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  1. DoubleD


    This time of year they are found hovering over some of the artificial reefs. You need to use crabs for bait, that's their favorite. You'll know pretty quickly if they're there. If you don't get any bites, move on to the next reef.
  2. You can find the information you need on my site http://tampabayfishing.org There is a link to find boat ramps and some links to find all published GPS numbers you care to look at. Hope this helps.
  3. DoubleD

    Another New Guy Here

    Hi, I am a new member to this site. I am a long time Tampa Bay area saltwater fisherman. I have a reg. 9-5 job but I enjoy fishing whenever I can get out. When I'm not working or out fishing, I like to keep up with the local online fishing world. In fact I now have my own site to add to all the other great sites out there. My site is at http://tampabayfishing.org Check it out if you get a chance. Its a fishing utility site for the Tampa Bay Area. Next time the winds die down and I'm able to go fishing, I'll post my results. DoubleD
  4. DoubleD

    Identify My Fish

    1st and 3rd photo is a sand perch also known as squirrel fish. They are small grouper that make for great bait. The 2nd is a pigfish as stated before. They will grunt like a pig hence their name. DoubleD www.tampabayfishing.org