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  1. Love the pics and report! I remember the days when I'd be able to drive a couple hours for a spontaneous fishing trip with friends. We'd stay up all night, sleep on rocks, grill up some food, and head to another spot. Gone are those days for me, but man it was fun. Sounds like you had an awesome day sight fishing poons, dude! Those mosquitos, on the other hand lol. And here I was complaining about the few bites I got last night lol
  2. Phil, thanks for answering my question!! Patience is probably one of the factors that is difficult for me to display when I'm fishing for schooling reds! It'll probably get easier the more I do this, hopefully!
  3. I've tried straight fluorocarbon when I used to fish for stripers back in California. Bass fishermen would also use this method. Honestly not the best option, as fluoro is stiff and heavy--you won't be able to cast as far and might have to deal with line memory, which could get pretty bad. I wouldn't do it again.
  4. Thanks, guys! Barry, appreciate your opinion! I've got a few 3/0 J hooks, so I wonder if that'll work?
  5. The morning started out with some action with my topwater. I'd get redfish coming out from the water to hit my lure, but they wouldn't commit. My buddy Alan, however, caught 2 reds--one undersold and one at 24 with a Zman. Low tide was at 10:15 and I knew exactly where the reds would be. We moved to the spot Alan found a couple of tailers--caught one at 26. I get to the spot and anchor up, casting to these extra spooky fish. I cast my Zman out, leading a moving wake--WHAM! Sweet hit and run! BUT...my braid breaks Must've been a knick on my braid. Cast to another fish and WHAM! It hit, but then the hook pulled. Aiming for a few tailers was nice, but I wanted the large school I've been on for the past month. I get back on my kayak and start searching intently for the school. Seeing nothing for 30 minutes, we get a bit discouraged. I suggested that we move up a few hundred yards. Alan went up ahead and started yelling. He catches a red from the school and I begin a LONG chase. Having finally caught up to the school, I hook up to a sweet red. I set that rod down and throw out my topwater to the leading fish. A few twitches and WHAM! Double hook up!! My excitement was short-lived after 30 seconds, as the fish pulled off my spook jr. It's probably about time I change out my rusted and bent hooks, huh? lol. Oh well...still had a nice red on my other rod. The rest of the morning was filled with an hour of intense overslot schooling reds action. I only caught a couple from the school because I kept trying to mess around with my topwater. The reds would also hit my plastic and constantly miss. Oh well...that's fishing. I do wonder: do reds stop to tail after pushing? In other words, do pushing reds necessarily mean tailing reds to follow? I ask because I noticed a pod of reds stopping to tail after they were pushing for a bit. I didn't wait long enough to determine whether this is a rule though. I've only ever seen reds suddenly tail...but never push and then tail. I've never waited long enough and always chased after pushing reds. I also brought my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera to take some pics. Drastic difference between that and the GoPro!! Enjoy the pics!
  6. That's sweet!! I hope one day I can take my kids out fishing!
  7. Thanks for the kind words, Freaky! I just do lots of reading and research! Phil, I use a 2/0 because the hook protrudes perfectly right before the tail starts segmenting. It's never failed me before...only now because the hook weight kept slipping down, causing my plastic to slip and making for a poor hook set. It's a new rig I'm trying--I purchased a pack of 25 worm hooks and 50 weight hooks for only $12. You can't beat $12 for 25 weighted worm hooks! Just have to crimp it on tighter next time. Oh and the flat wasn't very skinny! If I would've attempted to wade this flat, the water would've gone up to my neck!
  8. Invited some friends to fish my usual spot for schooling reds. The tide was going out until 12--it was going to be low, but not as low as I normally like it. Started out at a spot that was littered with mullet. Worked my topwater had a few reds unsuccessfully attempt to grab my lure. Over a dozen missed strikes and two pulled hooks later, I catch a decent slot trout from this spot. Moved onto my "pushing and tailing reds spot." The tide was still high, as it was only 9, but I figured there'd still be some fish at this spot. Worked the area for a good hour with nothing but catfish to show. Around 11, I started searching heavily for the school, hoping they'd show themselves. Nothing. At this point, I was getting frustrated. My buddies explored an area about 3/4 of a mile down. Around 11:30, he calls me and tells me to hurry myself over there because he saw a school of huge reds. I asked if they were pushing, but he said no. That's fine, now I know where the school is. Head to that flat and I started standing. After a few minutes, I spot the school! Casted my lure--hit! But the hook pulls. I was using a new weedless rig--2/0 worm hook with a weight hook. Apparently, the weight hook kept sliding down, making for poor hooksets! This happened about 2 more times as both my buddies proceed to pull fish from the school. Searching intently, I find a smaller school that pops up. Cast my lure and hit! After a strong fight, it turned out to be a jack My buddy Terence casts and catches a red. School pops up again, making HUGE wakes. This time, I set down my malfunctioned weedless set up and throw on a DOA shrimp. I cast, but was just a tad short of the school. I got flustered, as the school was moving towards me FAST. It makes a turn and I peddle a little faster to catch up. Cast to the lead fish from the back and WHAM! A nice upper slot fish! We continue to catch fish, as the school popped up at least a dozen times within 1.5 hours. Ended the day early with a bunch of reds between the 3 of us and a flounder and trout to take home for dinner! Gonna figure out why my tackle kept failing, as I lost way too many fish to count. Oh well...that's just the way it is. Can't complain when you're hunting schooling reds! Most fish were caught on the Zman PaddlerZ, with one caught on a DOA shrimp. Enjoy the pics!
  9. Nice! I haven't hit the lights one bit this summer--I've got to do it soon!
  10. Good stuff, man! Those are some very nice fish!
  11. Nice one brotha! That snook looks a lot bigger than 33!
  12. Nice reds! Gonna have to make a drive out there one day to get on these huge reds!
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