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    Fishing With My Girls

    Hi guys, my 2 girls have been wanting to go fishing. right now we are land bound so I took them twice over the last weekend and they are very into it. We fished off the new kayak launch in tarpon at the spray park. We used a popping cork with live shrimp with no bites at all. so my question is this. we hook the shrimp with no jig head or weight is that correct way to fish it. and also when they pop it should they retrieve it or just let it sit in water. I say they because I didn't fish I was helping them learn to cast and fish. any help would be great I only have them on weekends so time is always limited and even though they didn't even get a nibble they were into it and fished for a good 2 hours each day and would like to keep them interested its a great way to spend time with them. Thanks