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    Hello all - I've been a freshwater guy forever, but luckily in the last 5 years my wife and I have been able to fish Florida salt. Wow, what a learning curve. Looking forward to again running the 10K islands and moving up that curve. I run an 18' Tracker Grizzly, center console, 60 Merc.
  2. I've had no problems with operating my aluminum boat in salt when trailering, and hosing everything down at the end of the day. This year I have the opportunity to keep it moored in a protected harbor with other boats. I realize after some (unknown) time the hull will foul, but my main concern is for corrosion. Is that a valid concern? There's a zinc on the motor. The hull is welded aluminum. It's painted, but like most aluminum hulls it's missing paint on portions of the bottom. I would much appreciate any insights from those of you who've been in this situation.