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  1. I used to live in hernando county. Mostly fished at jenkins ´╗┐creek. I never had a kayak back then but I do remember in the winter months you can look down in the creek and see a bunch of snook just sitting there. I almost had my first snook on a top water popper. It was a moment I can't forget. I was sitting there testing my new lure and watching the little bubbles as i pulled it in and then a big snook's mouth popped out and grabbed it. My mistake was I didn't have a leader on my line. Also be careful, I was in the water about knee deep throwing a cast net and turned around and seen 2 alagator eyes looking at me from about 20 feet away. I think he had lunch on his mind. I haven't been in the water since. If you are looking for another place to go kayaking. I was try Honeymoon island, it is a little more south but seemed like a great place for kayaking.
  2. After searching images for a few days on google, i found out which reel this was. It is a "okuma trio" reel. Not sure why I seen so many bad reviews on this reel. I purchased 2 back in 2013-14 and absolutely loved them. I was kind of sad when I lost them when an unexpect storm came through Daytona and my kayak got flipped losing my two favorite rods ( bonefish ) and reels. I was thinking about replacing them with the same reel but with the bad reviews I'm wondering if I should go for something else. I might just buy one and see if is as good as the one I bought in 2014.
  3. I was kayaking and lost my favorite reel. I was wondering if anyone would know who makes this reel. this is the best picture I can find. I purchased it about 5 years ago at sports authority.
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