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    Hello old newbie here

    Hello old newbie 62 here and I have only started fishing since first of 2018 and I lean towards salt water just not a fresh water guy. Salt water question for me is always what will I catch, how big and will it eat me first lol... We winter in Port O'Connor TX on Matagorda Bay and ICW we travel full time in a 5th wheel so winter months are my fishing months. So far this year I have caught just one 27 inch red drum, 3 speckle trout, 8 sheep heads a one time limit on sheep heads out on the big jetty. Since I've been fishing it's been very few times I have caught my limits. December was a tough month for me with the cold weather I practice more the empty stringer program, but I love fish eating yet I also don't mind letting them go. I hardly ever try to fill up my freezer mostly because I never caught enough to lol. I mostly fish on the bank, jetty or wadding unless some one with a boat say wanna go to the big jetty or out on the boat heck sign me up Heck I'll bait your line, pay for fuel and bait oh and wash the boat lol.. I could keep going on, but I hope you catch the jest of it... Please over look my grammer and spelling If you make it to POC ask where is Just Don some one will know. Beacon44.