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  1. This idea I took from a picture I found of an antique homemade tackle box which had such a rich patina and innovative design. It was made of pine for the most part but the outer sides of 3 removable trays were simply thin galvanized sheet metal about 1 1/2" wide, bent at each corner to form the perimeter. To me it was attractive and I became inquisitive because I have never seen a tackle box made like that before...so I copied it. Upon completion the box was heavy, too heavy, so I modified it. I planed all the wood about 1/8" thinner,( for the next box), made the tray entirely out of galvanized sheet, spaced the lid boards about 1/4" apart and coated the entire lid in fiberglass cloth. Along with a cork gasket in between lid and bottom, the box is water resistant, aesthetically pleasing, lighter and functional. That is what I was going for. One of the practical features I liked was the cut out in the tray so you can grab something out of the bottom of the box. And the bottom wood dividers are adjustable and or removable. So, here is one of my tackle boxes. Asking $300.00 Free shipping within U.S. I accept paypal or if it makes you more comfortable I can post a listing on ebay. Thanks for looking!