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  1. alan gregory

    We Have A Whole Bunch Of Winners On This Website

    Good Stuff! Congrats Jerry!
  2. alan gregory

    20141115 - When In Doubt Look About...

    Awesome photos John!
  3. alan gregory

    Grouper Fishing

    Yep knocker for livies for sure. For the same reason mentioned above, helicopter action.
  4. alan gregory

    Trash Fish

    100% agreed. That was really cool action. I just love how sloppy you can work a topwater and they still blow it up!
  5. alan gregory


    thats a gem right there!
  6. alan gregory

    Cold Day!

    Nice! Can't beat em on the fly.
  7. alan gregory

    Kayak Fishing Fever

    Awesome awesome, love seeing people become addicted to fishing.
  8. alan gregory

    Educational Video Using Google Earth

    Nice! Yes I am a good earth junkie to say the least.
  9. alan gregory

    Inshore Grouper On Fire

    Nice work! Dock fishing for grouper is one of my favorite ways to target em
  10. alan gregory

    First A Snook Then The Flounder

    Very nice! Some great eats there.
  11. Cool Cool, I always have a good time with the beach pomps and macks up that way.
  12. alan gregory

    Local Shops Rule

    Tarpon Fishing Outfitters is truly a great place to go to. Always love shootin with Capt David.
  13. alan gregory

    Got Lucky

    WTG, nice fish on fly!