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  1. Tomasz20

    Fish Of A Life Time

    A crazy 3 day trip where we catch 9 Trophy Lake trout. The trout were super shallow and in spawn mode. We caught the most trout on Williams Wobbler spoons. This was shot on October 6-8 on Gods lake at Elk Island Lodge, Canada, Manitoba. The biggest lake trout was 43.75 inches and approximately 37 pounds. Thank you for watching!! Subscribe and comment below if you liked the video.
  2. Tomasz20

    Big Brook Trout

    Amazing views, and big brookies
  3. Tomasz20

    Fishing In Belize

    while on vacation I got a chance to cast around for a bit and caught some interesting fish.
  4. Had a chance to dive the second biggest reef in the world and it didn't disappoint
  5. Tomasz20

    25 Lbs Trophy Pike

    I do keep smaller ones 27 to 30 inches and they are easy to filet. I make them boneless
  6. Tomasz20

    25 Lbs Trophy Pike

    another 2 big ones out of that same hole
  7. Tomasz20

    25 Lbs Trophy Pike

    big pike caught in 6 ft of water
  8. 3 days after ice was off the lake pike were super shallow and fun to play with