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  1. Yep knocker for livies for sure. For the same reason mentioned above, helicopter action.
  2. 100% agreed. That was really cool action. I just love how sloppy you can work a topwater and they still blow it up!
  3. thats a gem right there!
  4. Nice! Can't beat em on the fly.
  5. Awesome awesome, love seeing people become addicted to fishing.
  6. Nice! Yes I am a good earth junkie to say the least.
  7. Nice work! Dock fishing for grouper is one of my favorite ways to target em
  8. Cool Cool, I always have a good time with the beach pomps and macks up that way.
  9. Tarpon Fishing Outfitters is truly a great place to go to. Always love shootin with Capt David.
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