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  1. Right, Delores..........I would think that most of the inshore fishing guides in our area utilize Google Earth regularly. I'm guessing that William Toney or Dan Clymer (great speakers) or one of many others would be happy to demonstrate.
  2. Delores.......if you simply google "using satellite imagery to locate fishing spots" or something similar, you should be able to get lots of info. And, if you go to a fishing area you're familiar with on Google Earth, its pretty easy to spot oyster bars, deeper pools, faster moving water and other fish friendly features.
  3. I'm away from home for a few days and can't check my email. Will get back Friday. My address is [email protected]
  4. It's been pretty breezy here, ladyluck - will see if I can calm things down a bit for the weekend.
  5. Just stumbled across your post, Delores. Congrats on the slam and glad you're getting into topwater. Lately, with the cooler temps., I've been hitting the water a bit later around 1st light. Got a few nice reds and a big snook near the mouth of the St. Martins last week. Should be a great month of fishing ahead. I think the folks with the Tampa kayak fishing group will be up here next weekend. They're a good group and I think they'll be fishing out of Ozello. Hope to meet up with some of them Sat or Sunday. They usually stop at Pecks for lunch after a morning on the water. I'm up to 45 new members with the kayak fishing group but only 3 have shown up for my first 2 club meet-ups. Will have to try finding a meeting room somewhere, but will also try to schedule more fishing trips. Will see what happens with the group. I enjoy fishing alone so it's no biggee if things don't work out. Gary Nature Coast Kayak Fishers http://fishingkayaks.us
  6. I'd also check out Nature's Resort RV Park in Homosassa - a nice family spot with good access to the Homosassa River.
  7. I apply it on knots I tie at home b4 heading out - only on knots that don't pass thru the rod guides (line to lure and braid to flouro). It's helps keep floating grass or weeds from fouling on the knots. PackerYaker Nature Coast Kayak Fishers http://fishingkayaks.us
  8. It's just as well, fishinchick.........you probably would have had to start paddling on Ozello Trail just west of Hwy 19. The rain chased me home twice in the last couple of weeks, but things are starting to look better now. PackerYaker Nature Coast Kayak Fishers http://fishingkayaks.us
  9. Let us know how you do, fishinchick. PackerYaker Nature Coast Kayak Fishers http://fishingkayaks.us
  10. I like to fish mangrove shorelines, making long casts parallel to them and hopefully landing my lure within a foot or 2 of them. This is hard enough to accomplish in daylight much less without the aide of moonlight. Also, spotting oyster bars, and avoiding hooking into them, is harder the darker the night and the farther away from headlamp reach. Removing lures from the mangrove forest is not fun even in bright sunlight. PackerYaker North Coast Kayak Fishers http://fishingkayaks.us
  11. I forgot to mention that I've tried a few different headlamps and prefer the Coast HL27 Focusing LED Headlamp which has convenient adjustable wheels to get the light just how you want it. PackerYaker Nature Coast Kayak Fishers http://fishingkayaks.us
  12. The only thing I take that I don't otherwise have with me is a good headlamp, however, I'm just launching an hour or so b4 first light in areas where I'm not too worried about power boats. It's nice if you can pick a night with some moonlight and a launching site with a light. Having a compass secured in front of me and visible with my headlamp while paddling helps get me where I want to be to start fishing at first light. With this heat, I'm usually paddling back by 9 or 10. I haven't tried night fishing for longer periods of time, and probably would want a nice moon assist to do so. PackerYaker Nature Coast Kayak Fishers http://fishingkayaks.us
  13. I was able to access the site by copying / pasting the link provided. I'd only suggest that anyone looking for a new fishing yak also check out the Wavewalk (www.wavewalk.com) which is not included on the list. Pictures of it are also included on my website (Nature Coast Kayak Fishers - www.fishingkayaks.us )
  14. Hi.......I'm Gary, aka, PackerYaker. I posted the following on the "Introduce Yourself" page several days ago, but want to put it here also for anyone interested. I'm an avid kayak angler, fishing mostly along the Nature Coast near Crystal River. I've created a new website called Nature Coast Kayak Fishers (fishingkayaks.us) where you can get more info about the area and fishery. Feel free to visit it and email me to let me know what you think.
  15. I still like the idea of getting the Fish and Wildlife Service to support the development of a launch site on the refuge south of the main Chaz, rip3618 I've driven down the dirt road in this area that passes by a number of creeks where it appears that very low impact parking and launching sites could be developed (it's a wildlife area so any development would have to be limited). Sure, recreational yakers would use it too - so be it.
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