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  1. Native Floridian

    Florida Fisherman ll May 44 hour full moon trip

    Time for a comforting hot shower and a visit to Jersey-Girl: Time to hit our comfortable bunks for the long ride home. See you back at the dock: Early Sunday morning. Jacob is all smiles: Talk about 'all smiles'! Winning both the snapper & grouper jackpots will put a smile on anyone's face: When Tammy gets home, she is all smiles: Check out the action-packed video of our trip. You will be amazed: https://youtu.be/to9OaKAF3Xo Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  2. Native Floridian

    Florida Fisherman ll May 44 hour full moon trip

    Fishing out of North Carolina is the father/son team of David and Jacob Sorrells: Blackfin Tuna are no match for Jacob, he caught two: Young Jacob is in the eighth grade at Carton Middle School. He is anxiously awaiting High School. Jacob not only fishes, but loves to hunt. His favorite weapon... The mighty 45-70. Graduate from High School? You had better believe it. To honor the event, Dad has promised a caribou hunt. Way to go, Son, way to go: When you are fishing 100 miles off Madeira Beach, Florida, even the porgy's are a 'little' on the LARGE size: June welcomes the opening of American Red Snapper, and Gag Grouper season. ARS we be open from 6/1 until 8/2; Gag Grouper will remain open for the remainder of the year. Pay Back Time: Staff sergeant, Mr. Jason Cubero, Lithia, Florida, has served our country for the last 18 years. What an honor having this American Hero fishing with us. Mr. Cubero is stationed at MacDill Air force base. This brings back many memories. In the fifties B-52 were stationed at MacDill. Once you have seen one coming in for a landing, roof-top high, you will never forget it: Speaking of never forgetting, sergeant Cubero will never forget what this Gag did to his rod: We were in huge Triggerfish the entire trip: Talk about huge: How about 'huge' eyes? Saturday evening... We have been fishing for over 24 hours:
  3. Native Floridian

    Florida Fisherman ll May 44 hour full moon trip

    Things are looking good, very good: As we prepare to fish all day Saturday, Will makes sure Friday's huge catch is iced down: Let the fights continue:
  4. Florida Fisherman ll May 44 hour full moon trip Last Tuesday the Florida returned with a huge African Pompano: The prized African Pompano can be found throughout the tropical oceans and seas of the world from the east and west coasts of the USA, South America, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia, Australia, as well as many islands of the Pacific: Let's do it again! Next week we will be anxiously awaiting the return of one of Florida's best, Mr. Larry Miller. Larry is now in Canada fishing the Detroit River, and Lake Michigan for huge Lake Trout, and Coho Salmon: Larry, wish you could be with us for this trip. Friday, May 17, 2019, as we board the Florida Fisherman ll for a 44 hour full moon trip our thoughts are on snapper. The May full moon is 5/18/19 @ 5:11 P.M. Snapper have a tendency to go a little 'crazy' during the full of the moon periods. First-up... Plenty of very lively Pinfish: Let's go! Will goes for the GOLD: See you Sunday morning. We are out of here: Will and Jason makes sure we are ready. Staff Sargent Mr. Jason Cubero is all ears: Speaking of ready... Boy! Are we ever ready for this: We will be fishing for over 24 hours. Rest is essential: But trolling is ever so exciting:
  5. Native Floridian

    Hot catch in May

    Florida picture perfect weather, a mountain of fish, great friends, the best of food, and a comforting hot shower... It's time to hit our bunks for the long ride home. Early Sunday morning, already? Just think! In June we can add Red Snapper and Gag Grouper to this pile: As first mate Will hands out our fish, we are already thinking about next weekend, next weekend when we do it all over again: Nothing like coming home in the money: Guys & Girls, this was going to be my mystery fish. But even when the FWC biologist are not sure what kind of fish it is, I decided it was too tough to call. Here is what Butch, FWC, says: " its looks like a wrasse maybe a creole wrasse? Theres hundreds of these little fish ot there that form part of the diet of most fish. Hogfish are also a wrasse" Butch Check out the action packed video of our trip. If you did not see it for yourself, you would not believe what the Florida Middle Grounds & Vicinity have to offer: https://youtu.be/4FFM_Y0AJyM Photo credits: Mr. John Martin, Chef Tammy Koota, Bob Harbison And a very special thanks to Captain Dylan Hubbard for carrying on the family tradition of excellence for four, soon to be five, generations: Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  6. Native Floridian

    Hot catch in May

    Sun-up 100 miles off Madeira Beach, Florida... Priceless! The 'bite' continues: A young Captain goes to work: Dr. Tony sir, a Mangrove Snapper like that will put a BIG smile on anyone's face: The night Mangrove bite was strong. Looks like it's going to be non-stop: Jersey Girl records the action: It's a good thing we have a two day limit: The Gags and Triggers are ready for lunch: Did someone say lunch? That's not just a burger... That's a one of a kind, 'Tammy Burger!' Hey! I'm hungry too: Watch Tony's great tuna fight 12 seconds into the video at the end of this presentation: Talk about a fighting machine: We have been trying to get away from the American Red Snapper the entire trip... Forget it! With a 2 day possession limit, and a season from June 1, until August 2, pay-back time is close, very close! Late Saturday evening... Nature at its best: Talking about the best:
  7. Native Floridian

    Hot catch in May

    Hot catch in May Traditionally as the weather warms so does the fishing. A typical first of May catch: Will may 3, 2019, continue the 'Tradition'? Only one way to find out. Join us on the Florida Fisherman ll as our fishing coach, Mr. John Martin, and fourth generation owner-operator, Captain Dylan Hubbard welcome us to an overnight 39 hour serious fishing trip for serious fishermen/women. John has camera in hand to record all the action: Open wide John's Pass Bridge; we are on a mission: Trolling on the way out can be very productive: Friday night fishing on the Fabulous Florida Middle Grounds and Vicinity defies the imagination. For those who have never tried it, you cannot even begin to imagine what you are missing: Before it gets too late Captain Garett and sons enjoy a movie: The 'bite' is on-going: Be very careful around these guys; they will hurt you.
  8. Native Floridian

    Hunting in Florida

    The State of Florida is sportsman's Paradise; a mecca for both the hunter and fisherman. There is a very good reason why Florida is recognized as the 'Fishing Capital of the World.' But what about hunting? Every fall of the year thousands anxiously await the beginning of a sport that has been embedded deep withing our very foundation... Hunting! Florida's public wildlife management areas (WMA) offer excellent opportunities for those even on a strict budget. Florida has one of the largest wildlife management area systems in the country at nearly 6 million acres. FWC is the lead manager or landowner on over 1.4 million acres and works in partnership with other governmental or private landowners on another 4.5 million acres. This statewide network of remote and scenic lands is managed for conservation and recreation. Healthy habitats and abundant game populations are the result of dedicated professionals – wildlife biologists, land managers, partners and volunteers – who work to ensure wildlife have the conditions needed to thrive. During the decade of the 1960s Florida's deer herds were experiencing strong annual increases. The art and science of wildlife management was becoming more science and less art. Arrests for game violations increased 5-fold from the early 1940s. Deer numbers increased 10-fold and annual deer harvest was over 40,000 animals. Sound FWC wildlife and habitat management practices coupled with more effective law enforcement caused deer numbers to continue growing throughout the decades of the 1970s and '80s. The year 1985 marked the first time in Florida's recorded history that white-tailed deer harvest exceeded 100,000 animals. And the trend continues: But that's just the beginning. The Sunshine State has a huge population of the very hard to hunt turkey: Florida turkey hunters can hunt two subspecies of turkey, the Eastern: And the, Florida only, Osceola. Because of their unique and small distribution the Osceola is highly sought after as a real Sunshine State trophy: Prefer the fields? Try quail and dove: Like to hunt swamps? Think ducks and sniper are easy to hunt; easy to hit? Think again? And, while in the Florida woods, never forget: Even the squirrels are abundant and ever so fun to hunt. The State of Florida is sportsman's Paradise; a mecca for both the hunter and fisherman. Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  9. Native Floridian

    The Great Kingfish BATTLE

    The Great Kingfish BATTLE One thing is for sure; when we hook a monster Kingfish we are in for one heck of a fight. A fight of un-imaginable speed and power. Will, first mate for over ten years on the Florida Fisherman ll, has been there many times. April 16, 2019, with only 17 guest on the Florida both Will and trusted mate, Jason, will have plenty of time to 'wet a line.' With this dynamic-duo... The mighty King has absolutely... Or does it? Watch the great battle 8:25 minutes into the YouTube video at the end of this presentation. The legacy begins: When Captain Wilson Hubbard was 17 he bought five rowboats and forty cane poles for $150.00. Today Will continues the legacy with the use of his home-made cane pole. Notice that cane gaff? You will see it again. Jason uses the cane pole to catch a Red Snapper: And now the rest of the story: Late Wednesday: We did extremely well on Gag Grouper last year; this year is looking even better. And, the best part, the season opens June 1, and remains open until the end of the year. Nice Mangrove Snapper: Look at that Yellowtail Snapper: We have been catching Mutton Snapper on every trip: The night-bite was good: Wednesday morning: Hope the fish are still hungry. They are! No matter how hard we try we simply cannot get away from the 'endangered' American Red Snapper: Tammy, look at that Red Grouper: You never know what you may catch 100 miles off Madeira Beach, Florida: Nice Triggers! Looks like the entire boat will limit-out on Triggerfish: Good to see so many Muttons: Watching all those fish being caught makes me hungry: With few guest and a little off time, Will does his thing. And he does it well. He, we, will never forget this... The 'Great BATTLE' begins on the stern: Will 'BATTLES' the monster to the bow: Under the anchor... Thanks, Cliff: Finally! We see color: With Will on the rod, and Jason on the gaff, remember when we said... The mighty King has... Or does it? Jason shows us how not to use a gaff: Both Will and Jason are good art what they do. Regardless, even the best can't win them all. The mighty King is officially: Maybe it's time for The Florida's Fishing Coach, Mr. John Martin, to step in. John has been fishing Florida waters his entire life: Late Wednesday evening. Time to start thinking about: And now, some good, some not so good news, and some great news: First the good: This Friday, April 19, 2019, is another 44 hour full moon trip. Last year's April full of the moon trip was outstanding: The not so good: Due to... This year's April 44 hour full moon trip has been canceled. And now the great news: In September we welcome the fifth generation of the legacy: Be sure to 'catch' the following action-packed video. Watch, first hand, as Will and Jason fight, 'The Great Kingfish BATTLE.' https://youtu.be/TPNyEr59eis Got any "Great BATTLES' to share? After all, this is Florida, Florida the Fishing Capital of the World.
  10. Traditionally with April comes hotter weather.... Hotter weather and hotter fishing. April begins, 2018: April 12, 2019... Let's go get 'um! One slight problem. This BIG, bad, boy just tore across Texas and is headed our way. Arrival time Late Saturday, early Sunday morning: No problem for the Florida Fisherman ll, but, at my advanced age, a little too rough for this old man. It's very hard watching Will, Jason, and Captain Bryon leave: Hopefully we will get back to 'Picture Florida Perfect' weather soon. Hope they do well. First things first: Will hits the GOLD! These extended trips are much more than just another fishing trip. What an opportunity for old and new friends to bond, bond on the water: Think the long ride out is boring? Think again! The Florida has mastered the art of trolling: Think trolling on a headboat is new? Think again! Captain Wilson Hubbard: Talk about bonding! The family that fishes together... Stays together: Think night time fishing is slow? Think again. Remember... This is Florida! Think back-breakers only do their thing at night? Think again! Look at that: The highly sought after Mutton Snapper: The hard to get away from 'endangered' American Red Snapper: The colorful Red Grouper: Lady power on the Florida: Sun-down... Always special on the water: Talk about special... Sun-down is Tammy Time: Sunday morning... Already? It can't be! Back at the dock: In the money: Think headboat fishing is new to Florida? Think again: Thanks to the Florida's Fishing Adviser, Mr. John Martin, for taking the outstanding pictures and video. Thanks to fourth generation owner-operator Captain Dylan Hubbard for making it all possible: Check out the action packed video taken by Mr. John Martin. Many of the still shots come from the video. See how many you can find. https://youtu.be/H1L1Hy5VWsg Traditionally with April comes hotter weather... Hotter weather and hotter fishing.
  11. See if you can spot these scenes in this action packed on the water video. https://youtu.be/NneHnPGtf5g Bob HarbisonFlorida Outdoor Writers Association
  12. Native Floridian

    Fishing with one of the best... Captain Garett Hubbard

    As our sun slides into the warm, tropical, Gulf of Mexico waters... We have one thing on our minds... It's Tammy time: That's not just chili; that's made from scratch, home-made, 'Jersey Girl' Tammy chili: Bed time! Hold on... They are bringing American Reds into my bunk area for me to photograph. It never STOPS! Sorry NOAA, but the Red Snapper situation is out of control. So much for a healthy balance: Finally: Sunday morning... Already! It can't be. Captain Garett, you are not the only one who has introduced his son to fishing. The family that fishes together, stays together: Back at the dock... Now that's one proud Captain: That creature with the teeth hit the scales at 45 pounds. It took Father/Daughter teamwork to land the monster: Nothing like coming home early Sunday morning, 'in the money!' Will & Cliff take one last look at Mr. Manderson's trophy. We still cannot believe our eyes. Be sure to catch the action in this action-packed video of our trip. (click on th YouTube link) https://youtu.be/lzxRlQSVUQ8 Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  13. Native Floridian

    Fishing with one of the best... Captain Garett Hubbard

    The ladies show us how to catch Scamp Grouper: Thanks Girls: Look at the size of those Triggers: Nice Red Grouper: Guys, as we who actually fish know, it's often impossible to get away from the 'endangered' American Red Snapper. We caught, properly vented, and released over 100 on this trip:
  14. Native Floridian

    Fishing with one of the best... Captain Garett Hubbard

    This lady, this woman, can do a lot more than be a friend to birds-in-need. Jason, this is a real Daddy, Daughter, fish catching team: Watch the 'team' in action as they team-up on a prized Blackfin Tuna 15.4 minutes into the video. Mr. John Martin records the action: Jason, now hold on... Take a look at those teeth: The Florida's fishing coach, Mr. John Martin, a proud Florida native, has been fishing the Sunshine State's waters for a life time. He is an expert at catching the elusive Mangrove Snapper and Gag Grouper. Talk to John; he can make a good fisherman, a great fisherman: In Captain Garett's own words, the fish are "chewing"!
  15. Fishing with one of the best... Captain Garett Hubbard In my 40+ years of fishing with Hubbard's Marina I have fished with some of the best, most dedicated, captains in the business. Young Captain Garett Hubbard has earned my respect both as a Captain and as a man. Captain Garett began his career on the Miss Pass-a-Grille in 1997. He earned his 100 ton Captain License in 2001. In 2006 he graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in finance. Captain Garett ran the Miss Pass-a-Grille until 2007. In 2008 he found his home with Hubbard's Marina, and has been there ever since. In 2012 he married Carrieann. They have two sons, Rhett & Rhys. Captain Garett the dedicated husband, father, takes his responsibilities seriously. Like father, like sons... These boys, like their father, will grow up to be real men. Captain Garett runs both 1/2 day as well as extended overnight trips on the Florida Fisherman ll. He is a hands-on Captain with a big smile and a helping hand. Think Captain Garett does not take 1/2 day trips seriously? Think again: Friday, April 5, 2019, 8 A.M. Captain Garett Hubbard first guides the five hour 1/2 day trip, followed by the extended overnight 39 hour trip to the far off Florida Middle Grounds and vicinity. And vicinity, Captain Garett will go wherever the fish are. 3 P.M. Captain Hubbard, Co-Captain Dennis, and 39 extremely excited guest are more than ready to challenge the creatures of the deep: And what a 'challenge' it turned out to be. The prized, elusive, Hogfish is a real challenge to catch on hook and line. But not for Lakeland Florida's Mr. Orrett Manderson. Mr. Manderson's bait of choice, squid: Captain Garett and Will can't believe their eyes: Mr. Manderson's, trophy hit the scales at 17.75 pounds; a new Florida Fisherman ll record. Sir, Lakeland, Florida, will never be the same: The Florida Hogfish record, caught off Daytona Beach, is 19.8 pounds. Mr. Manderson is having his once-in-a-lifetime trophy mounted. Watch the epic battle 12 seconds into the video at the end of this presentation. And now the rest of the story. Captain Dylan Hubbard, Chef 'Jersey-Girl' Tammy, and the Florida's fishing Coach, Mr. John Martin, welcome us to our home away from home for the next 39 hours, the Florida Fisherman ll: Madeira Beach, Florida, so much to see and do. Don's Dock, a full service dock, far end of the famous John's Pass Boardwalk, has been offering the finest, freshest, seafood ever since 1987: Will has been the first mate on the Florida for over ten years; he makes sure we are ready for the challengers sure to come: Late Friday we are close to 100 miles off Madeira Beach; we are ready, ready to fish. Jason, who is your friend? Wow! Talk about big smiles: Mr. Manderson, sir you do not know it yet, but you have even a bigger smile coming: Watch Will 6:15 minutes into the video at the end of this report as he shows us how to prepare a Lionfish for the table: Captain Garett is always more than willing to offer a helping hand, a helping hand with a big smile: Now there is a fish we seldom see, a Tilefish: Jason, looks like our new friend needs some motherly love: