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  1. TimRosenberg

    The Onlinefisherman Humor Section

    This new thesaurus I bought is the worst.. Not only is it terrible, it's terrible.
  2. TimRosenberg

    The Onlinefisherman Humor Section

    Hey, fellas! I've created this thread for us to share a few full-hearted laughs, something to lighten up the day when the fish aren't biting or you just needed something to pick you up from a gloomy day. Let me start this up with a few shorts: Scientists finally found out, how much sleep humans exactly need.. ...just five more minutes.
  3. TimRosenberg

    The Pet Thread

    Such lovely kids and adorable critters.
  4. TimRosenberg

    The Pet Thread

    Hey, everyone! I know we're all enthusiastic about fishing, but aside from that, I’m sure some of us have our own adorable companions at home. I created this thread for us to show off our cuddly critters. Mine is a Pomeranian named Benny. That tyke loves to play catch, fancy a walk in the park, and even hitch a ride in our car (we have to secure him in a dog crate during lengthy travels, as he loves to jump on my lap while I drive). He’s been with us for many years and has been a real part of the family. How about yours, fellas?
  5. TimRosenberg

    Easy Smoked Fish Spread Recipe Here

    Just came across this recipe. Would definitely try it out.
  6. TimRosenberg

    Cold Weather Is Time For Oysters

    Wow! Thanks for the great recipe!
  7. TimRosenberg

    Bbq, Grilling Whole White Fish

    Now, that's mouthwatering!
  8. TimRosenberg

    Re-Visiting Two Guys And A Hog

    Felt very emotional reading this, Bob. Thanks for sharing. Indeed, you've had some great adventures together.
  9. TimRosenberg

    The Trips That Dreams Are Made Of

    Fantastic trip, overall!
  10. TimRosenberg

    Hi, Everyone!

    Wow! Thank you very much, andys -! Would definitely roll by one of these days.
  11. TimRosenberg

    Newbie On Forum

    Hello, Michael! Welcome! Newbie here as well.
  12. TimRosenberg

    New Guy Trying To Get My Videos Noticed!

    Interesting video. I'll be subscribing to this as well.
  13. TimRosenberg

    Hi, Everyone!

    Didn't know that. That's too bad. Will be looking around for some valuable info, nonetheless. Thanks, guys!
  14. TimRosenberg

    Hi, Everyone!

    Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online fishing community. I'm hoping to learn more from the other members here. Cheers!