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  1. Andrew S

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    I remember you linesider. You were one of the best snook fishermen in my opinion. I really liked you reports and pictures. You still catching them snook? We moved back to MD. about three years ago to be with family. We should have stayed in FL. We don't see the kids much. I really miss FL. and all my Venice South Jetty friends. I hope you are still in good shape and fishing. I'm still fishing every morning for a few Hrs. but all of a sudden I got old and slowed down. LOL! We all had it going for about 15 years on the fishing forms. It was fun. I have so many FL. friends from Capt.Mel, and OnlineFisherman. Pat and I are thinking about coming to Venice FL. one more time for a few weeks before we kick the bucket. I don't like coming to FL. as a snowbird. Nice talking to you linesider.
  2. Andrew S

    Cold Front Snook, In May?

    That is a good one. I really miss FL.
  3. Andrew S

    Hi, Had a hard time getting back on.

    Thanks surfman.
  4. I want to talk with some of the members to see if some of the old members are still on this fishing forum. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, this is AndyS. You pronanly don't remember me I use to be on CaptMel site for a long time, then a lot of us switched to this site. I was known for catching flounder. Well anyway, I am back to read your fishing reports and might send a few from MD.