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  1. hey guys I have already learned a lot from my first post. It was my first post to any forum of any kind so I didn't really know what to expect. I will be going to see Lesli Haynes at Lee County today to pick up some reef maps and I'm going to try floridagofish.com for more info. I do have a new question. In April I will be going to the Tortugas to fish. I have heard we should fish for yellow tail. Anyone every been there and have any advice as to what kind of equipment to take along and how I should be fishing there. On the way back we plan to go to Key West and fish one day while there. Same question would apply as to what kind of fish to fish for and how to fish for them. I know I must sound like I have never fished before, I have a little, but mostly just laying a hook with shrimp or cut bait on the bottom and waiting for the bite. Again not asking for any "fishing secrets" just some tips on how to fish certain fish in certain conditions. Any other places you would recommend for me to go for info would also be helpful. Will keep you posted as to the success of my fishing results. Thanks
  2. So sorry if my question was out of line. Just new at this and new to the area. Thanks for the advice on the lee country web site, I will check it out. I was only looking for some starting point, there is a lot of water out there and for the most part I have only found slight ledges to fish. thanks again
  3. can anyone share fishing coordinates off shore ft myers. we go out 20-40 miles and want some locations out farther maybe up to 100 miles. now the water is still very dirty 40 miles out from the winds a week ago. any spots to get us started would be welcomed. thanks if you can help. Ron
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