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  1. wesinatl

    Looking For Rod To Match Reel

    Hurricane Calico Jack is a great value. Around $50-$55. Based on the price of your reel you may want to go with a Red Bone.
  2. wesinatl

    Good App For Gps

    I am wondering if anyone has found a good mapping app for your phone? I would like to put the reefs in there so it would show them and it would also show my position. Thanks!
  3. wesinatl

    Newbie Questions About Spearfishing

    Thanks for the info. We will be there in June so we might give it a go unless someone tells me otherwise.
  4. Hey guys, I have a few questions about spearfishing. I am interested in the potential for pole spear fishing. We vacation in Indian Rocks Beach and enjoy kayak fishing there. Is it possible to do some spear fishing off the beach or other location accessible by kayak? My son is 13 and I would want him to be able to do it with me. No SCUBA just free diving. I know there are some reefs off the beach there, but are they too deep? Are we just wasting time we could spend regular fishing if we aren't scuba diving? Any other suggestions? If this is possibility is there an inexpensive pole spear you recommend? Thanks!
  5. wesinatl

    Info On Cedar Key

    Salty - I missed your post before I left. Windy conditions would be an understatement. We toughed it out. It was windy on the first day paddle to Atsena Otie. I think we were late. Caught one Red right when we got there and that was it. Next two days were spent beyond Scale Key in the flats behind Cedar Point(?) whatever island that is with the beach. Its a long paddle, especially back against the wind. The area was very cool though and enjoyed fishing it. Not much luck. 1 red a day and a historic number of catfish. If I had been catfish fishing it would have been a banner day. Also a couple of stingray. Its very shallow in there. Kayak got some scars from the shells. Fortunately I took a wooden broom handle to use as an anchor through my scuppers or we would have spent the whole time paddling against the wind. It blew all day on Tuesday hard enough that we had to put jackets on to keep comfortable even though it was sunny and 70. I need to change up my tactics a bit and I think if we go back we would be more successful. For others reading and thinking about visiting - we enjoyed the area, not a typical beach area. Steamers seafood was great, Marina hardware has the fishing gear and bait you need and is convenient. Stayed at Old Fenimore Mill - enjoyed that as well, nice condo and a pool for the ladies and kids. Our crew rented some kayaks from Captain Dan at CedarKeyPaddling.com for touring. Nice job by them. Now looking forward to Clearwater in June!
  6. wesinatl

    Info On Cedar Key

    If we go it will be the week of April 4. Let us know how you do. I agree that looking at the aerials makes it appear as a fisherman's paradise. We have our own sit on top two man kayak so I was thinking of staying at condos to the right of the island and launching straight from their beach.
  7. wesinatl

    Info On Cedar Key

    Hello Everyone. My son and I love kayak fishing near Clearwater (Thanks for the tips Timmy674 - we will be back in June). We live north of Atlanta so we don't get to do it as often as we would like. I was thinking about making a spring break trip to Cedar Key. It looks like a neat place to visit for a few days and would have some good fishing sans the spring breakers. Does anyone have any experience fishing that area? I am wondering if it would be comfortable in my sit on top kayak as well in early April because you do get a little wet in that thing. Thanks in advance.
  8. wesinatl

    1St Week Of June Trip

    Thanks for the info!
  9. wesinatl

    1St Week Of June Trip

    Hello kayakers. I used to live in Clearwater, but am land bound in Atlanta now (well not really, about 10 min from lake lanier). We still vacation in Indian Rocks and will be there the first week of June. I like to take my son out on our tandem kayak. he is 11 now and is anxious to get a red, trout, snook. We have tried a number of areas, but I am looking for some suggestions. We have put in at Boca Ciega Park and at the Bellaire Causeway and some other places in the intracoastal - Caught a flounder and got run into by a Manatee (that was really strange experience - if you are wondering manatee's win when kayaks and manatee's meet). I was thinking of trying those again as well as behind Honeymoon Island, Caladessi Island and right there below the Howard Franklin on the Pinellas side and right off the beach. Any suggestions? Recommendations? Was planning on throwing gulp shrimp on a 1/8 ounce head and mirrolure soft plastics. Other better lures? We will also be trying for some small sharks from the beach at night. No rest for me. He caught a 3 foot black tip last summer and is addicted.
  10. wesinatl

    Stick It Pin Or Yak Attack Park N Pole

    Would a length of PVC pipe not work for an anchor pole? Just shove it through your scupper?