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  1. julie jackson

    Trash Fish

    Thats a nice fight!
  2. julie jackson

    First On Fly - Red

    Nice red! First on the fly is one of the greatest feelings!
  3. julie jackson

    Whyb We Like Florida So Much

    Bunch of nice fish there Bob! thanks for sharing. Always look forward to your posts.
  4. julie jackson

    What's Your Kryptonite Fish?

    Snook here. PB is 27, but I have hooked into some big fish that were seen ad ID'ed as snook, can never get them to the boat though! Someday....
  5. julie jackson

    New Here - Introducing Myself...

    Welcome! Looking forward to see how you do up in the Jacksonville waters!
  6. julie jackson

    Flats Drummin

    Nice fish Marc!
  7. julie jackson

    My Daughters 1St Snook On Fly

    Quality time spent! Good job ron!
  8. julie jackson

    Backcountry Inshore Slam 11/29

    Nice report Todd!
  9. julie jackson

    11/29/14 Sjs

    Nice! Great day out!
  10. julie jackson

    Lmr Runnin' And Gunnin'

    Nice Report Dave! Have never caught a sheepshead on arti!
  11. julie jackson

    Stopping By To Say Hi

    Fishing with kids in general is one of the coolest things to do. They get such a kick out of even a pinfish or lady fish. Ah the good ol days.
  12. julie jackson

    Santa Cruz Raptor 13 Ft

    Wow that looks pretty futuristic! Does look very stable.
  13. julie jackson

    Stuck A Nice One On The 5Wt!

    Nice fish and photos!
  14. julie jackson

    Getting Certified

    Good luck Nicholas, don't forget to grab a gopro!
  15. julie jackson

    Cold Morning And A Slow Bite

    Thats one good lookin' red!