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  1. Picked up the all new Nav+ Regions (East) Charts the other day. These cards are region specific but are a deal and cover a good amount of your general area. My favorite part about this card is that it comes pre-loaded with both sonar and navigational charts. No need for me to go download the sonar charts that I need. Awesome and easy to use. These new cards must be in high demand right now, as I had to go to multiple stores to get my hands on one. I'm going to post a few screenshots. Anyone else using these new cards? Navigational Charts Sonar Charts (1ft contours fishing charts)
  2. I have been using the auto routing feature on my charts on my raymarine plotter to plan out long runs and safe routes in unfamiliar waters. Really easy feature to use and provides me with information on safest routes, distance, time, etc... Does anyone else have any input on how you have used this feature to better your boating experience?
  3. Enjoying a little 3D viewing on my Platinum+ Charts. It's great to get a good overview of areas and pick apart areas in a different view than I would normally have. Really gives me a different perspective on the contours/drops/rises in an area. I am definitely going to be utilizing this feature more and more. I mostly use the view to look at and dissect creek mouths, flats and primary/secondary points with deep water access. Any suggestions on what benefits you all have had in using the 3D view on your charts and how to better utilize them?
  4. Loving it. It just gives you that extra edge. I know exactly where to post up and fish on deeper structure around our nearshore reefs and that is huge. The detail on my platinum+ charts along with the raymarine r17 update has been a huge asset. I can't wait to further the use of this tool throughout the season.
  5. With this new r17 update on my Raymarine, I am really enjoying being able to create my own contour charts and also view the changes live. Game changer! I'm like a kid with a new video game. I can't wait to get out and re-map some of the nearshore reefs and get dialed in.
  6. Downloaded the new software update for my Raymarine. On the new Raymarine LightHouse II R17 software update is Dock to Dock Auto Routing and Sonar Chart Live! Be sure to update your unit today to get these new features. Having sonar chart live using my Navionics charts is a game changer. I am now able to view live up to date re-mapping of 1ft HD contours. #fishsmarter
  7. Be sure to click on the link below and register for my next Navionics Webinar Series "Cobia Crazy" presented by Z-Man Fishing Products on Tuesday, May 17 @ 7PM EST. You don't want to miss this one. Along with myself (Capt. Stephen Fields), I will have fellow Captain Capt. Jeff Crumpton on from Amelia Island Charter Fishing LLC down in FL talking about the tactics we use to locate and catch Cobia! We will be covering everything from using your sonar, chart plotter, rod/reel setups, bait/tackle and even fly fishing. Be sure to tune in! https://navionics.zoom.us/webinar/register/2e2ebfc048f1d1077510d14dfea9e911
  8. Always learning and always using every tool on my boat to my advantage. Being able to self educate yourself on how to read contour lines and use them in comparison with your sonar and down / side scan is awesome.I have recently been targeting areas in SC for cobia, bull reds, sharks, etc... and have been focusing hard on areas I have done sonar logs on with my Platinum+ Cards. It really tightens everything up for me and gives me a more accurate area that I should be focusing on. 90% of the fish live in 10% of the water, right? Better be getting that 10% dialed in. I have been focusing in on the tight contour lines that represent steep drops and rises that funnel into holes or humps. Paying off for sure!
  9. Loving the new imagery for my electronic charts. BIG difference between my old and new charts. Technology just keeps improving. Crazy to think where my charts were just 5 years ago. I will take every advantage I can get.
  10. Targeting redfish sitting a little deeper on the edges of a flat. Picking up some nice reds on suspended and diving hardbaits.
  11. If you are using the boating app on your phone switch from the navigational charts to the sonar charts which are your 1ft hd contour fishing charts. You should be able to easily identify areas that have edges and ledges as well as holes and humps. Here are a few images. The left is regular navigational charts and the right is the sonar charts. This is off my nav boating app. Hope this helps.
  12. Loving the new satellite imagery on my Platinum+ Charts. Here are a few new and old screenshots for comparison from FL. New Gulf Coast Imagery coming soon. Got the new charts for $30 off. Still on sale through the end of April. If you are in the market, jump on it.
  13. Just an fyi. Platinum+ charts are on sale, now through the end of April. $30 off. Just got mine and I am having a little fun playing with all the great features such as 3D views, satellite imagery, sonar charts, panoramic port pictures and more... All the big box stores are offering, West Marine, BPS, Cabela's and such. If you are in the market, now is the time to buy and get the full potential out of your chart plotter/sonar unit. I know it will be a great tool for me to use this upcoming season.
  14. Just an introduction. New to this forum and excited to be a part of it. The forum looks great and there is a ton of great information on here. I look forward to learning as well as contributing. I am a full time charter fishing captain out of Charleston, SC and fish on the redfish tours from TX to SC and everywhere in between. I look forward to participating in forum topics such as fishing tackle, baits, techniques, marine electronics, boats, engines, and more. Thanks for letting me get the intro out of the way. Tight lines to all! captfields_sc charlestonfishingcompany.com fieldsfishing.com
  15. New FL satellite Imagery! My new Platinum+ Chart Card. We all know how important the satellite imagery is for us inshore anglers, especially for navigation. Here it is. Old is on the left vs. new imagery on the right. Want to see more?!?!?!?!?
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