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  1. Open the side up. Submerge in fresh water and reel for a little while. Fill with grease. Worked for me
  2. Thanks everyone. I was happy as hell to catch it
  3. I just thought there were realy small ones. I think there is something called a gel battery.
  4. Was thinking of putting a 40lb motor guide on my kayak. What are my battery options. I dont want to go with a 60lb marine battery.thanks
  5. I wish. I dont think it was close to that
  6. Caught this one earlier this year. Probably my biggest so far. It was about 27 or 28". What do u think it weighs?thanks
  7. I got about 8 or 9bass and a gar today from 11to 3pm.and my buddy got a 7+lb bowfin.All on a white spinner bait
  8. A buddy and. I did some shoreline bass fishing. Ended up with about 15. Between 7 and 10am.the biggest was close to 5lbs.alot came from a white spinner. The rest on watermelon flukes 5 and 7" weightless.
  9. Yes, but i was wanting to know how Work them.
  10. for reds on a flat,or the mangroves. I normally go with a topwater or bait. But wanna try something different. Thanks.
  11. Got some nice trout in the fillmans/ aripeka area on Monday . unfortunately, we were looking for redfish
  12. No water movement, just an air raider. Need a smaller bucket for the kayak. And yes, a jug of cold water or ice helps alot
  13. For future ref. I accidentally dunked Flueger at anclote while I was wading. I could feel the salt in there grinding around. I took it home, open the side up, submersed it in a bucket of freshwater and started to reel for a little while. Then I let it dry and re greased it, And works like new. I was very happy.
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