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    Have not heard this one before: Caller ID showed 15 apparently random numbers. OH NO! Here we go again: After the last number my own home number showed up. Decided to pick up the phone. A pre-recorded message stated: "Your computer protection agreement has expired. If you do not press one immediately $499.00 will be charged to your debit card." As if I am really going to press one, I hung up immediately. Decided to add the number to the ever increasing list on my call block system:The number depicted on call block was my home number. Had I pushed the red 'BLOCK NOW' button I would have blocked my own phone. These guys are getting good. Any ideas as to what would have happened had I actually pushed "1" ?
  2. Native Floridian

    In honor of Veterans Day

    In honor of Veterans Day We in this great country have a lot to be thankful for. We can be thankful for the one thing we value more than life itself, freedom. But freedom is not free; it often comes at a terrible price: We have been, are, and will always be, the land of the free. Free because of the strongest, best equipped, most dedicated military ever known to mankind. What makes this country the strongest of the strong are the courageous military veterans who are more than willing to give all they have to give to assure our freedom; to pursue our version of the American Dream. On November 11 of every year we take time-out to say, 'In honor of our Veterans' To many in this Fishing Capital of the World we celebrate Veterans Day by celebrating our FREEDOM to fish. No better place than the waters of the Fabulous Florida Middle Grounds. Looks like it could be a 'little' on the rough, wet, side: But, on this very special weekend, nothing can dampen our spirits. Sir, what an honor welcoming one of America's best to the deck of the Florida Fisherman ll: We are welcomed by fourth generation owner/operator Captain Dylan Hubbard: This 44 hour full moon snapper trip is already a winner. Will hits the gold! Will can do a lot more than, 'hit the gold'; he can teach each us to be better fishermen/fishergirls: Late Friday evening... The highly sought after Gag Grouper are looking for a fight; so are we: Saturday morning: Look at that cloud cover. Who cares! The Grouper are HOT! Gags aren't the only 'HOT' Grouper: Mr. John Martin, my fellow Florida native, my partner, and my friend, knows how to catch the elusive, hit-and-run, Mangrove Snapper. John is near his federal two day possession limit of 20. Look at that box full of snapper: The moon is out early, the cloud cover is not all that dark: And the Mangrove Snapper are on fire: Think the Mango excitement ends after the catch? Think again! Talk about excitement, take a look at that huge Porgy: They are getting even BIGGER! Now this is looking impressive: Talk about an 'impressive' fight, watch... (11.13 minutes into YouTube video at the end of this report) Saturday evening: After a good night's sleep: Nothing like coming home: Thank You! Check out the 'In honor of Veterans Day video: https://youtu.be/qitmjUem_yc
  3. Native Floridian

    Welcome to our Florida

    Welcome to our Florida We in the Deep South love to eat, fish, and hunt Bob Harbison, Woods'nWater Magazine, November 2019, Pages 52-53 (for the record, I am in no way affiliated with Woods'nWater. My intent is to inform fellow sportsmen/women where they too can read about, contribute to, Florida's finest. As a very involved native Florida fisherman and hunter I have checked out every Florida fishing and hunting magazine. None can compare to showcasing the real Florida like the Sunshine State's own Woods'nWater Magazine. I know, I have been a subscriber and contributor for over 30 years. Hunting and fishing is not just a man thing, not just a girl thing, but everybody's thing. Even the very young can enjoy Our Florida... October, 2019: The future of our sport: Think girls cannot catch really BIG fish? Think again! Think girls cant harvest TROPHY deer? Think again! Welcome to the Woods'nWater of our Florida
  4. Native Floridian

    Fishing before the New Moon

    Fishing before the New Moon We knew it was going to be rough, good and rough: But Amberjack season is about to close. With the very experienced crew of that BIG CAT... We knew we were in good, safe, hands. A good omen... Will hits the GOLD! The excitement level is at a fever-pith as... Will has been first mate on the Florida Fisherman ll for over a decade. This man of the sea makes sure we are ready for the fights sure to come: But who could possibly be ready for this... A marriage proposal on the deck of the Florida. And... Sir, this lady, this anglerette, is a real winner: Talk about a 'real winner', the Gag Grouper: As the weather cools the Gag fishing will get even better. Another beautiful, colorful, Grouper: A Grouper to be proud of: And to remember: Red Grouper and now King Fish. This young man is on fire: The Mangrove Snapper are running BIG: With no closed season, a federal waters two day possession limit of 20, and extremely good eating, the Mangrove Snapper is a real winner. Speaking of 'real-winners', more Gags: Think Gags fight hard? Try this one: Saturday morning Rough... Who cares? Looking good, very good: This does not look so good: This looks great: Time out: The Amberjack range is tremendous: Talk about a fight: We do not hook too many Sailfish on the Middle Grounds. But when we do they are huge: Mr. Larry Miller: Late Saturday evening... A trip never to be forgotten: Rumor has it that there will soon be a wedding on the deck of the Florida Fisherman ll. No rumor about this; these jackpot winners are: Hopefully the weather will improve so more can enjoy our Florida. Video of the trip: https://youtu.be/99Bz2cdxlqg
  5. Native Floridian

    Fishing before Nestor

    Fishing before Nestor Personal note update: "Bob, best wishes for 10/18." Thanks so much for all the prayers and 'well-wishes'! I have been diagnosed with artial fibrillation. In dealing with the situation my cardiologist decided to implant what is known as a Watchman: On 10/18 they tested me to make absolutely sure the device is wright for me. It is! Surgery to follow at a late date. Now, let's get back to Nestor. Tuesday, 10/15/2019, 3 P.M. Fishing before a major low pressure system can be very good. For many serious fishing is a total team effort. Heading the Florida Fisherman ll team is a young Captain who has become a legend is his own time, Captain Garett Hubbard, and two of the best ever mates, Will and Jason: Due to the above mentioned medical condition unfortunately I was forced to miss this trip. Tammy proved that she is an expert at more than working that grill. She proved that she is also a master at 'working that camera!' On the water pictures by Tammy: A fish we seldom see on or near the Florida Middle Grounds is the hard fighting, never give-up, Jack Crevalle: The Florida record Jack Crevalle stands at 57 pounds caught off Jupiter, Florida, 5/18/93, my Mr. G J Wa. The world record, 66.2 pounds, was caught by Mr. Carlos Simoes, 10/11/19, using a Willamson Jet Popper, while fishing out of Angola, Africa. Yes! That's Africa. The range of the Jack Crevalle is extensive: Back home the ever so hard to catch, extremely good eating, Mangrove Snapper. Mangrove Snapper can be caught even off the : But the ones caught on the Florida Middle Grounds and beyond tend to be a 'little' larger: These little hit-and-run experts can be very hard to hook at 125+ foot depths. A two hook rig evens the odds: Talk about a beautiful, very good eating, fish: Looks like Wednesday fishing before Nestor could be a little on the nasty side: No Problem! After a great 'Tammy-meal' it's time for: After a fantastic, well deserved nap, it's time to go back to work: What an honor having the hard working, dedicated, FWC biologist with us. This is REAL, on-the-water, data: Thanks to Nestor... No weekend fishing. Good time to watch the Gators do what they do best: Good choice... Let's hope the weather let's us get back on the water and in the field. The Fall/Winter season in Florida has so much to offer. Outstanding fishing and: And now for the not-so-fishy mystery fish. This is a hard, very had, one. I took his picture in my back yard. What kind of bird is it? Hint! The Woods and Waters of our Florida have so much to offer many. But they can also be very dangerous. Be careful out there. No fish that swims; NO trophy in the woods, is worth one single human life. Hope you enjoyed being part of 'Our Florida' as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. See you on the water, and in the woods. Bob Harbison
  6. Native Floridian

    Fishing the Florida Middle Grounds on the Full Moon

    Here is the video from the rip: https://youtu.be/HYsPXN6b_uc
  7. Fishing the Florida Middle Grounds on the Full Moon Fishing the Florida Middle Grounds during the full of the moon can be outstanding not only at night, but also during the day. At nigh Mangrove Snapper tend to go a 'little' crazy under a bright full moon. This makes them hungry, very hungry. Day time fishing for Grouper and Amberjack can also be very good. Last year's October full moon Florida Fisherman ll trip loaded the boxes: Problem with the Florida Middle Grounds is the distance. It's a long ride! 10 A.M. Friday morning... We are ready, good and ready. Tammy has loaded that BIG, powerful, CAT with enough food and drinks to supply a small army. One thing is for sure, fish or no fish, Jersey Girl will make sure we do not go hungry or thirsty. Will it be worth the ride? Let's go see: Personal note: I have what I hope is a minor operation 10/18/19. In preparation my doctors advised me to skip this trip. Thanks to John and Tammy for sharing their camera skills. Talk about sharing their skills... Hope the ladies will not show us up too badly. That looks like a jackpot winner: It's looking good. The Mangos are running huge. And the best part, our federal two day limit is 20 per person with no closed season: Looks like the Gags are hungry also. As the water temperature cools the Gag fishing should be hot. Weather permitting, November and December Gag Grouper fishing will explode. The night bite produced an amazing variety: It's been a long night. Many of us 'try' to get a few hours sleep before the morning bite. Hard to leave our comfortable bunks? You had better believe it! That is until the smell of hot off the grill hickory smoked bacon fills the air. It's Tammy Time! Speaking of 'Tammy Time', Jersey Girl's favorite fish is Scamp Grouper. She is as good with that camera as she is with her grill. Take a look at some recent Tammy-pictures: Saturday morning: The Red Grouper are hungry... Once again it's time for: Think Gag grouper are the only big grouper that call the Florida Middle Grounds home? Think again! Nice Gag: Talk about big grouper... Note that full box of fish under Mr. Eric Deskins trophy Amberjack: Talk about trophy Amberjack. This looks like a BIG Boy: Looks like a... Late Saturday evening. After a fine Tammy meal it's bunk time. See you back at the dock. Sunday morning... Already! It can't be. Talk about a quick night: A reason the be proud: Nothing like coming home Sunday morning... Thank you John and Tammy for sharing... Fishing the Florida Middle Grounds on the Full Moon In pictures.
  8. Native Floridian

    Bear hunting in Florida

    We must be even stronger Bear hunting in Florida Craig Pittman Times Staff Writer Four years ago, after a series of bear attacks on humans, the commission voted to hold the state's first bear hunt in 21 years. It was supposed to last a week and the number of bears to be killed was not supposed to exceed 320. But Florida's hunters killed so many bears over the opening weekend - 304 - that state wildlife officials shut down the hunt after only two days. The vote to approve the 2015 hunt had already been controversial. Of the 40,000 calls, letters and emails sent to commissioners before their vote, 75 percent urged them to vote against reviving the bear hunt. Can't help but wonder how many of those 40,000 calls, letters, and emails were placed by real sportsmen/women? Sadly many of today's 'sportsmen' are more interested in finding fault with other sportsmen than fighting for any cause. case in point: (this was actually posted) " more bad pictures with goofy edits " 'finding fault with other sportsmen' ! A dream come true for... (I took the bear picture. They are all over the place) With little to NO control the bear population is exploding in many Florida Counties. Per FWC: Counties with at least a 50% increase: (1) West Panhandle 50% increase (2) South 50% increase (3) East Panhandle 86% increase (4) North 92% increase (home of Buck & Boar) State total = 4,050, a 53% increase Dated 03/17/2017 I took these pictures while attempting to hog hunt: 'With little to NO control the bear population is exploding in many Florida Counties'. Control is essential: Carefully managed controlled bear hunts benefit not only the bear, the hunter, but also the economy: In June 2015, the FWC approved a limited bear hunt to take place beginning 10/24/15. Because of revenue generated from bear permits the FWC was able to spread $825,000 through the BearWise program to 11 counties, three cities, and two homeowners' associations. Later $515,283 was distributed among seven counties, a parks department, a homeowners' association, and a community for servicing spouses of retired military members. Tuesday 10/08/2019 The State's new bear management plan does not call for another bear hunt. Instead, the 209-page daft plan from the FWC talks about managing the bears' habitat and access to trash bins. There's NO recommendation to hold a successor to the hunt that happened in 2015. Opposition to not only bear, but ALL hunting, is strong. If hunting in Florida is to remain part of our heritage... We must be even stronger. Organizations such as the Sierra Club and the Florida Humane Society are well funded and united; we are neither. The fact that there’s no recommendation for a new hunt is “good news for the bears,” said Frank Jackalone of the Sierra Club, an organization that had tried to halt the hunt in 2015. “We’re hopeful” that Florida is done with bear hunting, said Kate McFall of the Humane Society’s Florida chapter. “We will be continuing to watch this closely.” As Florida hunters... We must be even stronger.
  9. Native Floridian

    Pulling That Trigger

    Pulling That Trigger To many there is a lot more to hunting than 'pulling that trigger.' To many hunting is a time for socializing, a time for families, friends, and new friends to enjoy each others company in the great outdoors. Time, skill-level, economics and amount of effort needed to succeed all play a part in deciding where, when, and how we want to hunt. One of the most economical ways of hunting centers around Florida's wildlife management areas (WMA). At nearly 6 million acres the Sunshine State has one of the largest (WMA) systems in the country. Another very popular option is high fence. When hunting with reputable outfitters high fence hunting can be as easy, or as difficult, as we would like it to be. As with hunting in the wild, the bigger the hog, the bigger the challenge. I know; I hunted 'in the wild' for over 60 years. Hogs are hogs! The smaller meat hogs can often be relatively easy to harvest. The BIG boys are a complete different ball game. Many 'high fence' hogs have been trapped in the swamps of Florida. They are smart and have a nose that defies the imagination. Their defense-mechanisms are awesome, but they have one major flaw in their armament... Their stomach; they love to eat. Feed them and they will come... We hope! High fence, as with anything else, is only as good as the people who run it. Let's take a close-up look at three of Florida's best. First up... Tiger Island: The entire Tiger Island area is a step into a time long forgotten. First stop, Otter Creek. The Otter Creek population, like most of Florida, is exploding. The 2000 census list 121 residents. By 2016 that number had 'exploded' to 135. Otter Creek has its own Post Office, as well as a family owned & operated DELI different from anything seen in the big city. Where else can you still purchase real smoked mullet fresh from the skippers who caught the fish? How about a conch dinner, or a pound of Florida alligator meat? You can at Hershel's: Otter Creek homes are a 'little' different: Like to bond in the woods with your daughter? No better place than Tiger Island Outfitters: My Daughter, Dee: That really BIG boy knew every trick in the book. So did I: North of Otter Creek we find Two Guys And A Hog. Two Guys And A Hog, another one of Florida's best: Our guide, Francisco, let's the corn fly. Probably a good idea not to try this in any of Florida's WMA's. Remember when we said: "Their defense-mechanisms are awesome, but they have one major flaw in their armament... Their stomach; they love to eat" 'they love to eat', and I love to pull that trigger: Next up, Bear Bridge Ranch. This place is huge, over 100 acres under fence with plenty of places to hide. If not for the corn you could easily hunt the entire day and see nothing: 'To many hunting is a time for socializing' Talk about 'socializing?' How about after a long day in the field enjoying a relaxing evening by a real fire-place with good friends? Tony, a retired Tampa police officer, and I have been hunting together for decades. When Tampa officers shoot 'MASTER' they are rewarded with a day off with pay. Tony was rewarded many times. In the woods his weapon of choice: TAC Ultra: Rock Island Armory's 10mm 1911 Pistol with open sights: For longer shots that BAR 300 mag plays no games: To many there is a lot more to hunting than 'pulling that trigger.'
  10. Native Floridian

    Our Florida as seen through the eyes of a Florida native

    I have come to the conclusion that this getting old-stuff leaves a lot to be desired.
  11. Native Floridian

    My FL. Friends

    "I'm turning 60 very soon" Heck, you are still a kid. My daughter is almost that young. "Nice piggie" Thanks! Still trying to top this one. Have harvested many in the 200-225 range. But this is the biggest to date. One of these days I will let that 300 pounder know who the boss is: "You're an old guy" It's often been said you are only as old as you feel... I'm 150. "But I'm not going to surrender hope just yet." "passionate about being alive and being an American." Tell me about it! Being an American and a "live" Florida naive makes it the best of both words. But there is a 'little' problem... Looks like some could be jealous of us: "But here's to you oldish pups still going strong" Can't do the things we once did. But we are going to keep doing what we can for as long as we can.
  12. Native Floridian

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    Capt Mel & I often fished together on the Dunedin flats near Honeymoon Island. He himself put me on his forum. It was great. We had good time on the Capt.Mel fishing site. It was the best when Capt.Mel was alive. When he left us the Forum was never the same. I left!
  13. Native Floridian

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    Very glad to see this forum up & running again. Will post pictures & story of all my future fishing & hunting trips. Hopefully many will do the same. "Well we got too jokes, yours and mine. You are lucky to be borne in FL. and live there all your life" I feel so very fortunate. To me sharing with gentlemen like you is payback for living a lifetime in Paradise. Some more pictures: Remember these? At one time they were all over Tampa. Loved them! Started my Middle Grounds fishing on the Florida Fisherman l with the man himself, Captain Wilson Hubbard, as Captain: To me fishing & hunting were family affairs. My Mother & Brother are gone now. That's me in he middle: Remember these? I sold hamburger ground beef to them for ten years when I was a salesman for Tarnow meat company: Tarnow hamburger & sausage were the best of the best. The only better sausage was what I made and smoked myself from wild boars I had harvested: No sausage could come close to competing with that Bob sausage. My sausage was featured in Woods'nWater Magazine: "Hopefully many will do the same" Help me guys. Let's make this the best forum on the Internet Strongly suggest adding a PREVIEW capability.
  14. Native Floridian

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    Sir, my reply was also intended as a joke. Sorry if it offended in any way. I went back and changed it. Remember this? Courtney Campbell Causeway Caught a lot of Reds, trout, and blue crabs wading out on the miles of grass flats off the causeway. Then we would come back to our little hut and cook them on the grill that was provided. When not fishing it was time for: Never did figure out if I liked the smoked mullet or shrimp better. I remember the shrimp were served in a paper bag. Both were fantastic. Mullet Inn had a huge smoke house. They would smoke our King Fish for us for .25 cents a pound. Why pay $1:00 for our Reds & Trout bait? We easily caught our own shrimp on the shallow grass flats. Those numerous two foot deep patches of grass were loaded with big shrimp. Guys & Gals, I remember things about the Tampa Bay area of yesteryear few can even dream about today. Remember this? I do! Lived within 10 miles of the Jesuit High School area my entire life. Graduated from Jesuit in 1961, and then the University of Tampa. I still attend Jesuit football games. What a thrill parking in the same spot I parked in over 50 years ago: One big difference, back then we had all boy cheerleaders. Now that's a 'cute' change. Would love to talk to anyone who remembers Tampa from years ago. My E. Mail address: [email protected]
  15. Native Floridian

    Our Florida as seen through the eyes of a Florida native

    Thanks a bunch. Coming from you that means a great deal to me. "old man" Hold on... It's often said you are only as old as you feel. I am 150!