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  1. Well, i did catch some crabs. They were pretty nice ones too. Just not enough for a feast so i let them go. I know where they are now. I just need to let the pots soak a little longer. As far as a recipe, that's simple. Water, beer, old bay seasoning and a dedicated steam pot. I can't imagine any other way to prepare them.
  2. OK, i stand corrected. I guess i have been around civilians too long and have gotten soft. I took your advice and did study the local chart. I picked out places i thought crabs would be habitating and around 0800 yesterday launched my five recreational traps. (on a cold foggy morning mind you with nothing on but a columbia shirt) On Sunday i will pull them and see how i did. If that don't work i'll try somewhere else.
  3. Not to worry, i have been yelled at, humiliated and beaten by the finest instructors the Marine Corps, Navy and Army has to offer. I slept just fine last night. I will find the crabs. Hang in there Andy, spring is on the way! Have a brother up that way cap. Maybe i will plan a road trip and see what i can do up there.
  4. Thanks for that demeaning reply phil. I wasn't looking for GPS coordinates for someones favorite fishing spot. A general hint like "plenty of crabs in Estero Bay" or "they were right about using fish instead of chicken down here". I guess it was a bit naive to think i could ask for fishing tips on a fishing forum. Congratulations on running off one of those "weirdos".
  5. Being new to the forum i hope i have this in the right place. AndyS hooked me up with some good flounder advice and now i am begging for help with my other passion, blue crabs! Not many seem to be too enthused about them down this way except for us transplants from the Chesapeake Bay area so one would think they should be plentiful and easy to catch. Not so i have found. I tried a few years ago and failed miserably. I am getting back in the saddle and going after them again. I will be using the standard 2X2 half size traps with fish for bait. I have watched a few YouTube videos and they seemed to have better luck with fresh fish than chicken so i will try that. If anyone can point me in the right direction to a good crab catching spot in the lee county area i would appreciate it. The last time i tried a few years ago someone moved my traps. I put mine a few hundred yards from a string of commercial floats and apparently they didn't like the competition. Mine ended up in a nice straight line in about two feet of water. I never keep juvies or females, egg bearing or not and only want enough to enjoy for dinner. Any advice on hot spots would be much appreciated.
  6. I'll take your advice and give it a shot. Sometimes the learning is the most fun part.
  7. Understand that i am going by what i have read, a lot of it here on this website. If i remember correctly they start migrating out to the gulf in fall/winter and can be had in the passes where they are hanging out ready to ambush something. I probably forgot half of what i read but if i read it enough times i might remember enough to make a stab at it at least. But i don't mind starting over. Half the fun is being out on the water. Does something to the mind i guess and makes you forget about business, bills and commitments. If all else fails, there are plenty of restaurants nearby with dock access.
  8. The justification for buying the boat was honey, "It is a hybrid fishing/family boat" appropriately named "189 FAMILY Sportsman". It's brand new. You know i have to use it so i will be searching for boat access flounder for the time being. As i recall, they were just as stealthy up there with their nibbling and took a bit of finesse to hook up. Next time i get to bass pro or west marine i'll try to pick up the DOA rig like you suggested and try it out. Can't ever have too many lures in the tackle box. I equipped the boat with a Garmin 741xs which might have been a little overkill for an 18 foot boat but i love it. I just need to learn how to read the bottom and know when i am in the right place for the flat fish. From what i have read, now is a good time to go for them but the holidays and all the responsibilities that go with it will make getting out a bit more difficult until the first of the year. Hopefully i can replace that boring boat avatar with big fish pictures in the near future. Thanks for the advice Andy. I do appreciate it!
  9. Certainly not Andy! I would greatly appreciate any helpful information you might want to share. Sorry if it sounded that way. I left home to attend the University of Parris Island about 40 years ago and other than a quick trip home on leave, with few exceptions never fished again. I am definitely way out of practice. I did remember how to tie some of the most needed knots though.
  10. Thanks pickgrin. So far i have been playing around areas in the caloosahatchee near cape coral and san carlos bay. Went out with a local and found a decent spot for snook just before season ended. Marked a good spot for trout around saint james city. Good place for having fun catching fish even if most aren't keepers. I intend to work my way over to estero bay in the near future and see what i can do there. It's just fun being on the water again.
  11. Thanks Barry. That's ok, i have been watching lots of videos on youtube! It appears that flounder act much the same down here. I'll snag some in the near future, i hope! John
  12. Grew up fishing in Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay and typical Delmarva area spots. Just bought a new boat and ready for relaxing days on the water fishing in Southwest Florida. Need to get up to speed with new fish, new rigs and where to go. I'll take any advise offered. Have no plans to become a tournament type, just having fun and taking home dinner once in awhile. Love flounder so any help there would be appreciated. Boat is Key West 189FS which is great for fishing platform.
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