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  1. Looks like an outboard prop got it. Would hate to think someone slashed & dumped it. ☹️
  2. Nice size pic! Before my time....
  3. To continue: We all ask questions before choosing what to cast (lures) and what gear to cast them with. Once a question is answered - that's it! We can be confident the information is valid for future use. example: I modify soft plastic and hard lures, test them and note how well they did (above photo examples). Body and tail combinations are key for these lures to catch fish. Memory won't cut it a year from now as to which excelled. example: questions need answers before fishing a water such as how early in the season can numbers of fish be caught? What type of lures worked in this lake or river? Species of fish caught? Structure types (humps, drops, depth of flats, pre and post spawn areas )? That's not to say things don't change, but that many things don't change and can be relied on to find and catch fish. The older I get the less I can count on memory to remember all of the key information that may save the day. I've seen many anglers skunked that have fished the same water before, not having a clue that where they're fishing and how fished is going to end up fishless or with few strikes. Not me !
  4. In the lakes I fish that have northern pike and/or pickerel, one of my best lures is a large willow leaf spinnerbait - sometimes tandem sometimes just one. Skirt color is bright: chartreuse or white, soft plastic trailers optional. A Zara Spook has gotten big fish early or late in the day and on cloudy days. Large 4" Crocodile Spoons with their erratic action and flash have done well along with large soft plastics such as large swimbaits and plastic worms with wide action tails. Never been too keen catching pike due to the row of sharp teeth, a pain - literally - when unhooking a lure that got hooked deep. One hell of a fight no argument there !
  5. Key words are in bold. As I get older (wait a minute - I AM OLDER !), memory inevitably fails even for those with good memories! Used to use a written log that I could refer to long before the advent of the computer and digital camera. But once both became available there was no longer the necessity to write stuff down such as was kept on this page in 1994: I fish different water different times of year. Keeping them straight is a challenge - even more so now. But one thing I find very valuable is knowing what I've caught fish with. A few years from now I may question whether certain lures still in my box are capable of catching fish more often than others of the same type . A photo log says it all. Now I'm no longer entering information in a book but instead take along a digital camera. A picture speaks a thousand words is the reason for photo keeping. Photos are entered into digital folders starting with a folder labeled with the lake's name. Each folder within is dated for the day the shots were taken and holds photographs that can be referred to the next time the water is fished. Even a counter is photographed at the end of the outing to give an idea of numbers caught on a particular day/month : Much is lure related: (All the above were taken on the same day.) I my case a big part of fishing is lure design. Once I find particular designs that catch fish, I know to stock them for reproduction for future use. You would be shocked by all the soft plastic designs that catch different fish species and sizes of fish - almost none sold anywhere. To remember them requires a photo journal and at times a text page is added that includes more information than photos alone. If all you do is simply go fishing and don't vary waters or lures, record keeping isn't for you. Even with photos I don't remember catching fish on certain lures pictured, but at least I can trust that they did and can.
  6. Keeping records for specific waters is invaluable for future outings and I've been doing it since 1982. In the days of no personal computers or digital cameras, notes needed to be taken on the water and then transferred to a fishing log. This is one page written Oct 1994: I won't hijack this thread and will start another regarding record keeping.
  7. Can't remember the last time I used bait (worm, minnows, etc.). There are more lure you can catch fish on than you can shake a fishing rod at! Most important is finding fish and the two most important tools to do that are a fishfinder (if fishing from a boat) and lures cast to potential areas. Most small lures get struck by most fish species. They can be hard lures (small crankbaits, topwaters), spinner types and soft plastic lures rigged different ways. The overhead spinner (Beetle Spin type) below caught bass, sunfish and crappie yesterday. A light ball head jig rigged with soft plastic is hard to beat: A Crappie Magnet grub does well rigged on a 1/16 oz jig with #6 hook. You can also use a tail section of a finesse lure to catch fish: Small crankbaits trolled do well from late spring into fall: ...and don't forget catfish that strike hard and soft lures: There are many lures and presentations that catch fish. It's just a matter of testing different ones to see what fish will bite on a particular day.
  8. I've never used a trailer that size for spinnerbaits, but then again I haven't used spinnerbaits in a few year - same for skirted jigs. Maybe this year .....
  9. Nice catch! When I've ice fished in the past I caught numbers and usually not quality.
  10. Question : is catch & release not relevant ?
  11. Heartwarming post. Thanks. I hope Barbara gets cured.
  12. Nice going ! Never had much luck using it.
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