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  1. PalmHarborPaul

    Wading Double Branch

    Since I have become disabled, I don't get to kayak much anymore. I used to kayak fish Double Branch and loved it. I would put in at State St. Is it possible to wade or does it get too deep on high tides? Not looking for Honey Holes, just suggestions
  2. PalmHarborPaul

    New To Palm Harbor Area

    Looking for fishing buddies in the Palm Harbor area. If you ever have an empty seat, I am fully aware of fish/boating etiquette. I am an avid wade angler and also have a yak. Happy to swap some spots, I just moved from South St Pete. I am an artist and writer, available almost anytime.
  3. PalmHarborPaul

    New To This Forum

    Hi all, my name is Paul. I am an inventor, artist, writer, and angler. I recently moved from South St Pete to Palm Harbor. Flats boat and kayak fishing used to be my passion, due to a disability I am reduced to land based and wade fishing. If anyone from the Palm Harbor/Dunedin area ever wants to do some wade fishing (always happy to help "newbies") just drop me a line.