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  1. Native Floridian

    Hunting in Florida

    Sounds really good. Please share pictures when you hunt.
  2. Native Floridian

    Good time to reflect on dove hunting

    Good time to reflect on dove hunting. July 12, 2019, American Red Snapper season ends for recreational fishermen. The entire season has been hampered by terrible weather. The end of ARS season, Madeira Beach, Florida: Good time to reflect on dove hunting Some of my fondest memories center around dove hunting. Many years ago dove flocks were huge: For many dove hunting was a social event beginning with a huge cook-out: The food, as well as the hunt, were enjoyed by both young and old alike: Women were always welcome: That created a huge problem... Was really embarrassing when the girls out-shot us: After the hunt another hard to beat feast. Hickory Smoked Bacon and... Also did a lot of snipe hunting: Still don't know which is harder to hit... Dove or snipe. What do you think? For many of us it's always a 'Good time to reflect on dove/snipe hunting.' Any fond memories of dove/snipe hunting? Please share! Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  3. Native Floridian

    Best Fourth of July Celebration EVER

    In the money: Best Fourth of July Celebration EVER You had better believe it! 'Catch' the action packed video of our trip: https://youtu.be/JVB078alf84 Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association Special thanks to 'Jersey-Girl' Tammy for bringing that special touch to our home-cooked meals, and for providing photography assistance. And to fourth generation owner/operator Captain Dylan Hubbard for making it all possible.
  4. Native Floridian

    Best Fourth of July Celebration EVER

    Nap time: Be sure to bring a heavy blanket. Even during the Florida heat of July the Florida's massive air conditioners keep it very cool inside the cabin. Those huge compressors play no games: An hour and a half later we are deep into Red Snapper land. Let the fights begin... 4 P.M. Everyone on board has now completely limited out (2 day limit) on American Red Snapper. From now on it's strictly vent & release. Next up... Mangrove Snapper, Scamp Grouper, and Blackfin Tuna: As the sun goes down... We are fish-catching dirty, tired, and hungry. After a relaxing hot shower it's Tammy time: That's not just chicken & yellow rice; that's Tammy chicken & yellow rice: You will not believe how much we appreciate our comfortable, air-conditioned, bunks: After a long ride home it's 'back at the dock!'
  5. Best Fourth of July Celebration EVER Our nation is born July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence declares that this country, this new country, is no longer subject to British rule. We are and will forever be united, independent, and FREE. To a large extent we are free because of the dedication of the men and women who serve in the strongest, best equipped, armed forces ever known to mankind. We are free because of men like Colonel Roger Poulin. Roger, as he prefers to be called, served in the United States Army for over twenty three years. What an honor calling this American hero FRIEND! How does Roger celebrate the birth of our nation? No better way than from the deck of the Florida Fisherman ll. Join us as 'We the People' of this great nation celebrate what to us is more important than life itself, our FREEDOM! The Florida is ready and so are we... Let's go! Our Captain for this 'Best Fourth of July Celebration EVER' is one of the best of the best, Captain Garett Hubbard: This is serious fishing for serious fishermen & women. When Will, first mate on the Florida for over 10 years, shares his, 'tricks-of-the-trade' we listen: Tammy has been the chef on the Florida for over ten years. When Tammy shares her, 'tricks-of-the-trade' we eat: What an honor having the dedicated biologist of our FWC on board with us. This is real on the water, not behind the desk, data. These biologist are 'hands-on'. The Captain's son learns about the American Red Snapper: There is a nice subject to be studied: Not to be left out, our targeted fish for this very special day, the pride of the South, the American Red Snapper: Sunrise over the Fabulous Florida Middle Grounds... Stunning! The night Mangrove Snapper bite was strong: American Reds and Gag Grouper join the, 'Celebration.' Our highly dedicated, skilled, FWC biologist are still hard at work: The mangrove Snapper bite is ongoing: Lunch 'Tammy' time. Our, 'Best Fourth of July Celebration EVER' would not be complete without the all American burger: After lunch Captain Garett announces that we are going to make a long run to much deeper water. We are going to try and completely limit-out (2 day limit) on American Red Snapper.
  6. Native Floridian

    Beat The Heat

    Love the report ans on the water pictures. Good job!
  7. Native Floridian

    Beat The Heat

    Love the report and on the water pictures. Good job!
  8. Florida Fisherman ll Grouper/Snapper 39 hour trip 6/28/19 This was posted on another thread... "Yah Bob...you guys are fishing in a completely different neighborhood. "Jurassic Marine Park" Guess our 'neighborhood' is a little 'different!' After all, not too many fish 100 miles off beautiful Madeira Beach, Florida. Seldom do we see another boat the entire trip. That's a shame; the Florida Middle Grounds and vicinity have so much to offer. Wish more could enjoy the 170 varieties of fish that call the Grounds home. Can't make it? No problem! Come along as we explore "Jurassic Marine Park" through on the water pictures and video. As we leave beautiful John's Pass there is... Bad Omen? NO WAY! Look at the size of that Mangrove Snapper: Think the Snapper are big? You won't believe the size of the Gag Grouper: Did you know that Gags roam from North Carolina to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the Gulf of Mexico, and even in Tampa Bay? The Florida Middle Grounds and vicinity are prime Gag territories, and they are running BIG... Thanks to John & Tammy for bringing "Jurassic Marine Park" to us: And a very special thanks to Captain & Mrs. Dylan Hubbard, and soon to be generation #5, for bringing quality fishing to so many. Catch the action in this on the water video: https://youtu.be/k9W_Y_MbWQg
  9. What Florida really is I am a Florida native who is ever so proud of our Tropical Paradise. What an honor sharing the Sunshine State with other sportsmen/women across this great country of ours. I have seen our woods and waters like few can even begin to imagine: What about today? Is Florida still the Fishing Capital of the World? On the water pictures and video tell the story, the story of 'what Florida really is', much better than any words could possibly describe. June 21, 2019, the Florida Fisherman ll leaves beautiful Madeira Beach, Florida, on a 39 hour excursion to the far off Florida Middle Grounds and beyond. This is 'what Florida really is': Great catches, great hunting, yesteryear, today, and tomorrow, this is... What Florida really is 'Catch' the on the water video from 6/21/19 https://youtu.be/7zlxNNm7RdI
  10. I am a proud Florida native who has been been fishing central Florida waters ever since the late forties. To say that fishing is in my blood would be a gross understatement. I am ever so proud of our state and take great pride in sharing this Paradise on earth with others. To 'share' with fellow sportsmen/women such places as the fabulous Florida Middle Grounds and beyond is to me a dream come true. Problem is the great distances involved. A trip to the Grounds can easily be 100+ miles one way. For serious anglers properly equipped headboats can easily make the trip. However, most of these trips last 39-44 hours or more. Fishing deep-drop for such species as the prized Yellowfin Grouper can take even loner. Fine if you have the time, but what if you don't? One alternative is Hubbard's Marina first of its kind Flying Hub ll: This faster than fast catamaran can reach the Grounds in two hours. And that can be just the starting point. The fishing is often incredible. Rich, talk about a memory to last a life time: Ever see a Yellowedge Grouper? Looks a lot different from a Gag. How about bigger that BIG Kitty Mitchell Grouper? Talk about real beauty: Talk about a real fight: Did you know that Cobia is also called Lemonfish, or Ling? There is a new potential 50# line class Cobia record. Captain Jimbo Thomas's trophy hit the IGFA scales at 121.2 pounds: Now that looks really good. Hope they are hungry: They are: All good things must come to an end. The last 'fish' of the day: 'I am ever so proud of our state and take great pride in sharing this Paradise on earth with others.' Please join us in sharing you wonderful experiences on the waters of our... Check out the video of the Flying HUB ll in action. See how may pictures you recognize from the video: https://youtu.be/GdMbOWv_cI8
  11. Native Floridian

    Rough Weather FISHING

    Rough Weather FISHING As can be expected during American Red Snapper season the weather leaves a lot to be desired. The snapper are there, but getting to them can be a challenge. June 18, 2019, as we prepare to leave for the far off Snapper Grounds we know it's going to be rough. Just outside of John's Pass Bridge the white-caps are huge. Here is where a 72' long catamaran, the Florida Fisherman ll, is really appreciated. You would not believe how well that BIG CAT takes rough water. To push a boat that big, that heavy, through rough seas takes a tremendous amount of power. The Florida has two massive 1, 150 HP Caterpillar diesels: <a href="http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/JUNE%2018%202019/44_zpslk1zspkr.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="https://i644.photobucket.com/albums/uu162/harbisonphoto/JUNE%2018%202019/44_zpslk1zspkr.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 44_zpslk1zspkr.jpg"/></a> Will has been limbering-up the shoulder; he is ready for 'The great line toss!' Tammy is ready for us. That Italian Sausage Sup with all the trimmings is heaven-on-earth: The Florida is an eating, fish-catching, sleeping machine: In addition to Red Snapper, the Gag Grouper fishing has been good: The night mangrove Snapper and Gag Grouper bite has been on-going, but slower than we would like. Many of us are resting; after-all, we will be challenging the creatures of the deep for twenty hours; being well rested is essential. Early Wednesday morning... The smell of hot off the grill hickory smoked bacon fills the air. Are you hungry ye? We are not the only ones ready for breakfast: It's really rough but we still have a stable platform from which to fish. Look at that Mangrove Snapper. Hard to fool, no closed season, and great to eat makes the Mangrove a prime target. Our two day possession limit is 20. Twenty Mangrove Snapper is a very good catch. Add Grouper, Vermilion Snapper Kings, etc., and it's easy to see why Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World. And, never to be left out, is the American Red Snapper. Catching you first ever American Red is a memory that will last until the end of time: The bite is not fast, but on-going. Captain Bryon, Will, and Rich are very proud of us: The fish are not the only hungry ones. That's not just a burger; that's a Tammy Burger: It's wonderful seeing the younger generation interested in fishing. This young man , this real man, is off to a great start. Drugs? NO WAY! 'I have better things to do!' Mr. Larry Miller flew in from Canada to 'catch' our American Red Snapper season. This is special, a very special time of the year: The ladies are showing us how it's done: A father/son team. This is'son's first trip on the Florida. He thinks he can win the Snapper jackpot. Can he? We are finding that the huge numbers of American Reds are found in waters past the 150' mark. For us in Central Florida that's a very long, expensive, run. On a head boat the tremendous expense is shared among many: That's some Trigger: Looks like Larry can catch more than American Reds. The prized Scamp Grouper: The best of the best: The Gags are running BIG, mean, and ready for a fight. The Gag won this one: But not this one: This young man is an expert at more than Gags: Rough Weather FISHING We ended up with a nice catch of Mangrove Snapper, Gags, Scamp, and the Florida completely limited out (two day limit) on American Red Snapper: Before we hit our bunks for the long, very long, ride home... It's Tammy time. Jersey Girl, that Chicken Alfredo will put the finest Italian restaurant to shame: Thursday morning, back at the dock. That is one proud young man: Dad, you can be proud of the man your son has become: Talk about a nice catch: Can a young man win the Snapper jackpot his first trip on the boat: You had better believe it: This father/son team will be back soon, soon and often. The snapper are there, but getting to them can be a challenge. Hopefully Rough Weather FISHING will settle-down and allow many more to enjoy what the Sunshine State has to offer. We did not see another boat this entire trip. That's a shame. Check out the action-packed video of our trip: https://youtu.be/4oc7_nchAbE A special thanks to fourth generation owner/operator Captain Dylan Hubbard for bringing the best of fishing to so many. Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  12. Native Floridian

    Rough Weather Good Fishing

    Rough Weather Good Fishing This is American Red Snapper Season, and, as can be expected, the weather looks: It's: Our dry, comfortable, bunk/galley areas will be really appreciated: Late Friday night; it's extremely rough and very wet. That big Cat takes it well and so do we. Lady Power: Mr. John Martin, fishing coach on the Florida, does a lot more than tell us how... He shows us! Talk about 'showing-us-how', the ladies are doing just that: The American Red Snapper: Nice Red Grouper: The Gags are running BIG and mean: Saturday evening: We are wet, hungry, and tired. The Florida's two hot showers are really appreciated: After a visit to 'Tammy Land' it's take us home Captain John: Home to, 'back at the dock' where, after a 'Rough Weather Good Fishing' trip, it's all smiles: Catch the action packed video of our trip: https://youtu.be/SFDhwLegDek A very special thanks to Mr. John Martin, and Captain Dylan Hubbard, for making this report possible:
  13. Native Floridian

    Huge Florida Fisherman ll catch

    This is getting embarrassing: Thanks to the girls the entire boat has completely limited-out on American Red Snapper: Gags before dinner, and the best part, the season will remain open until the end of the year: Did someone mention dinner? Hey! That's not just Lasagna, that's Tammy Lasagna. But there is a problem... Way too much meat & cheese. These are the types of 'problems' we have when it's Tammy Time: Picture Florida Perfect Weather, Great people to be around, and the finest of food. Who could ask for anything more? Well ! A good friend, Omar, is proud of his limited out catch of Red Snapper and a very nice Gag Grouper. Omar began his Hubbard's fishing career many years ago on Captain Wilson Hubbard's second head boat, the MISS PASS-A-GRILLE ll: Prices were a 'little' different way-back-when: I began my career with Hubbard's in 1976 on the Florida Fisherman l. Anyone remember either of those great old boats? Omar is a graduate of Tampa Catholic High School. I graduated from Jesuit. Tampa Catholic/Jesuit is always one of he biggest High School football games of the entire season. It's always standing room only. Jesuit has won for the last 19 years: Brings back a lot of memories. When not on on the Florida Fisherman ll I go to every home game. What a thrill parking in the exact same spot I parked in over 1/2 a century ago. Must admit I am proud of my school. Last year 100% of Jesuit's graduating class was accepted into the university of their choice. Only one thing left until we do it all over again Friday. In all the Florida has 23 overnight trips scheduled for ARS season. Hope to see some private boats on the Grounds with us. Often we go the entire trip without seeing another boat. Properly managed, without being over-managed, there is plenty of room & fish for everyone. Catch the action packed video of our trip. Even after watching you will not believe your eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBMLbx4DmMM Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  14. Huge Florida Fisherman ll Catch Due to sector/separation federally permitted head/charter boats American Red Snapper and Gag Grouper seasons opened June 1. Very soon the seasons will be open to the privately owned 'sector' also. Hopefully we all have a terrific season. June 4, 2019, Chef 'Jersey Girl' Tammy is ready and so are we. That BIG Cat is completely sold-out: Captain Bryon Holland, one of the best in the business, will be guiding us to what we hope is a 'Huge Florida Fisherman ll Catch!' Will has missed 'The Great line Toss' on the last two attempts. He says the arm is ready for this one. This is the BIG one! We will be fishing 100 miles off Madeira Beach, Florida. On the long ride out here is always plenty to see and do: Talk about something to do. Nothing beats eating a fine meal. Grilled Italian sausage, peppers, onions, and melted cheese on a very fresh bun is hard to beat. Topped off with the finest red potato salad and we have a meal fit for a hungry Florida Fisherman. Now that we are completely 'stuffed' let's hit our comfortable bunks. After all, we will be fishing for 20 straight hours; rest is essential. Midnight... After hitting the GOLD on the 'Great Line Toss' Will is still all smiles: As usual, the ladies show us how it's done: Nice Gag: We ended the night with 300 Mangrove Snapper, and a dozen Gags. Time to re-charge before doing battle with some of the 170 species of fish that call the Florida Middle Grounds home: There was a problem with those fresh blueberry pancakes... Way too many blueberries. Time to go to work. Captain Bryon, this looks good, very good: The Lady and the Scamp: Not to be left out: As we push out into much deeper water the 'endangered', about to go 'extinct', American Red Snapper are big, plentiful, and so very hungry: Can't help but wonder where she has been, and where she is going: The Bonito is highly sought after as one of the best baits available: We are starved. To talk about 'a meal fit for a hungry Florida Fisherman,' is to talk about a Tammy burger: That ride to deep-water was well worth the trip: The entire boat is approaching our two day possession limit of 4 American Reds each: The girls are doing their part:
  15. June 1, 2019, for federally permitted head/charter boats American Red Snapper and Gag Grouper season opens. Mr. John Martin and I, Bob Harbison, are both Florida natives who have been fishing the waters of the Sunshine State our entire lives. To us sharing our Florida is much more than a hobby; it's a passion. We love our great state and take pride in showing off the wonders of this Tropical Paradise. In order to better showcase ARS & Gag season I, Bob, will be covering Tuesday, John Friday, overnight trips on the Florida Fisherman ll. Thanks John for providing the following... The season is getting off to a very good start. Saturday, June 1, 2019: And now the rest of the story. Late Friday night (early Saturday morning): And the best part, Gag season remains open until the end of the year. We have been catching huge Yellowtail Snapper: Look at that Mangrove Snapper. No Closed Season and a two day possession limit of 20: The American Reds are running BIG and PLENTIFUL. The man himself, Captain Mark Hubbard, leads the way: A good friend, a family man, and a real gentleman: Dr. Tony is a family physician, friend, and another real gentleman: Tony specializes in huge King Fish. He catches most on a flat-line: An extremely strong current is making Mangrove Snapper fishing difficult, but many real beauties are still hitting the deck of the Florida Fisherman ll: Look at the deep-dark color on these prized Red Grouper: It's going to be a good year: Gag fishing is good, as the weather cools it will get even better. Nothing like coming home 'In The money'! This is our Florida, our Tropical Paradise: If you are too busy to go fishing, you are just too busy! check out the video of our trip: https://youtu.be/8BAhIr3PZTc