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  1. they should have a yak division, or someone should creat a yak tourney
  2. My buddy and I hit up a popular spot that we new a low tide would produce. We got there early with great chance of rain, and we got lucky as we never truly got hit by it . The tide was dumping, so we drifted a flat just to get our bearings and to see if we could see any fish. All the while we threw some early morning topwater, and managed to find some very aggressive trout! None of size, just small aggresive fish! We then reached the far west side of this flat and Alan managed to find a small redfish in a sand hole, that he drifted over, casted back at, and it still ate! We searched for the next two hours with no redfish or snook to show for it. By this time the tide was completed dumped and a dead and dreadful low. We had to drag our yaks for quite some time. As we were dragging our yaks, Alan then spotted one redfish tail 20 yards away, and we rushed over there to see who could get the first cast at it! I was busy trying to pull our my fly gear as it was the perfect shot, but I failed ha ha and Alan stuck it with his Monster 3x. We then made it back to where we began and with a dead low tide, finally found the motherload of tailers mixed in with Mullet! Big bright white-ish looking tails. We made a few casts, and we were both hooked up to very solid 26 and 27 inches. I then lost what I belived would have been my personal bed redfish as one of the hooks in my weedless set up broke mid fight! Challenging but great day on the water. Just one of those days were you have to put in the work!
  3. im sure some are here, ive heard a couple reports of some skying on some baits at skyway and saw a post by Hubbards Marina catching one not too far off the beach. Water still a little warm, but Im sure some are here. Im gonna wait until late sept/ october to target them
  4. those spoolteks are too expensive for me to wrap my wallet around lol
  5. Hit a popular spot with a couple yak buddies. We didnt have the best tide, but we set off in seach of redfish hoping for a good day. An hour on to the water we got completely drenched and fished in a huge morning storm that actually turned on the top water bite as we each caught a couple small snook. After the rains quit, we moved into a quiet bay with a ton of finger mullet. If you know anything about redfish, find the mullet=find the redish, is usually the mindset. I began drifting near a mangrove shoreline, and I realized there was an oyster bay right in front of the mangrove roots, and I saw 3 red figures casually hanging on it! Redfish, finally! And I was only about 10 feet from them, and I knew I had a limited time to make a move before they would spook. So I tossed my Z-Man Scented paddlerz in there, no hook up, surprisingly they didnt spook. I tossed it back in one more time, and immediate hook up on a strong 25 inch Redfish. I let the area cool down, but I figured the fish would return to that spot, so I anchored up 30 ft from it, and began throwing some flies at them. I then hooked into a little 20 inch snook. A surprise, and was one of the times i've caught a snook and wanted it to be a redfish instead. Relatively slow day, as the tide was very high and mad it hard to find the fish.
  6. thanks man ive posted here before just not as much! but im def going to do more posting. thanks for readin
  7. Went out to a popular spot that I usually frequent in the Wintertime. I was actually looking for Black drum and Tarpon. Not targeting snook as I wasn't sure if they would be in the area. My buddy and I had a busy morning, going 0/1 for poons and putting baits in front of black drums that just wouldnt eat. So we set towards a spot that we figured would hold some redfish. Landed a few small redfish, and saw some snook laid up near the mangroves. So I positioned my yak to make a few good cast and my 2nd cast in, I get thumped by a solid snook. I only had 20lb leader but this fish wanted to play hide and seek in the mangroves so I had to get down and dirty with her and pull her out from under the mangroves twice! I landed her after a couple minutes and she hit the tape at 34 inches, but really really fat!. I love these summer time snook! She was caught on a Z-Man Scented Paddlerz Sexy Mullet Color. Feel free to check out the video as well! http://youtu.be/hIm-P67bW8M
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