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    fishing with lures I make

    Where are the moderators ? !!

    Please get rid of the spam.

    Where are the moderators ? !!

    The recent posts/advertisements have nothing to do with fishing.

    What are these lures and what are they used for?

    Looks like an Air Plane Jig used for vertical jigging. They are used if I remember right for saltwater and freshwater.

    Advice from fellow fisherpeople

    Duh, fell for it hook, line and gullibility. "Master Baiter" should have been a clue. What an asshole with nothing better to do.
  5. Many anglers insist that by pretending to convince fish a lure is a prey food, that the lure will get struck for that primary reason. What they don't want to accept is the simple fact that lure action-by-design, size, shape and retrieve type are the only things to consider. The choices are infinite limited only by bias and superstition. I modify soft plastic lures and test them on many water. Many outings have taught me that specific lure actions catch fish regardless the species. Lure shape is important but only as it pertains to lure action and as an object-of-interest that holds a fish's attention long enough that provokes it into striking. Color is not nearly as important as some maintain and a few will do for most soft plastic designs. Clear plastic even has as much chance as any solid or translucent lure color as long as lure shape and action are adequate.When it comes to shape/action, there are many examples of tail designs that do better than curl tails or shad tais. The Crappie Magnet grub is an example of a split tail that comes to a taper. It catches ALL fish species. The lure works because it allows different angler-imparted actions on a single retrieve that causes the lure to move different subtle ways. Fish are super sensitive to object actions and other visual stimuli and can't help themselves but to focus on those actions. A quiver here, a dart there, a glide or single hop off bottom are key to getting fish to strike maybe just out of being irritated by something that DOESN'T belong. Fish may or may not want to eat the object as much as to DESTROY it, but regardless of motives anglers pretend fish have for striking, the simple reason is in a lure's action-by-design. Many similar lures don't catch nearly as many fish and it's all because of a lure's action inherent and/or imparted.Recently I discovered how to make a mini-stick (shorter and thinner than a Senko.) I wacky rig it using a light jig head and it amazed me how many fish it caught first time I tested it. In fact it does something a Senko isn't capable of : fast vibrating legs and body on a steady retrieve. Fish chase and clobber it which is an example of a lure that has rounded tips that contribute to the lure's action and success and that is key to the wacky rig stick's appeal.Don't get 'hooked' into believing fish must 'believe' a lure is an animal to eat, but rather a shape and action it can't avoid striking when irritable enough, similar to a human reflex that can't be controlled.
  6. Mini stick and claw added to a grub body: Crappie Magnet Grub Joker Grub with on of the three tails removed. Slider Worm and hand poured swimbait Beetle Spin (homemade) with hand crafted lures Why do they work? because action speaks louder than words.

    Booby Bobber

    Kind a do. Definitely not a design I would use.

    New to the game

    Depends on what you fish for. And you're right, the more you fish the more you learn - especially when it comes to lures. There is a lot of misinformation (BS) and to find out what is or isn't, you have to fish as much as you can and in different waters if possible. Fishing from a boat is a lot different than fishing from shore as far as accessing fish locations near or far from shore. Electronics (sonar) is a tool many don't use that should. Understanding why different lures work that catch fish is as important as where you cast them - and in case you're wondering - it isn't because fish think they are some prey animal. This wacky rigged stick is an example.

    Advice from fellow fisherpeople

    Are you asking for advice about using lures rather than live bait? ????

    Hi Everyone

    Been fishing all my life and find it fascinating and satisfying. I make most of my own lures and have done great on ones I designed. When not fishing, I love talking and writing about it as well as sharing ingformation that may help others.