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    Well Since Anything Goes.....

    I am not trying to offend anyone, did i not post in the correct category I will delete it if I did? Since the topic was anything goes, I felt that I put it correctly. this is boat/marine equipment.
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    Well Since Anything Goes.....

    The following items are currently available, please make a reasonable offer and let's make a deal. Please contact me if your interested or you would like photos. ([email protected]) Flooper Stopper (2) 57 x 26 (2) Larger than size above... Marine Radar Furuno USA FR 1510D RDP-060 Marine Radar Furuno USA FR 1525 Mark 3 RDP-119 Schneider Electric Altivar 71 Sony Trinitron/color Video Monitor Model - PVM-8040 Furuno Black 20" High Resolution Color Radar Display with Sun Screen Jenn - Air Grill Maytag 3 KW GO106B 15979851WQ 120/240V Philips Class 2 Lens Output 16VDC Max 100mA Philips Camera Control Box Philips LTC 2009 Video Montior AC120V / 60 Hz 118W Furuno 8 Tone Daylight Display FR - 81H RDP - 112 24-32 VDC Intercolor color Monitor model FDZ01A