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  1. Phil... I appreciate your post but I am still new to the area and my 8 and 10 year old girls are still just getting the bug. We are limited in our knowledge of the area and I had seen plenty of posts about Anclote. If you have better suggestions, I'm all ears. We have also be starting our kayak fishing in the Crystal Beach area but I can only get one of the two girls in my tandem so it limits my fishing with both of them. We are using several local captain charters (Capt Ben out of Marino's) to get to know the area, but that takes a while to build a knowledge base and again, it is out of a boat. This forum has been a god-sent of info, so anything you can throw our way is ALWAYS appreciated.
  2. My daughters and I went to Anclote pier today to fish the last third of the rising tide. We found a nice spot between the second and third lamp post on the long straight. I should have figured that it wasn't the top spot considering it was wide open. Anyway, I spent more time re-rigging the rods then I did actually fishing. It was one snag after another. I used a break-away bank weight with a 1/0 circle about 18" up. Still with live shrimp, I was stuck after the first cast consistently. I caught lots of stainless steel leader !! Looking for some helpful tips to make my next trip with my daughter a little more fun.
  3. Just a new fisherman to the Tampa Bay area.... my daugthers, ages 8 and 10 are probably better fish"women" then me, but I just enjoy hanging out with them... Andrew
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