead heat of summer. I've been throwing all Monster3x baits rigged weedless so I don't get hung up in the mangroves,and the key for me has been fishing while the water is high and the fish are pushed way up into the mangroves hiding from the heat. I'm trying to skip my bait as deep as I can fishing every pocket that has a deep cut. A lot of my fish haven't even given me a chance to work my bait when I skip it far enough into the bushes, they hit it on the drop and that sometimes can be tough bc it can feel like I'm hung up. I've been having a lot of success and some big days with a few 20+ snook days mixed in and weedon is a tough place to have success like that due to the amount of people chumming with whitebait in that area. Not to bash on people who chum (I've done it before), there is just an added dose of adrenaline trying to rip a fish thats 15 feet deep in the mangroves. Even though the snook bite has been very consistent, the redfish haven't been shy either and I've been getting some nice slot fish mixed in with all the snook, with 1 bruiser red that snapped my hook in half. I've only been catching snook and reds though and haven't caught anything else which has been nice. Most of the snook have been in the mid 20s with a some good slot fish and a few over slots mixed in but a mid 20 snook always puts up a great fight deep in the mangroves. These are just pics of the all the quality fish I've been catching at weedon. I hope this report helps anyone who fishes weedon and tight lines to everyone.
  4. jamison sweat

    What Will I Need?

    8' or 10' stake out pole, much easier to stick in the ground then dropping your anchor and picking it up all the time, especially if you hooked into a fish you need to move around for, you can install mounts on your yak, all you need is a drill, it's very easy and it will keep the pole out of the way when youre not using it. Anchor would obviously be better in deeper water. Depending on the type of yak you purchased the pole can allow you to stand and push around in shallow water. All the other info above is great too, the pole is just something i wish i purchased sooner, it's very usefull
  5. jamison sweat

    Breaking In Banshee, But Want Some Poon!

    A lot of good info from JB, I would add to the list of soft plastics the Hogy HDUV Jigging paddle tails as well. Ive caught 6 tarpon up to 150+ lbs this year on just those, I like black with purple specs and bone white with silver on a 10/0 1 oz barbarian jighead. Also I was just out at Egmont last week for the evening outgoing throwing crabs and couldn't buy a bite, schools of tarpon were surfacing everywhere busting schools of threads, so we used a sabiki and caught a few while drifting and had a fish on within minutes of putting a bait in the water. hope this helps.
  6. jamison sweat

    Margrove Snapper Spots On The West Coast

    Tierra verde residential docks. you can put in on the east side of the tierra verde bridge and paddle south to little bird key. There are a few houses there that hold big snapper right across from the island, but you can fish all the docks, they all hold fish. I've caught them all the way up to 22". Just have some heavier tackle because they hold lots of gag grouper as well. Hope this helps.
  7. jamison sweat

    Poon Lures

    I dont know anywhere in the tampa bay area that sells that barbarian jig heads. I ordered mine online, tampa fishing outfitters sells the weedless rig for the big 10" and 14" eels that some people have mentioned
  8. jamison sweat

    Poon Lures

    just jumped a poon last night on a hogy 7" swim bait in bone white. thats what I would recommend with a 1 oz 10/0 barbarian jighead. the 10" eels you're talking about work as well. Can't beat the swim baits though in my opinion, they push so much water with those huge tails.
  9. jamison sweat

    Fishing In Sanibel Island

    Sanibel Island is one of my favorite places to fish. I take day trips down all the time in the summer Blind pass is my go to, I always have 20+ snook days at the bridge fishing both white bait and artificials, I have also caught redfish at the bridge, with every fish being overslot up to 40" The bridge holds tons of bait and is really easy to catch with a cast net. My go to artificial is a rapala x-rap with a green back. The wildlife refuge is another great area, fish the culverts. I have had most success with an unfair lure rip n lash. Snook, Tarpon, and grouper (both goliath and gag) seem to be what i catch most often. Hope this helps
  10. I do a lot of fishing around heavy structure in a kayak and paddle board and an anchor helps a ton. Also, your tackle is pretty light for fishing around docks covered in oysters. I use a medium-heavy st. croix with a cabo 50 spooled with 30lb braid, I tighten the drag down too, it has a ton more back bone and can really turn heads. I also use a 40-50 lb liter depending on where I'm at, that way if a fish does get me around a pile I can pull harder without worry of breaking off.
  11. jamison sweat

    Inshore Grouper On Fire

    No keepers yet, I have hooked into some bigger fish but not on the new combo yet. I am going to try larger pins and grunts to get past some of the under slot fish
  12. jamison sweat

    Inshore Grouper On Fire

    This is my first post on TOF, I fish quite often and will hopefully continue to post more regularly on my trips. I recently have been on a pretty serious inshore grouper bite fishing some docks on my kayak. I fish these docks regularly for snapper and grouper but lately the cold fronts have really brought these fish farther inshore. I have managed 20" snapper off these docks when the weather was more consistent. Past trips I've managed to muscle most of the fish out with my Cabo50 with 20lb braid and 50lb leader on a st. croix medium heavy rod but at least two times a trip I get burned by some bigger fish. So naturally I upgraded to a cabo60 with 50lb braid and 60lb leader on a new shimano Tallus medium heavy rod, this set up is my new muscle for the combat fishing under these docks. I was able to get out Monday for a few hours with my GF and we went to our usual spot to net some pilchards and they have been hard to find due to weather but on Monday we found a big school and we black out our live well in 1 throw, which is always nice. I had 1 grunt in the mix which proved to be very useful. We got back to our typical spot and first 2 baits in the water we pulled in 2 grouper. Every bait in the water was getting nailed so I decided to use my only grunt and target a larger fish. I flipped it under the dock and it got smashed but with my new combo this fish didn't even have a chance to turn and I yanked him right out, a solid chunky gag grouper. It was our nicest fish of the day, we caught a few more close to his size but that one was definitely the biggest. We got in right before dark after catching a total of 16 gag grouper in only 2 hours of work. Pretty solid way to spend my monday. Looking forward to getting back out this weekend and find some larger fish. In the mean time, tight lines.
  13. jamison sweat

    Tarpon 130 Tandem Fishing Kayak

    I am looking to sell my tarpon 130 kayak. It's made by wilderness systems which is a very well known brand in the kayak world. This 130 is in great condition for being about 6 years old, it has been stored indoors practically the entire time I have owned it. It is a perfect kayak for fishing or family time, it has 2 flush rod holders in the back and one adjustable/removable holder in the front, along with storage areas in the front and back and 2 "dry hatches" for smaller items, although they don't exactly stay dry all the time. The kayak has 2 seats with an additional third in the middle, it can easily handle 3 people. The stability is amazing, many times I have been able to stand up and site fish while the second person pushes me around a flat, also a very manageable kayak for just one person, this 130 is extremely versatile and is a fishing machine. It will include one paddle and the removable rod holder, both of which are in great condition. I am asking $900 or OBO. looking to upgrade to do some SUP fishing.