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  1. I was raised freshwater fishing in the lakes, rivers and streams. I love to fly fish in the streams and lakes. I consider myself a hobby fisherman eager to learn new things. I went on a small chartered fishing trip with my wife and son in the saltwater and was hooked as soon as the fish started biting. It is really neat how you can cast your line and come up with several different species of fish in such a short amount of time. I have been out fishing at Horseshoe Beach and Shired Island over the past couple of months and found that the water is so dirty looking, you can't see anything deeper than 6-8 inches. Is there a place somewhere near that area that the water is clearer? What types of baits should I use? So far we have used jig heads with pieces of squid hooked on it and dragged it along the bottom, because that is what we used on the chartered trip. We have caught some decent catfish and a couple of small trout but nothing else. The water on the chartered trip was crystal clear and it was south of Homosassa Springs about 2 miles out. Any help that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I would like to enjoy the saltwater fishing experience more, but am pretty much just doing trial and error right now.