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  1. Native Floridian

    Musk Ox Hunt

    With week after week of terrible weather I am considering a Musk Ox hunt: Not exactly sure how this Florida native would take 'cooler' weather: Would take this to camp: Could possibly be a 'little' different from Florida: Next up: Three hours later: A long, very long, shot: Talk about a trophy: Looks exciting! Anybody ever hunted Musk Ox?
  2. Native Floridian

    Mangrove Snapper And much More

    Mangrove Snapper And Much More What an honor and a great privilege it has been to bring our Florida into the homes of fellow sportsmen/women all over this big, wide, wonderful country of ours for well over 1/2 a century. What a ride it has been. The ride continues: The Sunshine State has so much to offer. We started the new decade by taking a close look at Hogs that swim, and hogs that don't: We took an in-depth look at one of Florida's most sought after fish, the elusive Mangrove Snapper: In my journeys I have met many interesting people; non more interesting than Captain Dylan Hubbard. When I first met Dylan he was a hard working mate. Now he is a husband, father, and Captain: Captain Dylan, fourth generation owner/operator of Hubbard's Marina, is very involved with fishing. He attends virtually all fishery management meetings. His objective is an open-free fishery for one and all. But can he actually catch fish? Absolutely! Case in point, the Mangrove Snapper. January 14, 2020: Looks like the Mangrove 'bite' is strong and keeps getting stronger: Jason, make that Captain Jason, is all smiles: Mangrove Snapper can even be caught in brackish water as well as off many bridges. However, the deep-water offshore Mangroves tend to be a 'little' larger: With no closed season, and a two day possession limit of 20, the Mangrove Snapper can put a big smile on anyone's face: Looks like they are getting even bigger: Not to be left out is the great eating Vermilion Snapper. First mate Will: Night fishing on the Florida Middle Grounds. Fantastic! Wednesday morning: One major problem... No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot get away from the 'endangered' American Red Snapper: Vermilion and Yellowtail Snapper: 2019 was a fantastic year for catching Gag Grouper. 2020 is looking every bit as good. And they are running huge: One of the best parts of fishing is getting to know interesting people. All have a story to tell. Mr. Leo Smith, a proud Marine and good friend, has many: The plentiful, fun to catch, good to eat, Almaco Jack has no closed season, no size limits, and no possession limit. Fist mate Will, and Captain Garett Hubbard: An now... The best of the best, the Scamp Grouper. Will, that's looking good, really good: Talk about 'really good', it's Tammy time: Catch the 01/14/20 trip video: https://youtu.be/8yH28bDZ1hI Mangrove Snapper And Much More
  3. Native Floridian

    Secret weapon for Hogfish

    Secret weapon for Hogfish In 'Targeting Mangrove Snapper' we saw how difficult it can be to fool the elusive Mangrove Snapper. The Hogfish is even harder, much harder. Let's take a look: Hogfish belongs to the wrasse family & is the only known member of its genus. The Western Atlantic Ocean is home to the Hogfhish. The 'Hogs' habitat begins from the Bermuda region, goes south towards the Caribbean Sea and the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico, and extends to the South American coastal region. The Hogfish uses its elongated pig-like snout to rummage and graze for crustaceans. Juvenile Hogs start out as female and then become male as they mature. Hogfish have been recorded to live up to eleven years. The current Florida record Hogfish stands at 19.8 pounds caught off Daytona April 28, 1962, by R.E. Data. Most Hogfish are harvested by spear fisherman. They can be caught on hook-and-line, but, due to the nature of the beast, it's not easy. Fourth generation owner/operator of Hubbard's Marina, Captain Dylan Hubbard, is a Florida native who has lived his entire life in Central Florida. To say fishing is in his blood would be an understatement: On August 25, 2019, Dylan and his wife welcomed generation #5, Mr. Jack Wilson Hubbard: If it swims, and can be caught, Captain Dylan can and will catch it: The 'difficult to catch' Mangrove Snapper: Captain Dylan loves to share his vast knowledge: Captain, Sir, we have no time for drugs; we are too busy fishing. "Too busy to go fishing" NEVER! During the cooler months the Hogfish are on fire, but remain extremely hard to catch. Let's take a look at Captain Dylan Hubbard's... 'Secret weapon for Hogfish "Hogfish bite is super hot right now, especially around 40-70ft of water we are seeing the hogfish chewing well. They take a bit to get dialed in on but once you find their areas they are really loving the live shrimp! Lighter tackle approaches work well especially with a minimal weight like a ¾-1oz weight and a 3-4ot hook with around 30lb floro leaders. I like to use a spinning rod and reel with around a 4000-5000 series reel and around 20lb braided line with that 30lb leader super long to ensure these guys have no shot at seeing your braid anywhere near your bait. These guys love hanging around adjacent to the harder bottom areas. Small ledges, rock piles, or flat hard bottom with lots of relief seems to work best to keep those hogfish around. Right now the ‘secret’ weapon has been our use of 8mm red beads on our knocker rigs. So we use the methods described above to make a knocker rig style set up but between the weight and hook we ad around 4-5 of these 8mm red beads. Seems pretty silly and goes against my minimalist approach to hog fishing but we cannot deny it’s results as of late." Captain Dylan Hubbard Only have a 1/2 day to fish? No Problem: The all-day boats are doing even better. Captain Frank started as a deck hand who worked his way up to Captain. He and Smokey have been a team for years: Ladies are always welcome: Captain Frank's daughter. Like Father, like Daughter... Captain Anthony and son are two of the best. Hogs beware: Think women can't fish? Think again! The future of our sport: We do not catch many Hogfish on the extended deep-water trips. Spear-fishermen do well, but they are not targeted on the long range trips. The ones that are caught tend to be very large: Captain Garett Hubbard has become a legend in his own time: Will has been with Captain Garett for well over ten years: Hogfish, regarded by many as one of the best eating fish ever to swim: Thanks Captain for sharing with us your.. Secret weapon for Hogfish
  4. Native Floridian

    Targeting Mangrove Snapper

    Targeting Mangrove Snapper The elusive, hard to fool, Mangrove Snapper can be fished in many parts of the world: I remember watching my parents return, mid forties, with huge strings of Mangrove Snapper. They fished the far-off Tampa Middle Grounds 'Snapper Banks' deep into the very heart of Tampa Bay. On super calm days they would fish as far out as two miles from Gandy Bridge. Before I was too young to join them I was wade fishing, late forties, a couple of rock piles just off the far end of Gandy Bridge. Have not seen those rocks in well over fifty years. Wonder if they are still there. Early fifties it was the 'Snapper Banks.' I was hooked. During the sixties I owned my own boat. Back then recreational fishermen could sell our catch. I helped put my way through the University of Tampa selling fish. Targeted fish was Mangrove Snapper. There was always a good market for them. We fished numerous wrecks in depths between 70-100 feet. We would locate the general area using our LORAN; then pin-point the wrecks using our BENDIX DR 19 White Line Recorder. The fishing was absolutely outstanding. I kept hearing about this almost mystical place know as the Florida Middle Grounds. Could fishing possibly be as good as fishing the Tampa Middle Grounds of the forties and fifties? I had to find out. Mid seventies, for the first time ever I boarded Hubbard Marina's Florida Fisherman l. In charge was the man himself, Captain Wilson Hubbard, destination, the Florida Middle Grounds. Fishing was not as good as the Tampa Grounds, it was much better. The Mangrove Snapper were everywhere and they were huge. Could fishing this good withstand the test of time? Let's take a look: Fantastic! Let's take a close look at 2019: 2020 is looking just as good: Think the thrill is over after the catch? Think again: 'Targeted fish was Mangrove Snapper.' It still is! check out the Snapper video: https://youtu.be/-AcNvB4gB5g Next up:
  5. Native Floridian

    In Honor of My Wife

    In Honor of My Wife For the 39 years we were married my wife, Thelma, was my everything. She was not only my wife, but my hunting partner. Thelma was born in the back-country of Jellico, Tennessee. Hunting was second nature to her. When asked where she would like to go on our honeymoon, she said hog hunting. Now that's a real woman. Shortly after our last hunt cancer took her. Please join me in this very special tribute... In Honor of My Wife. This 'real woman' was a hog hunter extraordinary, the best of the best: At 78, and without my partner, I can no longer charge through swamps in hot pursuit of the biggest, wildest, meanest wild boar hogs. But I still love to pull-that-trigger. Enter Perry Florida's Two Guys and a Hog Outfitters... As we enter camp the excitement level is off the chart: Let's go! Hey! These guys are good; they know I am here. I am beginning to believe they do not think too much of the idea of being shot. They are... Slowly, step-by step, the smaller hogs approach. The BIG boys stay behind: Finally it's... Honey, I just cannot get that shot; wish you were here. Let's hit the Bunkhouse and try again in the morning: That heater is really appreciated, it's getting cold, really cold. It's so cold the hogs are in a panic to get to that corn. The small/medium sized hogs rush in; the BIG boys don't. Will I ever get that trophy to make Thelma proud of her husband? Finally! But he is on 'high alert. Slowly, ever so slowly, I reach for my Marlin .45-70 stainless guide gun. With a mighty roar, and the kick of a mule, that 405 grain ULTRAMAX is on its way... Honey, you can be proud of your husband, as proud as he is of you: Guys, 70 years of charging through swamps, and balancing on boats has done a number on me. I am determined to keep going as long as I possibly can: Honey, this is for you: You are indeed, "a real woman"! Thank you for giving me the best 39 years of my life. 'Are wild hogs safe to clean and eat'? Absolutely! On page 46 of the January, 2020, issue of Woods'nWater Magazine I give my 'secrets' learned from 60+ years of hog hunting. No other magazine represents the real Florida like Perry, Florida's Woods'nWater. There is a reason why W'nW has lasted 42 years. It's the best of the best! Being successful leads to a major dilemma. Is whole hog sausage, or smoked over hickory chips better? Looks like a great deal more study is needed. But that's not the only 'dilemma.' This is our Florida, our Paradise, our Fishing Capital of the World. Shall we go fishing or hunting? To help us decide let's check out the short, action packed, video: https://youtu.be/0VXBetwqfRY In Honor of My Wife For the 39 years we were married my wife, Thelma, was my everything.
  6. Native Floridian

    Following the Tradition

    Following the Tradition We who call Florida home enjoy a rich tradition of offering some of the best fishing this country has to offer. Captain Wilson Hubbard was instrumental in the development of our sport. In 1928 young Wilson settled, with his parents, in Pass-a-Grille, Florida. At that time Pass-a-Grille housed 162 residents, a policeman, and a bootlegger. Young Wilson realized a dream when, at 17, he bought five rowboats and forty cane poles for $150.00. At a tender young age he was now in the fishing business. In 1954 he established the first gulf coast half-day fishing head boat: And that was just the beginning: By this time Captain Hubbard was facing strong competition. Get them there faster and they will have more fishing time: Make absolutely sure the fishing public knows what you have to offer: Overnight trips to the snapper banks came with the Miss Pass-a Grill lll: Docked with the Miss Pass-a-Grille lll was the Lucky Strike, and, along side, Joe's Tackle Box. Note the sign next to Captain Hubbard. All day fishing trips on the Lucky Strike, a charter boat, cost $50.00. The Lucky Strike was Captained by young Bobby Buswell. Captain Buswell went on to become one of the most highly acclaimed Tarpon fisherman the Sunshine State has ever known: In 1976 Captain Wilson moved his entire operation to John's Pass. A true visionary, Captain Wilson Hubbard was instrumental in the building and development of John's Pass Village and the famous Boardwalk. I remember it like it was yesterday. What a thrill sailing on the Florida Fisherman l with the man himself, Captain Wilson Hubbard, in charge: In 2004 the next generation, Captain Wilson's son, Mark, took over as president and general manager. Today, 'Following the Tradition' Captain Mark Hubbard's son, Captain Dylan Hubbard, is taking over: Think the Flying Fisherman was fast? Try the Flying HUB: [/URL] Today, in addition to the Flying HUB, the Marina has two modern day head boats. The FRIENDLY FISHERMAN: And the state of the art... FLORIDA FISHERMAN ll: The thrill of hearing the Florida's two massive CATS come to life sends chills through one and all: Birthdays are BIG on the Florida Fisherman ll. Yesterday, Tammy; today, Captain mark Hubbard: Captain Wilson Hubbard enjoyed a time with little fishing pressure. Today, with Florida's population of over 21 million, pressure is heavy. Is fishing still good? are we still, 'Following the Tradition' established ever so well by Captain Wilson Hubbard? Let's take a look. Sunday, December 29, 2019: During the mid seventies the Florida Middle Grounds had NO American Red Snapper. Today it's often hard to get away from them: Can huge Gag Grouper still be caught? Well! Looks like the sharks are, were, hungry also: Can Captain Mark Hubbard still teach his son, Captain Dylan, a thing or two? Did someone say two? Does winning the jackpot still mean BIG bucks? Well! Thanks John & Tammy: Talk about, 'Following the Tradition' of being involved: Involved not just today, but yesterday: And tomorrow. Together we can make 2020 even better. We who call Florida home enjoy a rich tradition of offering some of the best fishing this country has to offer. Catch the video of the 12/19/19 trip: https://youtu.be/RPwjeqvrZls
  7. Native Floridian

    Welcome to our Florida

    "we are afraid that others will think or consider us weaklings or someone else that they’ve taken " girls "with us, we are afraid to break stereotypes." Hunted with my wife for the entire 39 years we were married. There was absolutely no one I would rather hunt with. "we are afraid that others will think or consider us weaklings or someone else" Could care less what others think.
  8. Native Floridian

    Health and a lot more

    Health update and a lot more Unfortunately at age 78 I can no longer do many of the things I love doing so much. Fishing and hunting are no exceptions. After balancing on the decks of boats, and charging through swamps, for seventy years, my legs are no longer functioning as they once did. In addition, I have been diagnosed with artial fibrillation. At first the doctors were going to operate. Instead I am now on strong blood thinners, and doing just fine. I have been fishing and sharing my adventures with Hubbard's ever since 1976. I now am forced to walk with a walker, as such, November 25, 2019, was my last trip on the Florida Fisherman ll. I will still be sharing reports, pictures, and video through the eyes of fellow Florida native Mr. John Martin and others. I will continue to edit their works and share with fellow sportsmen/women. What an honor bringing our Florida into your home. Christmas: To me Christmas means worshiping in the faith of our choice and family. Thelma, my loving wife, my fishing & hunting partner for 39 years, is now doing her fishing & hunting in heaven. I can feel her watching over me. Thank you darling for giving me Dee, my precious little girl. Dee is now a grandmother six times over, but she is, and will always be, Daddy's little Girl. Thank you Dee for being my daughter. Thank you for remembering Daddy with a very special, home cooked, Christmas dinner: HUNTING: I can no longer 'charge through swamps' as I once did. But I still love to hunt. Perry Florida's Two Guys and a Hog allows me to not only share: But to 'pull that trigger!' I have been hunting with Two Guys for 6 years now. Will be going back soon and often; the Ranch is really that good. An now, talking about, 'really that good', let's take a look at a very detailed report filed recently by Mr. Mack Nowlin of Kansas. (it's long but well worth the read) Well it finally happened! I got to go on a 39hr. trip aboard the Florida Fisherman. I had missed this trip once before after not allowing enough time to get to the boat, and getting caught in South Florida traffic. That is one thing to keep in mind if you are coming from out of state - traffic here can be very intense! Determined to not make that mistake again I asked Dylan Hubbard for a reccommendation on where to stay close by. Man did he do me solid there! He sent me the contact info for the Bilmar Beach Resort on Treasure Island ( Ph#727-360-5531) about 3 blocks away from the boat. I called them and when they heard that Dylan had sent me it was VIP treatment all the way! Incredible, the price for a very nice room dropped from $ 128 to $ 87.20 a night with free breakfast (a real one!), and so many extra's I cannot list here. I got there the night before exhausted, and releaved that the stated time to pre-board was 1pm for 3pm departure. Determined to not be late, I rose in the am, so as to have plenty of time to get organized. I remembered to put on my trans-derm sea-sickness patch since I live in Kansas currently, and am not acclimated to the sea. I ate a hearty breakfast and headed down to Hubbard's Marina around 11am, I think. I went to the well stocked tackle shop and bought the few things I couldn't find that would be specific to this trip. They had all the hooks, which may be the most importantant thing (one of, anyhow). You need 5/0, and 6/0 Octopuss style Owner or Gamatsu hooks that can be sneelled into the double bait rig that is used on these trips ( they will have a seminar on board and show you how to tie them, if you don't know how). I parked in the parking Garage across the street where you can leave your car, or truck for $10 while you are gone fishing ( it has an attendant, to make sure your car is there when you return). You can pull in front of the boarding area and dump off your gear before you park if you desire. Soon, Fisherman were gathering and introductions were being made. I had the stroke of luck, to meet Chris and Dave (hope they don't mind being mentioned, I left out there last names) who would be fishing next to me, and we instantly hit it off. Dylan Hubbard showed up and gave us all the info on how things would go, and how to board the Florida Fisherman. He shook everyone's hand and wished us good luck. That man, and his family(4 generations) have been doing this for over 100yrs. in this very spot. He explained that he is committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction, and I gotta say, He really is! We boarded and stored our gear. There was some rod storage overhead near the rail in front of your designated fishing spot. These were quickly filled, no matter. Dylan had told me to take my gear upstairs and tie it to the rail, so I did. That worked beautifully. We then gathered our pre-bought bait ( it must be ordered 2 weeks ahead of time), I got my 3 dozen pinfish and put them in my OWN personal bait well. sooo nice! I did however, not know to bring my own bait net. No big deal, there were a few around and the spirit of cooperation was very refreshing to say the least! (not always that way on other charters i've been on). We headed out, trollers were the guys, on the stern spots first, then others could troll later if they wished. I had alot to do, this being my first trip. I went to the seminar deckhand Will gave about fishing for Mangrove Snapper and how to tie a double Snell rig. This man knows, and loves his job and it shows ( he earned my tip, for sure. Please tip 25% as it a large portion of their wages, and the right thing to do). I then went about tiying rigs and reading my gear. I knew I should get some sleep as it's about a 8 hr. ride to the Florida Middle Grounds, But I couldn't because I was so excited! Soon we arrived, It was still middle of the night and time to fish. Captain Brian gave the word to drop 50lb rigs down to the bottom and start catchin Mangroves! People got bit almost immedediately! I was getting bites, but couldn't hook them! They say, if you can catch Mangrove Snapper, you can catch anything in the Gulf! I believe it! They are the biggest bait stealers I've ever encountered! You must reel, but not set the hook at the first nibble. It took a bit, but soon I was catching. My new friend Chris, probably caught 10 fish while I was learning - It was frustrating but great fun! You also had to get the fish immediately off the bottom or they would re-inter the hole they just immerged from, and you would be rocked up hard! Fish bit well till after sun up. Capt. Braian was relentless in his pursuit of a bite and moved us constantantly. Seems like we would get 4-5 fish and the bite would slack. This is where the skilled, experienced anglers excelled (Not me), they continued to rack up their fish tally. Soon it was getting Dark again, man time fly's when your fishing!. The bite picked up again, only now we were getting Grouper, Red, and Gag. Larry, John and a couple of others nailed some monsters ( up to 48" in lenght). I told myself, be patient, your time is coming. I noticed guys were catching them on the Pinfish. That was it! The pinfish had a tough hide, and were very hard for the fish to steal. Now the technique changed. You could fell the intial bite, hold off till they swallowed it and reel, Reel. REEL! If you didn't those big Grouper would rock you ever time!. I found the best rig for me ( After wasting alot of time) was a 50lb outfit. I used an old favorite of mine. It consists of the following- Calstar 610 fiberglass, fast action rod, Avet JX Raptor spooled with 65lb braid and about 150ft of Mono. I used 50lb Floro leader tied to a swivel that attached the double sneel bottom rig to the mono mainline. Really, any modern 2 Speed reel would work well, just make sure it has 40-50lbs of drag to horse those fish out of their holes! The 2 speed is nice because I could not believe how hard those Grouper pulled! It gave that Calstar all it could handle. I would get the fish off the bottom, then lay the rod on the rail, and winch the fish up. Man, what a blast! I finally hooked a 32" Gag Grouper, when that fish came aboard I woke the dead back on the mainland! Lol. Jason tried to take the the fish away from me to string it. I was havin none of that, I wanted to string it myself! Finally, I regained my composure and let him do his job! Sun set again, and the bite kept improving. Plus, now I had my confidence. I boated a few more fish, as did everybody. It was getting rough, I didn't realize my Trans-derm sea patch had fallen off ( another rookie mistake). There was one stop left, but I just couldn't hang. I hadn't slept or rested for about 32 hrs of fishing! I hear, it was the best stop of them all. of COURSE! I racked out upstairs for some much needed rest, and we headed in on the 8hr ride back. I awoke to the Captain rousing us over the load speaker. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck! The sea, and the Grouper catching had takin a toll! We quickly unloaded, ( everone but me, because being a gear ho I had to much stuff). Deck hands filleted our fish for a nominal fee, if desired ( $1 for snapper, $3-5 for Grouper). We said our goodbye's to the crew, and our new fishin buddies. I think I can say it was one of the most fun trips I've ever been on, and cost a 10th of some of them! Can't wait to do it again, and it won't be long either! Artic Traveler, AKA Mack Nowlin - Out! After balancing on the decks of boats, and charging through swamps, for seventy years, my legs are no longer functioning as they once did. I must adapt. Hunting & fishing is a lot different for me now. But I love the great outdoor and sharing with fellow sportsmen/women. Bob Harbison, a proud member of the... Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  9. Native Floridian

    Florida fishing in December

    Florida fishing in December Can one of the coldest months of the year be HOT for fishing? Let's take a look: 2016... Santa and company love December in Florida: Tim Fischer, fishing out of Indiana, and Leo Smith, US Marines, love December in Florida: Captain Frank loves all day & 1/2 day fishing in Florida: Captain Frank is one of the best at catching the elusive Hogfish: What an honor having the hard working, dedicated, FWC biologist on board: Talk about hogs, look at my 78'th birthday trophy boar: Now! Let's take a look at Tuesday's 39 hour Middle Grounds and Vicinity trip. Mr. Leo Smith, United States Marines, leads the charge: Wednesday morning, Mr. Tim Fischer & friends, Indiana, leads the charge: Think these Hoosier State people can't catch our Florida fish? Think again! Trouble... Really BIG trouble: It's really getting cold; all the way down to 70: One more Gag: Back at the dock: 'Can one of the coldest months of the year be HOT for fishing?' HOT and profitable:
  10. Native Floridian

    A birthday hog hunt to remember

    A birthday hog hunt to remember To many hog hunting is much more than a pass-time; it's a way of life. Serious hog hunting require skill, hard work, a great deal of time, and, most of all hogs. Hunting on a limited budget? No problem! With nearly 6 million acres Florida has one of the largest wildlife management area (WMA) systems in the country. Problem is pressure tends to be heavy, and restrictions are many. After hunting Aucilla WMA for ten years I wanted more. My first hunting club was Crystal River's Southwood. Southwood was 6,000 acres and cross-fenced. It was there that I first used electric corn feeders. Many game trails followed fence lines; that where I placed my feeders. The hunting was fantastic. After two years it was off to much larger Buck & Boar Hunting Club. B&B covered 16,000 acres in the middle of a swamp. It was Hog Heaven. My wife and I were members for 20 years. Shortly after our twentieth year cancer claimed her. Part of me went with her. The thought of hunting alone was devastating. After a few years I once again wanted to 'pull that trigger.' But how! Age was catching up with me. I could no loner do it on my own. At 19.06% Florida has the largest percent of senior citizens in the entire country; many still love to hunt. But how? Perry Florida's Two Guys & A Hog Outfitter offers hunting for the young as well as the aging population. Let's give it a try! Both Aucilla WMA and Buck & Boar were just outside of Perry, Florida. Perry's 'old-Florida' atmosphere had fascinated us for years: 'Let's give it a try' was over five years ago. Have been hunting there ever since. The best part... We have all the fun; someone else does all the work: Francisco, my guide for over 5 years, is simply the best of the best. No better place to celebrate... No better way to celebrate than a picture of me and my trophy on the bulletin board: Think it's going to be easy? Think again! Those hogs are... The BIG boys are staying in thick cover: Finally the smaller meat hogs begin to appear: The older, larger, hogs remain on: That fence-line stretches for hundreds of yards. Late in the evening the BIG boys are following the fence leading to the feeder: Those two look good. Only a few minutes of day-light left: With a mighty roar, and the kick of a mule, I unleash the awesome power of that 405 gr. GO BIG: My birthday trophy takes off like a bullet. It was all but dark. My shot was a little off. Francisco tracks him down over 200 yards away. Thank you sir: Let being 78 and 1/2 crippled stop me, and hose like me, from hunting... NO WAY! Two Guys & A Hog, let's do a Christmas hunt. Check out the birthday hog hunt video. https://youtu.be/Eug76jTaWo8
  11. Fishing with Captain Bryon Holland Last week we took a look at, 'Fishing with Captain Garett Hubbard.' The catch was excellent: Captain Bryon Holland also runs the overnight trips to the far off Florida Middle Grounds and Vicinity. Captain Bryon, like Captain Garett, is one of the best of the best. Captain Holland has been fishing our Gulf of Mexico waters for decades: Guys & Girls once again it's: On Tuesday, and again on Friday, Captain Bryon Holland leads the charge. Let's go! Captain... Thanks! Think the tricky, hard to catch, Mangrove Snapper is for the guys only? Think again! That snapper is HUGE! Talk about HUGE! Looking good, really good! Always be careful out there. No fish is worth a human life. This came up quick: This is Florida. Often the terrible weather, hopefully, is over quickly and we can get back to business: Now that's more like it: Fishing with good friends... It just does not get any better than that: Love to catch Gag Grouper? Now is the time: Always an honor having angleretts on the Florida Fisherman ll: Variety is what the Florida Middle Grounds is all about: Nice Red Grouper: The Gags are on-going: Beautiful: Captain, this is turning into a major catch: It's getting late: Back at the dock: Look at those BIG bills: Check out the action packed video (12/6/19) https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHubbardsMarina/videos Just got back from my birthday hunt. What a hunt it was: That brute acted like he did not think too much of the idea of being shot. Little did he know who he was up against. Complete story to follow.
  12. Fishing with Captain Garett Hubbard I am a proud Florida native who has been fishing and hunting in the Sunshine State ever since the late forties. I fished from my own boat when we did this on a very regular basis: I have hunted all over this big, beautiful, wonderful country of ours. My den looks like a zoo: In my early years I keep hearing about this almost mystical place know as the Florida Middle Grounds. Unfortunately the Grounds was far beyond my reach. In 1976 I decided to try an overnight serious fishing trip with Hubbard's Marina to the Grounds. The fishing was spectacular; I was hooked. I sold my boat and began fishing with Hubbard's. I have been doing so ever since. Unfortunately, due to age and failing health, I must give up what has been part of my life for so many years. But I still am passionate about sharing Our Florida with fellow sportsmen/women. But how? Thanks to Mr. John Martin, and Jersey-Girl Tammy: I will now be sharing through their eyes. Follow me, us, as together we continue the adventure. First up, the mob of Black Friday: There must be a ... The 2018 Black Friday Florida Fisherman ll catch was indeed a better way: On Black Friday, 2019, we will be sailing with one of the best, Captain Garett Hubbard. Captain Garett is a family man who had become a legend in his own time: What you probably do not know is that Captain Garett is also galley supervisor. He and Tammy work hand-and-hand to make absolutely sure only the best meals are served: Black Friday, 2019, let's go: Seldom do we see this... Not a cloud in the Gulf: The weather is picture Florida perfect. But, unfortunately, a severe cold front is approaching. Look at that huge drop in Sunday's temperature: Some how, some way, we will survive: First up... Can Will once again hit the gold as he attempts: Our first-mate receives a standing ovation as he hits the GOLD! As the Florida Fisherman ll crosses under John's Pass Bridge the weather is: Talk about Florida Sunshine, Will is getting a sun-tan, end of November, inside the cabin: 1:00 A. M. Saturday morning. Captain Garett has taken us deep into the very heart of the Florida Middle Grounds. A 'well-tanned' Will leads the... Thanks Captain; thanks Will... This is looking fantastic: Talk about a Mangrove Snapper to be proud of. Talk about being proud. Check out these Gags: The Florida's huge #1 fish box is filling fast, and we have just begun: They are getting BIGGER! Saturday morning. Will the bite continue? It's looking good: This is turning into: We do not see too many Muttons in our waters: Late Saturday evening, we are fished-out tired. Look at that huge smile on Captain Garett's face: Let's go home. Once again Will 'Leads the charge'! Sunday morning, after a good, restful, night's sleep we are: Back at the dock: We are welcomed back by the lovely ladies of Hubbard's Marina: Catch the action packed, on the water, video: https://youtu.be/6p1CJGEgBpg Next up how better to celebrate BIG birthday # 78 than chasing after... First Florida wild boar hunt of The first Florida wild boar hunt of the season.
  13. Native Floridian

    Why bear hunting is good for Florida

    Why bear hunting is good for Florida. The December, 2019, issue of Woods'nWater Magazine ran a picture of a very happy young man, Logan Padgett Jr. with his trophy bear: Good for Georgia, Good for Florida December, 2019: Follow me on page 39 of Woods'nWater Magazine as we 'Take an in-depth look at why bear hunting is good for Florida'. Per FWC: "Conservation efforts have allowed bear subpopulations to rebound in many parts of Florida. The most common population management for bears, regulated hunting, is used by all states with resident bear populations of over 1000 bears. Florida's black bear population has recovered from an estimated 300 bears in 1970's to over 4,000 bears in 2015." In 2016 the FWC invited a panel of black bear research and management experts from outside Florida to review Florida's bear management and research efforts. Among the panel's conclusions was the re-opening a bear hunt season in Florida was a responsible management approach based on the best available science. The primary objective of regulated hunting is to balance population numbers with suitable habitat and to maintain healthy animals. In 2017 the FWC postponed any decision on bear hunting until an update of the original plan could be completed in 2019. This decision was to include a thorough review of bear population options. And that brings us to October 2019. The 2019 report does not specifically call for a bear hunt. However, of the five options the report includes for controlling the largest populations, regulated hunting is the only one that gets a positive look, the others being called too expensive or unproven. We can make a difference. Per Eric Sutton, FWC executive director on hold, another managed bear hunt in Florida is a policy decision. The commission is seeking public comments on the new bear plan. Commissioners are scheduled to discuss the policy and comments at their meeting Dec. 11-12. We must make sure this is remembered... Of the five options the report includes for controlling the largest populations, organized hunting is the only one that gets a positive look. Thanks to Florida's own Woods'nWater Magazine for representing the sportsmen/women of Florida.
  14. Our Florida late November fishing Friday, 3:00 P.M. With picture perfect Florida weather we are ready to challenge the fish of the far off fishing grounds we call the Florida Middle Grounds. We will be targeting snapper & grouper. Join in the action as together we share our tropical wonderland. Joining us will be my partner Mr. John Martin, and fellow sportsman, Mr. Larry Miller: Open wide John's Pass Bridge. We are on a mission, a mission to catch fish: Beach weather in late November, that's our Florida. Madeira Beach even offers a floating refreshment stand: It's hard to leave, but leave we must. Tammy, you make leaving easy. Italian Sausage, grilled to perfection peppers, and the best macaroni salad, who could ask for anything more: Well! How about trolling for Kingfish on the way out: Talk about the wonders of nature: We will be fishing for 20 hours. Let's get some rest; we want to be at our best: Tammy, you make getting up easy: Will cast nets Ballyhoo for bait. Thank you Will: What an honor having the dedicated, hard working, FWC biologist working with us; working to provide real on the water data: This Red Grouper had been previously caught, tagged, and released to fight again: It's critical to the health of our fishery that we report all tagged fish we catch. The tag has an FWC number on it to call. These hard working biologist are everywhere. They bring dedication to a new level: The Gags are coming on strong: Tammy has been the chef of the Florida for many years. Even she is amazed at the number and size of the Gags: Justin is very proud of his Rock fish: That Rock was hard to land, but not as 'tricky' as: The Florida ll carries hundreds of pounds of crushed ice. Our fish are well taken care of: Saturday morning... The Gags are still coming on strong: This is turning into: Somehow when you are 100 miles from home this is even more special: Now that's worth remembering: Talk about remembering! Once you have feasted on a... You will never forget it. One of the best Captains in the business, Captain Bryon, is amazed at the dedication on these professionals: This is turning into a major Gag catch: Larry, that looks like a jackpot winner: Talk about a winner! That's not just another burger; that's a Tammy Burger: Now here is a 'winner' we seldom see in our waters: The Gag action is non-stop: Larry drives a full size truck. He is going to need it to take all these fish home: Sir, you can be proud of those Snapper: Like a snack between meals? No problem: Larry is non-stop: As a front approaches the weather turns really nasty. Our BIG 72' CAT is really appreciated. Talk about appreciated. Tammy saves the best for last. She spent all afternoon preparing this special, seasoned to perfection, pork dinner for us: Don't tell anyone but in the video I mistakenly called it a beef dinner: We are stuffed and absolutely fished-out-tired. Our bunks are calling out to us. Sunday morning, already! It can't be. But here we are back at the dock; back with a mountain of fish and enough memories to last a life time: Nothing like coming home in the money: John, that's a real man's Gag: Catch the action packed video of our trip: https://youtu.be/PV1zwG40nvI And now a personal note I hate writing, but write I must. I am a proud Florida naive who has been hunting our fields and fishing our waters for seventy years. Age is catching up with me. I have been fishing with Hubbard's Marina ever since 1976. We are a team. To me sharing our adventures with fellow sportsman/women has become a way of life. I feel like we are all one big team. Sadly, due to advanced age and health issues I will no longer be sailing on the Florida Fisherman ll. However I will remain part of the team. My partner, Mr. John Martin, will be taking pictures & video on the Florida. Thanks to John and Captain Dylan Hubbard I will still be editing and sharing our adventures. John, a good friend, is a fellow Florida native who has been fishing our waters his entire life. He too loves to share and is always more than willing to help fellow sportsmen. I love hunting as well as fishing. I shot my first hog when I was seven and have been chasing them ever since. This was, is, my camp at Buck & Boar Hunting Club. I was a member for 20 years. My camp is still there waiting for me. Serious hunting is hard work; too hard for me at my age. But I still have that desire to, 'pull that trigger.' Enter Perry, Florida's Two Guys & A Hog. Owner, Ralph, and the best guide I have ever worked with, Francisco, work with me to make sure I am still able to enjoy the hunt; still able to, 'pull that trigger' Thanks to John I will be sharing on the water adventures next week and many more to come. December 8, 2019, will be birthday number 78. Will be celebrating at Two Guys and A Hog. Hope to have an exciting adventure to share. Photos & video by John and Bob
  15. Native Floridian

    Cold Weather Hot Fishing

    Cold Weather Hot Fishing Typically mid November fishing in Florida is really hot: To us in Florida anything below 70 degrees is freezing. This is ridiculous: Will if be... Captain Dylan Hubbard tells us exactly what to expect: Captain, we can take it... What an honor having young fishermen with us. They are our future: Will says the arm is ready for... The Great Line Toss. Is he? One word says it all: It's so rough Captain Garett stops short of where he wanted to go. It's very cold & rough. Who cares? The fish are hungry and running BIG: Late Friday, early Saturday is. Can't help but wonder what Saturday morning will bring. Wonder no more: If our young man can take it... So can we! This Mangrove Snapper thing is getting serious. Many are close to their two day federal possession limit of 20: The Gag Grouper are ready for a fight; so are we: And the best part of Gag fishing is yet to come: Love being in a 72' long, 25' wide catamaran: It's worth it: Mid November, 'Cold Weather Hot Fishing' has been great. After a special Tammy meal, it's bunk time. The fishing, companionship, food, and bunk time have been fantastic. But it's always: What a trip! BIG Gags and... Nothing like coming home to a hand full of $20.00 bills: The more REAL DATA the better our fishery. What an honor having the dedicated, hard working, FWC biologist waiting for us at the dock. Be sure to pay close attention, 16 minutes into the following video, as these biologist explain exactly what they are looking for. Until next time let's say good-by to the ladies of Hubbard's, and dream, dream of when we can do it all over again. A very special thanks to: Like to see 'The rest of the story?' Catch the video: https://youtu.be/zQlGfkmAFNQ