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  1. According to CCR T14, Section 29.90( , the daily recreational bag limit is seven lobsters per person. Additionally, Section 1.17 states that no more than one daily bag limit may be taken or possessed by any one person unless otherwise authorized (see Declaration for Multi-Day Fishing Trip, Section 27.15 T14, CCR), regardless of whether they are fresh, frozen or otherwise preserved. This means that if you have a limit of seven lobsters at home, you cannot go out and get more lobsters until the first limit is disposed of in some way (eaten, given away, etc).
  2. Missed this. I almost can smell you LOL. Nice job.
  3. Maybe I need to use reverse psychology. Don't buy the book Ron. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the bait. Down further south,"The Keys" their shrimp is different. The color is pink the size is small and the price is expensive. Start off with frozen squid. Did you google the meaning of the dive flag? If you don't know what the flag means then yes, hire a guide and stay safe.
  4. Maybe I can help you. Go to Scuba Haven and purchase a 20$ book called Underwater Florida. Where there is structure there is fish. It will give you exact coordinates on the wrecks.Set up at least one rod and reel for catching sharks, there's hammerhead out there. Also, you may see some dive flags out on the water as well. You might want to google dive flags so you know how far or how close you can anchor up around them. What your looking for is towards the end of the book. Have fun!
  5. I get what you're saying, Flaswimbaiter. I use social media to interact with fisherman/women and divers in other states. Nothing negative, just bragging rights from people living in the states we've lived in. Hawaii, California and Louisiana. I'm proud to live in the state of Florida but I can't help compare the other three. It's fun!
  6. Tammy


    Yeah, who needs Pacific Warriors when we've got Pam! Wow, check out that circle hook in the bill, is that what caught it?
  7. I'd plead with the two brothers from Oahu to take me out on that tandem construction kayak with the sail, outriggers and trampoline. Those two have got it going on! IMHO Oh, and I'd bring a wasp knife for my friend the shark. Funny how they haven't mentioned the great white.
  8. As to what closet have you been hiding in? We haven't heard from you in a while. How have you and the misses been?
  9. I love you, for more reasons then I cannot explain. This was a good experience.You always put me first when it comes to fishing, which puts us up against a brick wall. I hope to see more post like this from you in the future.
  10. Andy, Happy Veterans Day.
  11. Good advise. I could get banned for saying this, ah, the heck with it. You've got your wife! You've got your family! And... You've got your health! Stop missing what you had and cherish what you've got. If you don't like it, come down here and break my fingers!
  12. Wow....I know nothing about the East Coast Andy, never been there. Best way I like to eat oysters is raw. Those are big.
  13. The hubby and I caught five sheepshead out from under a dock last Saturday. We want to thank you for the fish cake recipe cause that's where they're going. Thank you Andy, that's good stuff!
  14. I see bluegill. I'd like that for breakfast with a couple of eggs please. I've always wondered, is there abalone where you're at? The water is definitely cold enough for the tasty mollusk. Lobster, crab hey, you got oysters? If so, how big are they? Boy, I could eat some crab right about now.
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