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  1. Hello pros, hows everyone doing! New here on forum and sort of new angler too. Never ending question I assume for newbies. Still not making any proper sense, the whole explanations & articles of the different kind of lines, reels and rods out there are just too confusing for me right now......so just looking for some 'pointing to the appropriate gear' I can place order for. My online orders on the way:- Baitcasting Reel: - Max Drag:16.5LB/7.5KG - Line Capacity (mm/m):0.26/180,0.28/150,0.30/110 - Line Capacity (LB/YDs): 10/200,12/165,14/120 1.8m 2-piece Medium-power Carbon Casting Rod - line weight:6 -15LB - lure weight:1/8-3/4oz 1.8m 2-piece Medium-power Carbon Spinning Rod - line weight:6 -15LB - lure weight:1/8-3/4oz Braided fishing line 500m Multi Color Multifilament PE - Number 1.0 - Diameter 0.15mm - LB 20 lb - KG 9.1kg Now, looking to buy one more spinning rod, one spinning reel and the appropriate lines. So could someone please quickly put out for me the approx config of lines/reels/rod suitable based on my above purchases. More specifically the lines config....planning to buy both braid and mono lines. Usual Targets at different times:- King Mackerel (rare i guess), Barracuda, Gold Spotted Trevally, Queen Fish, Kobia, Spangled Emperor, Twobar seabream, Snapper, Parrot Fish, Brown spotted Grouper, Gray fish Sordid sweetlip